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Never tell yourself that you "know" an English word or phrase.

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How to memorize the phrases Why Memorize? My theory of "hook phrases". Lessons Phrases something is ga Examples of things that might "gather dust" in your home are: unread books strange kitchen appliances rackets, weight sets, and other sporting equipment There's also a similar phrase, "collecting dust": It's just collecting dust in a closet somewhere.

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Ever since then, economists have speculated on when policy will be normalised. The problem though is the definition of normalisation. Interest rates have steadily declined for over 30 years with a few notable exceptions. The exceptions are the late s, , and Three of those four tightening cycles ended in recession. This brings us to the present day, hopes of normalisation have once again been put aside.

Gathering dust: The history of the vacuum bag – Electrolux Group

The Federal Reserve is well aware of recent history and the circumstances it currently faces. Debt has been in a super cycle since the s as rates have come down.

The last decade of ZIRP has enabled this trend to continue. High household debt was one of the key factors behind the GFC and whilst households have delevered slightly, corporates as well as the government have taken up the reins. Even in the s, people realized that the exhaust air from the vacuum cleaner contained different types of bacteria that were not captured by the bag.

The filter was treated with a strong disinfectant and with an aromatic substance to make vacuuming more pleasant. The new filter gained interest all over the world.

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In the s, paper dust bags came into the arena and began to be tested. In this era, Electrolux presented a thin insert paper bag that was used inside the cloth bag. This made emptying the bag easier.

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The paper dust bag was thrown away when it was full and there was no longer a need to shake the cloth bag. The next major event in the history of the dust bag came in when the American Electrolux Corporation introduced its new vacuum model LX with a self-sealing bag made completely out of paper.

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This marked a small revolution in homes. Users now were able to vacuum clean without ever coming into contact with dirt and dust.

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No flying dust when the user opened the lid, no bags needing shaking — simply a nice, clean bag to be put in the trash. This vacuum cleaner gained a great deal of attention with its three automatic features: the self-sealing paper dust bag, the automatic cord winder, and the dust bag indicator, which shows when the dust bag needs changing. However, developments were rather slow. As late as the s, it was fairly common for consumers to prefer cloth bags to paper bags.