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When employees create, promote, and improve games for a living, what do they do to make work even more awesome? They play more games. Riot recognizes that working on games for a living does not provide the same benefits as playing the games, so they offer a variety of employee benefits and activities to keep the fun alive.

Obviously, not every company would benefit from paying employees to play games. Adapt this idea for your own company priorities. What external activities would be most inspiring for your employees? Employees look forward to a Riot Rumble, an employee-against-employee championship series that lets everyone show off their gaming skills.

Why have a rumble? That, in a nutshell, is why we Rumble. They call it the Thunderdome. Thunderdome proves you can design engaging employee activities around doing more work—work without restrictions and limits, work that lets employees connect secret passions and inventions to their day-to-day lives.

These activities maximize employee passion by focusing on the aspects of work employees are most passionate about. Whatever it is, employees will love it. In summary, fun pays off. It should come as no surprise that Rover—a company that connects doting dog owners with an online network of quality dog sitters and walkers—has found the best way to bring fun into their company is…dogs! If any skeptics in your office worry that the only real benefit of fun activities is, well…having fun, then point out evidence suggesting that fun-loving companies also know how to innovate.

Fun and innovation may not have a proven causal relationship, but pointing out the correlations makes a pretty compelling case for fun! Zynga strives to connect the world through games; they believe games can make the world a better place. The benefits of these feel-good activities last far beyond the end of the event, inspiring happy vibes for months. Do the same thing in your office by finding nonprofit causes related to your mission or surveying your employees to learn what they care about.

Television game shows have survived several entertainment revolutions. Variety shows came and went. Sitcoms came and then came back again. Reality TV seemed to take over everything for a while. How did game shows manage to hold on through thick and thin? People love them!

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Some utensils, cutting boards, and bowls should do the trick. Play it in your office by having employees turn boring cubicles into cozy little spaces people will love working in. Based on: Jeopardy The real deal features brainy people who supply questions that match answers, grouped into descriptive categories.

Play it in your office by creating a series of answers focused on your company history, culture, fun facts, employees, and anything else you think would be fun. The real Jeopardy thrives thanks to a charismatic host. The families who know each other best take the cake. Play it in your office by pitting teams against other teams to see which ones seem to know each other best. This provides bonding for teams who already know each other well, and it helps teams just getting to know each other learn a lot of new information in one fun game.

The closest without going over gets the chance to win. Play it in your office by having employees guess the prices of items around the office, including supplies, electronics, chairs, food, and more. Who can make the best deal, trading an old sock for a shiny new bicycle?

15 Super Bowl Party Games That Make the Night Even More Fun

Play it in your office by having employees attempt to trade office supplies, odd jobs, parking spaces, office snacks, and more. Play it in your office by having employees pitch their best ideas and inventions to some key company leaders. There are so many ways to have fun at work , and hopefully you grabbed a couple of new ideas from the companies mentioned in this list. What fun office activities does your company do? His goal? To help companies create better places to work by improving health, inspiring teams to improve together, and making the office a fun and productive environment.

Loading Facebook Comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Facebook. Thanks for including the fun stuff we do YouEarnedIt. I was super happy that Darby shared some of the ways YouEarnedIt makes work fun for the team over there. Let me know which ones you try out and how they were received by the rest of your team. My work is currently having us come up with suggestions of things that could be done to make our office environment more fun and so I think that they could look to Bigcommerce for an example.

We already play four square every day during break, but I really like that they play Hungry Hungry Ninjas and have ping pong tournaments.

MORE Fun Mario HACKS and Fan Games! - ConnerTheWaffle

I am definitely going to suggest to my bosses that we should be doing those two things. Some of these ideas sound absolutely silly, fun and enjoyable!! Great ideas!! Thanks for sharing!! I like these ideas … i am going to start some sort of activities in my office … i need your advices.

Thanks in advance. Happy hour off site is a nice way to get out of the office and have fun with co workers, I would love a laser tag or cornhole competition too. These all sound like so much fun!! I LOVE the scooter nerf war idea! My office is set up perfectly for that! Thanks for the ideas!! So many to choose from! We started doing group walks on our walking path as part of our Wellness Wednesday initiative.

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Very well attended! We have started trying to bring a little fun into our office — it gets to be a little too serious at times! We have an annual dodgeball tournament with the company next door to us. While we do enjoy office lunches every other Friday as well as costume parties in October and themed Fridays thru the month of December, you guys bring a whole new level of Fun.

Quote by Roald Dahl: “Life is more fun if you play games.”

We are looking for ways to get our employees up and away from their desks for a small mental break during the day. I love so many of these ideas. Games in office!!! It distracts employees from their work.

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On the other hand, it is essential for refreshment too. This is just a wonderful Blog, thanks for the great insight and tips. We really appreciate your effort!

“Life is more fun if you play games.”

Keep up the awesome work! Great blog. Thanks for sharing these ideas. And hopefully you will like the game so much that you can play it for multiple rotations of game club. Puzzles An alternative to playing a game is to do a puzzle. This will give you a good opportunity to talk and catch up with family and friends instead of only discussing what is going on in the game.

Puzzles come in a wide range of prices, but you can find some pretty good ones at your local dollar store. Games are a priceless way to interact with friends and family while creating lasting memories. Choose from the above or make up your own for an budget-friendly night of entertainment.

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Mark Theoharis. The goal of Air Ball is to keep a beach ball in the air and not let it touch the water. Kids love to play this game with balloons at their friends' birthday parties, specifically inside their friends' living rooms where there tend to be inexplicably large amounts of fragile items. It's a lot less expensive in the pool. I remember playing this game as a kid and loving it. One person is the Quizmaster, and the rest of the kids line up at the deep end. One by one, the kids will take a few steps and then jump into the pool.

While they are moving but before they jump, the Quizmaster will ask a simple question, such as, "What color is the sky," "What is your dog's name," or "What's the name of the first president?

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