Making Sense of Mass Atrocity

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Recht Steuern Wirtschaft. Erschienen: Auf die Merkliste Drucken Weiterempfehlung.

1. The UN Genocide Convention at 70: The Politics of Mass Atrocity Prevention. 6-7 September 2018.

Osiel Making Sense of Mass Atrocity lieferbar ca. Hardcover Cambridge University Press.

Mark J. Osiel

Produktbeschreibung Genocide, crimes against humanity, and the worst war crimes are possible only when the state or other organizations mobilize and coordinate the efforts of many people. Responsibility for mass atrocity is therefore always widely shared, often by thousands. Yet criminal law, with its liberal underpinnings, insists on blaming particular individuals for isolated acts. Is such law therefore constitutionally unable to make any sense of the most catastrophic conflagrations of our time?

Drawing on the experience of several recent prosecutions both national and international , this book trenchantly diagnoses law's limits at such times and offers a spirited defense of its moral and intellectual resources for meeting the vexing challenge of holding anyone criminally accountable for mass atrocity. There is usually no question of waiting-time for new editions.

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