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Anyone who has had some background in programming Java with J2SE but would like to brush up and learn new skills. Ways to Train: Live Classroom Class is delivered at a Centriq location with a live instructor actually in the classroom. Class is delivered live online via Centriq's Virtual Remote technology.

Student may attend class from home or office or other location with internet access. Students view the live instructor utilizing a 60'' HD monitor. Class can be purchased directly via check, credit card, or PO.

CMSC 214 - Advanced Java Programming

Class is available for students using Centriq Vouchers. Class is available to students utilizing Centriq's unique Annual Pass program.

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Class is available for students using Cisco Learning Credits. This byte code is distributed over the web and interpreted by the Virtual Machine JVM on whichever platform it is being run on.

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If you understand the basic concept of OOP Java, it would be easy to master. Authentication techniques are based on public-key encryption.

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Just to give you a little excitement about Java programming, I'm going to give you a small conventional C Programming Hello World program, You can try it using Demo link. With the advancement of Java and its widespread popularity, multiple configurations were built to suit various types of platforms.

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Java is guaranteed to be Write Once, Run Anywhere. This design feature allows the developers to construct interactive applications that can run smoothly. The development process is more rapid and analytical since the linking is an incremental and light-weight process.

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Java programs can carry extensive amount of run-time information that can be used to verify and resolve accesses to objects on run-time.