SURVIVING CANCER ~ Inspiration and Practical Advice From a Cancer Survivor

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Why am I here? Why am I struggling? These are very real, human thoughts and feelings, and a cancer diagnosis brings them to the forefront.

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The other half is that there are so many people affected by cancer, and I wanted my readers to look through the pages of the book to see themselves in it. The survivors in my book are men and women, young and old, and are people who have been diagnosed with all kinds of different cancers. Some are avid gardeners, while others picked up gardening after their diagnosis.

Surviving Cancer – Inspiration and Practical Advice from a Cancer Survivor by Martha Nash

I want people to look at these survivors and feel hope and encouragement. I hope this book helps people to view their gardens as one of the strongest resources we have for creating health and balance and joy in our lives. So much of our lives are spent indoors at a computer screen mine included , and getting outside and breathing in the fresh air and tending to plants is almost magical in the way it can transform a mood or a perspective. Visit J Peterson Garden Design.

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How did your garden and Mother Nature help you heal from cancer? Why did you include other information on diet, exercise and spiritual renewal? How to ace the nude make-up look like Alia Bhatt. See all results matching 'mub'. Count: We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message.

Now Reading: Books written by cancer survivors. Share fbshare twshare pinshare Comments 0. The disease cancer is oft dreaded with a capital C. A rather simple uncontrolled multiplication of cells due to some mutation, that goes on to create a drastic impact in the lives of the patients and their families. But there are pioneers who fought it with super human bravado on all levels and came out victorious.

These survivors have chosen to walk an extra mile by narrating the saga of their Journey with Cancer to inspire those still in battle, proving that human spirit is way more powerful than the shackles that aim to bind it.

Two-Time Breast Cancer Survivor

Image: Pexels readmore. The auto-biographical narrative by the famous Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh, The Test of My Life: From Cricket to Cancer and Back which was released in brings to light his battle with cancer and the relentless efforts and determination required on his part to juggle the glass balls of his Career and Health simultaneously, keeping them from breaking.

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  4. Image: Amazon readmore. The holistic, integrated and scientific approach towards the origin, medication and dietary needs for Cancer is a unique feature of the book. The book is both inspiring and informative. In the world full of rigid and old-fashioned rules of beauty, Breast Cancer is like hell let loose; it becomes the insurmountable adversity that you never saw coming.

    Anagha Gosh, a post-graduate in medical and psychiatric social work, resiliently worked the cancer out of her system. With her expertise as a social development specialist, she pens down her concerns and constructive suggestions that can make a difference to the medical caretaking system. Capturing the vivid display of human emotions in the tragic and hard times in Face to Face with Cancer. It is a book that shall help you transform your outlook Cancer patient or not. It shows how grit can help turn road blocks into building blocks by just changing the way you view them.

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    Here and Now: Inspiring Stories of Cancer Survivor is another amazing attempt by two cancer survivors made in April, , Elena Dorfman and Heidi Schultz Adams who combined the stories of 38 cancer survivors from all walks of life. It depicts their individual experiments and outlooks that paved their way out of the battlefield of Cancer; alongside answering many questions that revolve around the disease.

    The frantic pace of the book makes it comparable to a movie. It is a powerful saga of heartwarming fatherhood. Being diagnosed with carcinoid, the rouge cancer in his early fifties, in , was quite testing for Sudanshu Mohanty, a bureaucrat, weaved his intimate experience, guidance of well-wishers and well informed research into a book that does more than just answer knowledgeable questions… it inspires hope, courage and determination mingled with humour.

    Anatomy of A Tumour teaches us to face life with a smile while making most of each passing day. Despite our ardent desire to foster hope and comfort our loved ones we fall short of words. The sensitivity of circumstances prevents us from asking questions and weeding out our uncertainty. The book is an effective and compassionate communication guide containing sensitive insights and reflective anecdotes gathered by surveys spanning around diverse backgrounds. Being Single with a Cancer can be terrifying; the emotional turmoil, the physical exertion and the mental depression can compel one to succumb.

    After being diagnosed with a rare ovarian cancer Tracy single handedly managed the tempest that life was then. Tracy Maxwell in Being Single with Cancer has provided all the information you need to take Cancer head on even if you are single. The book is an incorporation of resources, tough answers, practical tips and personal stories from survey of about cancer survivors. It is an invaluable book that lays down the fact that- you may be single but not alone. admin