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Calculating the Cosmos. How Mathematics Unveils the Universe

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Savage Gods Paperback. By Paul Kingsnorth. Published: Two Dollar Radio - September 17th, By Jill Heinerth. By Nicci Gerrard. Published: Penguin Press - August 13th, You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Offer applied at checkout. One of the world's great mathematicians explores the origins, history and future of the universe. Ian Stewart's up-to-the-minute guide to the cosmos moves from the formation of the Earth and its Moon to the planets and asteroids of the solar system and from there out into the galaxy and the universe. | Calculating the Cosmos, Ian Stewart | | Boeken

He describes the architecture of space and time, dark matter and dark energy, how galaxies form, why stars implode, how everything began, and how it will end. He considers parallel universes, what forms extra-terrestrial life might take, and the likelihood of Earth being hit by an asteroid.

Mathematics, Professor Stewart shows, has been the driving force in astronomy and cosmology since the ancient Babylonians. He describes how Kepler's work on planetary orbits led Newton to formulate his theory of gravity, and how two centuries later irregularities in the motion of Mars inspired Einstein's theory of general relativity. In crystal-clear terms he explains the fundamentals of gravity, spacetime, relativity and quantum theory, and shows how they all relate to each other.

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Eighty years ago the discovery that the universe is expanding led to the Big Bang theory of its origins. This in turn led cosmologists to posit features such as dark matter and dark energy.


But does dark matter exist? Could another scientific revolution be on the way to challenge current scientific orthodoxy? These are among the questions Ian Stewart raises in his quest through the realms of astronomy and cosmology. Ian Stewart elegantly reviews the uncanny effectiveness of mathematics in explaining the universe Stewart beautifully describes how Newton's laws can still produce surprising results. The book does an excellent job of both explaining and entertaining. The author makes you think about familiar subjects in a new way and is very good at filling in any gaps in your knowledge, while also pointing out those areas that need further research.

With captivating stories and his signature clarity, Ian Stewart shows us how math makes the world - and the rest of the universe - go round. admin