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Estimated between Wed. Each Reaper is an extension of its master, and when it pierces the heart of a victim with its long, flexible tongue to drain the unfortunate's blood, its connection to the Kurian controller transfers the vital aura.

Fall with Honor

The Reapers are nigh-unstoppable; not only garbed in bullet-resistant cloaks but also possessing superhuman speed, agility, strength and resilience. Their blood is a powerful coagulant when exposed to air, sealing wounds almost instantly, and the bones of a Reaper are hard enough to deflect most bullets. The most terrifying aspect of the Reaper, however, is its ability to stalk prey by sensing out "lifesign", the energy given off by a living being. The greater the emotional distress of the target, the easier it is for the Reapers to find them.

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The Kurians' cousin species, the Lifeweavers, are natural shapeshifters and masters of genetic manipulation of living beings. As they long ago lost the ability to engage in warfare, they developed a means of turning human beings into weapons. The Hunters are divided into three castes: Wolf, Cat, and Bear.

The Lifeweavers alter the bodies of the Hunters to grant them enhanced senses, reflexes and endurance. The most numerous of the Hunters, David Valentine initially belongs to this caste. Wolves are long-range patrollers, able to run almost tirelessly for hours on end, and possessing the ability to "harden" their senses to the sensory ability akin to a wolf. Wolves engage in guerrilla warfare against the Kurian Order; killing Reapers to weaken the Kurians, smuggling out humans, destroying resources of the Order, and fighting in rapid hit-and-run engagements with the Grog and human soldiers of the Order.

These are the near-unstoppable shock troops of the Human resistance. When modified by a Lifeweaver to become a Bear, a human soldier becomes "a walking tank", fighting like a berserker of old and possessing tremendous strength and power. Bear physical capabilities are actually on par with the Reapers themselves, able to fight and even kill Reapers in single combat. They also possess an incredible faculty for healing, to the point of regenerating nerve damage and internal organs that have been lost.

Bears induce a trance-like state called "going Red", which seems to induce the berserker rage for which the Bears are famous. Hunters are not limited to one caste. There are mentions of a few who have obtained all three types of alteration. Valentine's own trainer after becoming a Wolf was a Cat, but mentions how he was "a Wolf before [Valentine was] born". Many Cats actually start out as Wolves, much like Valentine. Valentine eventually becomes part of all three castes.

Also known by the nickname "Ghost", Valentine is the main character and all the stories are told from his point of view. When Valentine was eleven years old, he witnessed the aftermath of a Quisling attack on his home. All his family was killed in the attack, leaving him the only survivor of the massacre.

Father Max, a Catholic priest and his father's old friend, took him in and raised him. Valentine is brought up in Father Max's library, where books work to fill the void left in his life. David learns later that his father, Lee Valentine, was a soldier in Southern Command. Valentine possesses a sixth sense that is sometimes referred to as the "Valentingle", first as a joke and later taken seriously. This sense allows him to feel the presence of Reapers being controlled by Kurians.

Valentine starts off as a Wolf, but due to some events that are hinted to be caused by Alessa "Smoke" Duvalier becomes a Cat and finally becomes a Bear after an ill-fated meeting with a Lifeweaver in Pacific Command. Carrasca is the acting captain of the gunboat Thunderbolt. She lives in Jamaica and meet Valentine when he comes to the island on his way to Hispaniola , searching for an unknown weapon against Kur later revealed as "Quickwood". Valentine arrives on the Thunderbolt and convinces Carrasca's grandfather Commodore Jensen to let him use the powerful ship one of the strongest still in existence in his search.

In exchange, the ship becomes the property of the Jamaican resistance, and Carrasca becomes the new commander of the Thunderbolt. Over the course of their adventure, Valentine and Carrasca fall in love. When Valentine gets back to the Ozarks, Ahn-Kha gives him a note from Carrasca, telling him he will be a father soon. Valentine looks forward to the day he can go to see his daughter.

Valentine returns to North America being unable to find a home in Jamaica. Ahn-Kha is a Golden One who looks like a seven-foot cross between a short-haired bear and an ape with pointed, expressive ears.

Valentine's Resolve (Vampire Earth Series) [Read] Online

He is one of Valentine's most constant companions. Valentine and Ahn-Kha consider each other brothers and would die for each other. Ahn-Kha was born on Earth, 41 years before the beginning of Choice of the Cat , one of the first of his clan to be brought to this world after his people had settled. The Golden One clans and the Gray Ones' tribes were brought to this world to do the dying while winning the victory for the Kur. Although many people who encounter Ahn-Kha dismiss his intelligence due to his resemblance to the Gray Ones, his own species of Grog is generally as intelligent if not more so than humans.

Ahn-Kha is a great source of wisdom, something Valentine relies on almost as much as he relies on Ahn-Kha's strength. Valentine and Ahn-Kha are separated at the end of Valentine's Exile , Ahn-Kha drawing off pursuit to allow Valentine and the others in their group, which included Smoke and Gail Post, to escape. Valentine believes Ahn-Kha to be dead after several years without news. Valentine later hears rumours of a Golden One leading a rebellion in Appalachia and swears to investigate the rumours hoping to find his missing "brother".

At age 16, Duvalier ran away from the Great Plains Gulag after burning a police van and then killing two policemen, after one of them attempted to rape her. Taking all their possessions she could carry, she then escaped by crawling through a swamp and heading for the mountains. She is taken in by the Duvalier family. When a raid on Leavenworth is planned, she is recruited as a scout. She becomes friends with a Cat named Rourke and later becomes his disciple. Eight years later, she meets Valentine at the battle of Little Timber Hill where she helps him and his men escape their besieged position.

After David's decision to resign from the Wolves, Duvalier recruits him to be a Cat. Duvalier is one of the most fervent believers in the Lifeweavers, believing them to be almost godlike.

She is often shown to be in awe of them, and it would seem willing to do anything for them. Although in later works she is shown to have the overall cause as foremost in mind, Duvalier is a highly divided character who is led by both extreme passion and extreme pragmatism. She shows overt anti-social behaviour due to her traumatic childhood and has difficulty forming romantic bonds with men. Duvalier is among the zealots of the new order, who will do anything for the cause with special emphasis on the Lifeweavers.

Valentine first meets Eveready in the Yazoo Mississippi, where Eveready was responsible for training Valentine and several other Wolves in how to mask their lifesigns and evade Reapers. He has killed at least 71 Reapers at the time of Valentine's Exile , counted by the sets of teeth he wears as a necklace, but believes that those who actually go after Reapers without extreme advantage are fools. He later appears in Valentine's Exile as a recluse, hunting Reapers and other Kurian operatives along a specific stretch of land he calls home.

He gives Valentine and Duvalier the equipment necessary to help track down William Post's wife, Gail. Eveready is shown to have at one time been one of the most fervent believers of the cause, converting several Quislings and fomenting revolution. He lost his ardor after being betrayed by a trusted confederate and now operates a one-man war against Quislings agreeing only to train new Wolves, but not accepting any other specific assignments.

Eveready's name comes from the battery company by the same name. He uses the batteries as a calling card for the Kurians so that they know which kills are his. Narcisse is a woman Valentine encounters in the Caribbean and is disfigured: two fleshy stumps are all she has left of her legs, and one arm ends in a knob at her wrist. She got these injuries from trying to run away. She helps Valentine escape and he takes her with him piggyback style. Narcisse claims to practice voodoo , but it's more like hoodoo , with her herbs doing "magic".

Post is a former Quisling officer who Valentine converts to the side of Free Territories.

Templeton Gate - Literature - Vampire Earth book series by E. E. Knight

Valentine encounters Post while acting as the first officer on the Thunderbolt , a Quisling ship. Post follows Valentine acting as his lieutenant until he becomes injured in a manner that leaves him unable to fight. Post carries guilt of leaving his former wife, Gail, and sends Valentine to look for her once he is injured. She won a contest to have a character named for her.

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Blake is Gail's Reaper son being raised secretly by Narcisse in Valentine's absence. He is having trouble fighting his natural urges to feed and is aging much faster physically than he is mentally. He is shown to possess the entire gamut of human emotions, including love and attachment, which he clearly feels for Valentine.

Valentine has taken to calling Blake his son, and Blake returning the attachment calling him Poppa. Although Narcisse is the one who raises him, Blake only acknowledges Valentine as a parent. Blake is Valentine's only motivation to rejoin "the cause" and sets out to find Lifeweavers in order to buy Blake's freedom, otherwise Blake will be sought out, captured and studied.

There are eleven books in the Vampire Earth series.

Jeremiah Knight Feast Hunger 2 Audiobook

Summaries are presented in chronological order. This book begins with Valentine's childhood and his introduction to the Kurians and the Reapers, and continues through his experience in the Southern Command Ozark Free Territory labor battalion. This experience comes to a brutal climax as Harpies flying creatures controlled by the Kurians attack his posting and kill several people, including a close friend. Please try again later. Add to wishlist failed. Free with day trial. Book 2. Knight Introduction Length: 12 hrs and 7 mins Unabridged Overall. Knight Introduction Length: 12 hrs and 7 mins Release date: Book 3.

Knight Length: 11 hrs and 49 mins Unabridged Overall. Knight Length: 11 hrs and 49 mins Release date: Book 4. Knight Introduction Length: 12 hrs and 6 mins Unabridged Overall. Knight Introduction Length: 12 hrs and 6 mins Release date: Book 5. Knight Narrated by: E. Book 6. Knight Introduction Length: 11 hrs and 36 mins Unabridged Overall. Knight Introduction Length: 11 hrs and 36 mins Release date: Book 7.

Knight introduction Length: 11 hrs and 9 mins Unabridged Overall. Knight introduction Length: 11 hrs and 9 mins Release date: Book 8. Knight Introduction Length: 10 hrs and 51 mins Unabridged Overall. Knight Introduction Length: 10 hrs and 51 mins Release date: Book 9. Knight introduction Length: 9 hrs and 40 mins Unabridged Overall. Knight introduction Length: 9 hrs and 40 mins Release date: