Dog and Gun: A Few Loose Chapters on Shooting, Among Which Will Be Found Some Anecdotes and Incidents

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Chris tugged and dragged and pulled the wounded man until they both fell backwards into the alley, finally shielded from the guerillas' fire. He felt the Marine's blood all over his hands. He heard the man's anguished screams, "Don't tell my mom that I died screaming like this! Chris remembered those moments in excruciating detail.

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  • The second story occurred just a few days later. Chris was once again on overwatch in Fallujah, providing support from rooftops while Marines moved from house to house to clear large swaths of the city. As the Marines plodded along, Chris heard enemy gunfire. He scrambled down to locate the shooters. He stumbled upon a Marine unit clustered at the end of an alley. They told him that a small group of Marines were barricaded in a house about 50 yards away at the end of the passage, and that a number of guerillas were in the house across from them, pinging away at the trapped Americans.

    Chris could see that every time the Marines moved--even just to peek out the window--a barrage of enemy gunfire would erupt. They were hopelessly trapped. If they had tried to escape down the alley, they would have been gunned down. Chris knew he had to act. So Chris ran down the alley. It was a broad passageway, ten or fifteen yards wide. The ground was paved and the walls were dense, made of stone or cement with stucco-like coating. Chris's plan was to go down the alley and provide suppressive fire, allowing the Marines to escape back to the top of the alley.

    That meant he would have to go directly in front of the enemy compound--effectively running into the middle of a firing range during target practice. As he proceeded, insurgents started firing at him. Chris fired back, trying to keep the heat off the trapped Marines. He ran out of ammunition and had to reload. He finally arrived at the house.


    Facing the insurgent property and maintaining suppressive fire in that direction, he back-kicked the door to the Marines' house and shouted in less-than-diplomatic terms that they should vacate the area immediately. The Marines scurried away, and Chris prepared to follow them. As he started to move, he saw an injured Marine with multiple shots to his legs.

    He couldn't move.

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    Chris thought back to the man who had died in his arms a few days earlier and knew what he had to do. Chris ran to the injured Marine and grabbed him with his left hand. His right hand held the pistol grip of the sniper rifle, which he'd wedged between his chest and his left arm so that he could continue to shoot at the enemy and give himself a modicum of cover.

    In this contorted position, Chris began to pull the injured Marine back up the alley.

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    They managed to pass the insurgent safe-house without getting hit. Then, halfway down the alley, Chris heard the enemy fighters emerging. If they entered the alley, they would be right behind Chris and the injured Marine. His rifle was empty, and he had no more magazines. Many states have taken that advice to heart in the years since. Nearly every state implemented new gun laws after the Sandy Hook shooting, with about two-thirds enacting laws that made access to guns easier and gave more rights to gun owners, the New York Times reported in Texas——which has long had permissive laws on guns——was among the states that expanded gun rights, by reducing safety training requirements to apply for concealed-carry permits.

    During its session alone, the state legislature passed 10 laws making it easier for gun owners to keep and carry their weapons. The laws, which take effect Sept. Similarly, Ohio has also expanded rights for gun owners since the Sandy Hook shooting.

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    In , Ohio lawmakers passed a law that allows people with concealed-carry weapons permits to bring firearms into day care centers and onto private planes and lets employees bring guns to their company parking lots. While mass shootings have not increased in frequency since , they have become deadlier, according to a analysis by Politico. Five of the 10 deadliest mass shootings in U. A possible realignment of the East Coweta and Northgate high school attendance zones will be the subject of public input sessions Oct.

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    Pets perish in house fire A house fire claimed the life of several family pets in the Peachtree Valley neighborhood off Hwy. Publix joins retailers ending open carry in stores Publix is joining a growing number of retailers across the country who are asking customers not to carry firearms in their stores openly. admin