Amelias Story

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She looked so tiny and fragile in the middle of a huge cot with machines surrounding her all bleeping in unison. We were introduced to the nurse that was taking care of her for the next 12 hours and watched as she constantly monitored our baby. Michelle and I were by her side the whole time, taking turns to read and talk to her.

Amelia's Story

We also spent time in the waiting room along with the other parents. We all had our moments in there but I think we all felt like we were together. Although we had very mixed feelings seeing parents come and go over time, it gave me great strength and reassurance to know that what the PICU staff were doing was actually working. We were soon given the news that Amelia had been diagnosed with Group B Streptococcus, a rare form of bacterial meningitis that usually affects newborn babies and often leads to the worst of outcomes.

Amelia's Story: A Childhood Lost (Amelia #1) by D.G. Torrens

I said that Amelia was undoubtedly in the best possible place and I just knew she was going to get better at that moment. Being able to hold, feed, even change her nappy allowed us to feel like parents again.

I am so proud of my son and how he copes with the challenges that he faces. He is a naturally shy boy, who never wants and fuss or attention and just gets on with it! The charity and cleft lip and palate are spoken about regularly in our house — I want my boys I also have a 6-year-old son Lewis to grow up without fear of talking about their experiences, differences and set a good example about making a difference.

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It was pure luck that I noticed the advert for a Trustee — with a particular interest in representation from Scotland — and I applied for it! It has been such a rewarding and interesting experience. As a communications professional, I have been able to offer advice and support on relevant issues.

Amelia Shepherd's Story

It has also been particularly rewarding to meet the staff and understand more about their day-to-day roles — they are a small team who work extremely hard and it is always a pleasure to help support them in any way I can. I hope that being involved in CLAPA will help ensure that the charity continues to raise awareness and support for those people affected by cleft lip and palate for years to come.

Meet Amelia

As the charity celebrates its 40 th year, we can look back on how far we have come and look forward to the next 40 years. Tell us about your situation. We have trained legal advocates and lawyers on staff to guide you through your legal issue. Learn more about what this process looks like, and how long it will take.

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No one should be put through all of this after reporting rape. No one should be forced to relive it over and over again. I was glad to finally have a partner in fighting for what I knew was right.

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Neither of us wanted to see this happen to anyone else.