Chinas Changing Political Landscape: Prospects for Democracy

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Chinese Politics in the Xi Jinping Era: Reassessing Collective Leadership | PIIRS

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Ashley Esarey. Instead, they are strug- of democratization. The result is an outstanding volume gling to use their voices to challenge their exclusion and that considers the question from a variety of angles and transform state-society relations from within the liberal contains diverse opinions on the subject. Both books raise the question of In the first substantive chapter, Andrew J. Nathan whether the politics of indigenous rights are comparable addresses a terminological problem that complicates schol- to those of ethnic minorities, women, or immigrant arship about democracy in China, where officials use the groups.

In China, democracy implies retical attention to what is often raised as the core polit- limited elections and party control over media and the ical difference between indigenous groups and other legal system, rather than interparty competition that deter- historically marginalized populations: the foundational mines who holds top offices.

Nathan considers the views principle of political sovereignty. In both books, the voices and Chinese scholar Yu Keping presents a provocative coun- strategic choices of indigenous movement leaders and terargument. Further, the is to maintain power. Is it unfair to discount these political ronment. The CCP has failed to rein in corruption or developments as evidence of liberalization that could lead silence detractors, who communicate via e-mail, blogs, to Chinese democracy?

Or should reforms called June Vol. New York: Cambridge University Press, Alice Electoral Fortunes in Western Europe. By Bonnie Meguid. She asserts that restrictions barring one individ- ual or faction from holding onto power have stabilized The works reviewed here both highlight the extent to which the regime by reducing conflict among elites. Jing Huang, the strategic actions of political parties attenuate the abil- by contrast, argues that institutionalization of high poli- ity of the electorate to hold parties in power accountable tics represents gradual, but irrevocable, movement toward for their performance.

Rich- among mainstream parties influence the electoral fortunes ard Baum, however, maintains that investigative journalists of single-issue fringe parties? She demonstrates that by are forcing courts to make decisions more transparent manipulating the range of electoral options available to and exposing the misdeeds of officials.

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Cheng Li on the Rising Influence of Thinkers and Think Tanks in China

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China’s Changing Political Landscape

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