Empirical Studies of Environmental Policies in Europe (ZEI Studies in European Economics and Law)

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Surprise , no. Job mobility, peer effects, and research productivity in economics. Scientometrics , vol. Incentive effects of fiscal rules on the finance minister's behavior: Evidence from revenue projections in Swiss Cantons. The impact of controlled foreign company legislation on real investments abroad.

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European integration

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Sommersemester 2017

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ZEI Studies in European Economics and Law

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Emerging Markets Review , vol. Journal of economic integration , vol. Too much of a good thing? On the growth effects of the EU's regional policy. Testing the growth effects of structural change. Has the EMU reduced wage growth and unemployment? Testing a model of trade union behavior. Jahrbuch der Schweizer Hotellerie , pp. Gallen: Swissprinters St. Gallen AG, Trotz Krise nach wie vor strake Position der Schweizer Wirtschaft im internationalen Innovationswettbewerb.

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Tax competition, trade liberalization, and imperfect labour markets. Lock, stock, and barrel: a comprehensive assessment of the determinants of terror. How do local governments decide on public policy in fiscal federalism? Tax vs. Can a standardised aptitude test predict the training success of apprentices? Evidence from a case study in Switzerland. Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training , vol.

How Bad Is Antidumping? Foreign in direct investment and corporate taxation. Estimation of spatial autoregressive M-way error component panel data models. The annals of regional science , vol. Driving forces for research and development strategies: An empirical analysis based on firm-level panel data. Labour Taxation and Foreign Direct Investment. Konjunktur aktuell: Schulden- und Vertrauenskrise bringt Rezessionsgefahr nach Deutschland. Tax competition and income sorting: Evidence from the Zurich metropolitan area.

International Journal of Production Economics , vol. Determinants of pollution: What do we really know?

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  4. Does aging influence structural change? Economic Systems , vol. Explaining U. Consumer Behavior with News Sentiment. Rigid labour markets with trade and capital mobility: Theory and evidence. An analysis based on Swiss panel micro data. Does central bank communication really lead to better forecasts of policy decisions?

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    Intra-regional Tax Competition and Economic Geography. The trade and welfare effects of mergers in space. What determines differences in foreign bank efficiency? Journal of international financial markets, institutions and money , vol. Do fiscal transfers alleviate business tax competition? Evidence from Germany. Life Satisfaction and Transboundary Air Pollution. The welfare loss from differential taxation of sectors in Germany. Banking Competition, Good or Bad? Endogenous bank mergers and their impact on banking performance: Some evidence from Austria.

    Does Terror Threaten Human Rights? Empirica , vol. Marx's reproduction schemes and the Keynesian multiplier: A reply to Sardoni. Cambridge Journal of Economics , vol. Corporate tax planning and thin-capitalization rules: evidence from a quasi-experiment. Applied economics incorporating Applied financial economics , vol. Journal of money, investment and banking , vol. Corporate taxation, debt financing and foreign-plant ownership. Martin Holland. Partner institutes given access to EU Studies Mobility Scheme to encourage the participation of young researchers International workshop on EU Studies involving the partner institutes to share research and teaching techniques in EU Studies Virtual EU Studies Communities within the partner institutes to allow for transnational cooperation.

    Partner Institute. Jean Monnet Module The European Union initiated the Jean Monnet Module to promote teaching and research of European Union studies, as well as fostering the publication and dissemination of the results of academic research. These projects will be based on unilateral proposals and involve other partners. Innovation projects will explore new angles and different methodologies in making European Union subjects more attractive and adapted to various kinds of target populations.

    Cross-fertilisation projects will promote discussion and reflection on European Union issues and enhance knowledge about the Union and its processes. Spread content projects will mainly concern information and dissemination activities. National Taiwan University has made a lot of efforts to frame out the strategy with our partners to win this project. Here are our seven key relevant points to meet the objectives of the project.

    JM Programme in Taiwan History In honor of Jean Monnet, the founding father of the European Union, the programme aims at supporting higher education institutions worldwide on development of teaching, research, cooperation and exchange in the field of European and European Union studies. For the purpose of establishing mechanisms of setting up Chairs, centres of teaching and research, and international cooperation at prestigious universities around the world, the programme is opened to the higher education institutions and research institutions worldwide by evaluating the applicants by ranking.

    In the past ten years, few of universities in Taiwan were awarded, even none for years. However, when the European Union called for proposals in , the National Taiwan University NTU , acting as the lead institution of a consortium of seven major universities in Taiwan, began to work actively on framing strategy, coordinating, and maintaining close ties with European Representative Offices in Taiwan.

    At the same time, the NTU encouraged other universities in Taiwan to apply for the programme. Under cooperation among partner universities, nine of universities in Taiwan outshine other universities and higher education institutions in the world. In , the EU has approved projects and only 44 countries are granted the awards. Taiwan has won 16 projects, ranking the fourth in the world and the first in Asia Pacific. This website has been funded with the assistance of the European Union.

    Former Director General. JM Programme at NTU Centre of Excellence History For the purpose of promoting excellence in teaching and research in the field of European Union studies worldwide, as well as fostering the dialogue between the academic world and policy-makers, in particular with the aim of enhancing governance of EU policies, the European Union called for proposals on establishing centres of excellence. Partner Institute Organisation name. Graduated from University Paris-Sorbonne, Dr. Su received a Doctorat en histoire with a dissertation on Jean Monnet face a la politique europeenne du general de Gaulle in He will work as coordinator for the implementation of this project for the coming three years and will be responsible for teaching two new courses on the EU and creation of EU Study Programme at NTU.

    Specialized in constitutional law, administrative law, French public law and European law, he focuses his research on the comparative public law. In these fields, he has a rich bibliography in books, journals and articles published largely in Chinese. Before he joined the Centre, Mr. In , Mr. He has over ten years of working experience in think tanks and research institutes, including work done for Academic Sinica and the Foundation on International and Cross-Strait Studies.

    He speaks fluent English and French. Cheng will be mainly responsible for the coordination among the partner institutes. Graduated from University of Hartford in the U. A with a Master degree in the Public Accountancy, Ms. In , Ms. John W.

    This focus reflected the commonly held belief that the natural environmental was sufficient to sustain the world's population in relative comfort at least in developed nations and was "there for the taking". By the late 's, however, the spectacular levels of economic growth that had taken place since the Second World War began to exact a visible toll on the natural environment.

    This visibility prompted growing concern for the environment among activists, government officials, academics and the pUblic. This concern has followed a general upward, though cyclic, trend to the present day. Remarkable events during this trend include the issuing of the Brundtland report, and the world environmental summits help in Rio and Kyoto. Concern for the natural environment has impacted the discipline of economics, resulting in the birth of the field of environmental economics that has recently eclipsed in popularity its parent field of natural resource economics.