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Research in rings and modules and representation theory at the University of Glasgow is currently centred in two fields - Professor Patrick Smith carries out research in module theory; and Professor Ken Brown, Dr.

Mazorchuk and Dr Catharina Stroppel work on noncommutative noetherian rings and representation theory of Lie algebras and connections to geometry. A great deal of the work here is focussed on connections with other research fields, particularly Lie theory, quantum groups, knot theory, category theory and algebraic geometry.

This leads to interactions with many other areas, including algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, representations of groups, and mathematical physics.

A^3 — Arctic Applied Algebra

The entire algebra group at Glasgow meets together at the Departmental Algebra Seminar , held weekly during term time usually on Wednesdays at 4 p. As well as the members of the algebra group including students and visitors the seminar is often attended by members of other research groups in the department - those having a high level of interaction with algebra are the algebraic topology , category theory , geometry, integrable systems and number theory groups.

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Graphing calculators will be used as mathematical tools throughout instruction and assessment. Instructors employ a variety of instructional methods, including, but not limited to, large and small group problem solving sessions, lecture, and individual practice. Mathematics is now applied to virtually every field of human endeavor.

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has articulated the changing nature of secondary mathematics in Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. The NCTM acknowledges the role of mathematics in daily life, in cultural heritage, in the workplace, and in the scientific and technical community NCTM To accomplish this goal and to respect the current trends in mathematics education, the course is structured around the following themes:. The Duke TIP Algebra Sequence Courses may not correspond exactly with the curricula of all school systems; however, many standard topics that TIP includes are aligned with the Common Core Standards for Algebra 1 or 2 which form the basis for many state curricula and may be used as preparation for the next level course in the mathematics sequence of a given school.

Duke TIP is not a credit-granting institution.

POEMA at A^3 – Arctic Applied Algebra

Recently, new trends on monomial ideals and binomial ideals have emerged. Remarkable developments in, for example, finite free resolutions, syzygies, regularity and symbolic powers of monomial ideals, and binomial ideals arising from combinatorial objects including finite graphs, lattice polytopes, and finite partially ordered sets have been brought about by a large number of authors.

Algebra 1 4-5 Scatter Plots and Trend Lines

We are inviting submissions for the issue. The deadline for submitting a paper is July 31, Takayuki Hibi and Tai Ha. admin