How to Really Self-Publish Erotica

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You log in with an Amazon account, but it seems that some people use their regular accounts and some people create a new account for this.

You get an accounting statement at the end of each quarter, if I remember correctly, and I think a year-end tally-up as well. I don't know of any resources for managing pseudonyms, because really, you don't have to do much? Amazon doesn't link your real name and your pseudonym s publicly, so as long as you don't tell people your real name, or your other pen names, and you should be fine.

Writing stories that make people hard doesn’t have to be hard!

I am posting this on behalf of an anonymous comm enter: Sounds like you're completely green at selfpubbing through Amazon, and that's OK. There's a paywall because they dislike spammers and people of poor behaviour. It's worth it. They also have areas for other genre fiction.

Pen names: your pen names will be as isolated as you choose to make them. I have several and none have ever cross-contaminated as far as I know. No pen name has ever been connected with my real identity. In general, no one gives enough of a shit about erom pens to bother with internet detective shenanigans. Amazon doesn't publicly link your pen name to your account holder name or anything else on the storefront, which is more than I can say for Apple.

Self Publishing Erotica: If You Write It, There's an Audience for It

Getting paid: it's by direct deposit, 60 days after the month ends. In other words, I'm getting paid this month for sales I made in January.

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I guess there is an option for a check, but I have never used it. I did. One caveat to remember is that you can have any number of Amazon accounts, but only one KDP account per person, per lifetime. If Amazon gets the idea that you have multiple KDP accounts, they will gladly ban you from publishing forever.

Scratch That Itch: Indie Authors Deliver Erotica

There's no reason for multiple KDP accounts though, because you can have any number of pen names under the same KDP account. Author Central accounts are another beast and can only have three pen names per account, but you can have lots of those I have four. Don't worry about it. When you're filling out the book's info page on Amazon, you just use a pseudonym. It really is that simple. Nobody is ever going to crack your pseudonym. Seriously, why would they even try?

What should my stories even be about? What readers will want when they pick up a billionaire story? What kind of kinks go well with werewolf or vampire stories? If not, this book will shine a light on those topics.

Make Extra Money Self-Publishing Erotic Romance Literature

This book is a short, but basically complete, introduction to the field of self-publishing erotica--though other writers may find some things of value, as well. Do you love writing? Are you scared of spending months on a novel only to not have it sell? Erotic shorts are the perfect place to start.

Erotica ebooks are very popular, but how can you promote them?

When you're ready to make a change and really jump head first into the vast ocean of self-publishing, make sure you're carrying this book as your lifesaver! Paperback , pages. Add a Rating. Close Embed Code. Copy and Paste the code below to your website or blog. Embed Code. Close Email to Friend.

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