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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Eda Presentation Aug E 1. The particularity of this program is based on the standardization of the design which enables the cost of engineering studies, components and construction to be reduced. As all of the sites presented various conditions, a single design was possible except for the heat sink, connection to the grid and foundations.

EDF has managed to apply standardization throughout the service life of the plant : all units of the same series are modified in the same manner and with a same batch of modifications. The standardization of operations is also the EDF's rule: technical specifications, safety reports, and safety procedures are normally the same for units belonging to the same series. Nevertheless, when plant design and operations, and heavy maintenance are considered, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain strict standardization across the board: when examined closely, variations are possible-as regards the chemical specifications of the secondary system, for instance.

On the other hand, at the fabrication stage, it is difficult to maintain fabrication procedures and alloy compositions rigorously the same. The main drawback is the risk of generic defects. On the other hand, the risk is rather small owing to the small differences among units.

Standardized safety management of AP nuclear power plant. In , China published and implemented the Law of the People's Republic of China on Work Safety and promulgated a series of guidelines and policies, which strengthened the safety management supervision. Standardization of safety, as another important step on safety supervision, comes after safety assesment and safety production licensing system, is also a permanent solution. Standardization of safety is a strategic, long term and fundamental work, which is also the basic access to achieving scientific safety management and increasing the inherent safety of an enterprise.

Haiyang AP nuclear power plant , adopting the modularized, 'open-top' and parallel construction means, overturned the traditional construction theory of installation work comes after the civil work and greatly shorten the construction period. At the same time, the notable increase of oversize module transportation and lifting and parallel construction raises higher demands for safety management.

This article combines the characteristics and difficulties of safety management for Haiyang AP nuclear power plant , puts forward ideas and methods for standardized safety management, and could also serve as reference to the safety management for other AP projects. Standard technical specifications: Babcock and Wilcox Plants. Revision 1. The changes reflected in Revision 1 resulted from the experience gained from license amendment applications to convert to these improved STS or to adopt partial improvements to existing technical specifications.

European standards and approaches to EMC in nuclear power plants. Electromagnetic Interference EMI arising from a wide range of sources can threaten nuclear power plant operation. The need for measures to mitigate its effects have long been recognised although there are difference in approaches worldwide.

The US industry approaches the problem by comprehensive site surveys defining an envelope of emissions for the environmental whilst the UK nuclear industry defined many years ago generic levels which cover power station environments. Moves to standardisation within the European community have led to slight changes in UK approach, in particular how large systems can be tested.

The tests undertaken on UK nuclear plant include tests for immunity to conducted as well as radiated interference. Currently work is proceeding on draft international standards under the auspices of the IEC. This document Volume 3, contains the Bases for Sections 3. This document Volume 1, contains the Specifications for all chapters and sections of the improved STS.

This document Volume 1 contains the Specifications for all chapters and sections of the improved STS. Volume 3, contains the Bases for Sections 3. The NRC weighs public input on plant cleanup standards. In the wake of seven public open-quotes work-shopsclose quotes held around the country over the past several months, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRC is preparing to develop radiological criteria for decommissioning nuclear power plants. The criteria will apply to plants that operate for their normal lifespan, those that shut down prematurely, as well as a range of other NRC-licensed facilities, including materials licensees, fuel reprocessing and fabrication plants , and independent spent fuel storage installations.

The criteria have been years in the making, and their progress is being monitored closely by the Environmental Protection Agency EPA , which shares with the NRC the authority to regulate radiological hazards. Both agencies have made abortive attempts to promulgate standards in the past.

The EPA's most recent proposal, dating from , has yet to reach the final rule stage. The NCRC's policy statement, open-quotes Below Regulatory Concern,close quotes was overturned by the Energy Policy Act of , a setback that prompted the Commission's call for open-quotes enhanced participatory rulemakingclose quotes-a. In its Rulemaking Issues Paper, the NRC outlined for discussion four open-quotes fundamentalclose quotes objectives as a basis for developing decommissioning criteria: 1 establishing limits above which the risks to the public are deemed open-quotes unacceptableclose quotes; 2 establishing open-quotes goalsclose quotes below which the risks to the public are deemed open-quotes trivialclose quotes; 3 establishing criteria for what is achievable using the open-quotes best availableclose quotes cleanup technology; and 4 removing all radioactivity attributable to plant activity.

The NRC expects to publish a proposed rule and a draft generic environmental impact statement in April ; the final rule is scheduled for May Development of nuclear standard filter elements for PWR plant. The radioactive contaminant, fragment of resin and impurity are collected by these filter elements, The core of filter elements consists of polypropylene frames and paper filter medium bonded by resin. A variety of filter papers are tested for optimization.

The flow rate and comprehensive performance have been measured in the simulation condition. The results showed that the performance and lifetime have met the designing requirements. The advantages of the filter elements are simple in manufacturing, less expense and facilities for waste-disposal. At present, some of filter elements have been produced and put in operation.

The improved STS will be used as the basis for individual nuclear power specifications. This document, Volume 2, contains the Bases for Chapters 2. Design control for standard U. EPRTM plants. The U. While the U. Multiple, parallel regulatory and engineering activities require carefully prepared documents and rigorous design control processes. Design control must consider the basic design processes required to achieve an integrated, functional design, as well as design change control. Sources of change and the need to keep design bases and licensing bases consistent must be thoroughly understood.

An objective of the U. EPR TM reactor deployment program for the United States is to achieve maximum standardization of common features of the plant. Such standardization is necessary for economics, speed-of-construction, and operational efficiencies available from a 'fleet' approach to deployment. DNA internal standard for the quantitative determination of hallucinogenic plants in plant mixtures.

Arabidopsis thaliana genomic DNA was added, as internal standard , at the beginning of each extraction. The results of this work show an almost perfect correspondence between Real-Time PCR-calculated weight and the weight estimated by an analytical weighted method, proving the effectiveness of this method for the quantitative analysis of a given species in a plant mixture. When evaluating a request to Will nuclear power plant standardization reduce the licensing impact on construction.

The NRC and the nuclear industry have been pursuing standardization quite vigorously in an effort to reduce the cost and schedule for the design and construction of nuclear power plants. The NRC is currently reviewing standard plant applications submitted under each of four standardization options. Although problems exist in the implementation of standardization and in areas unaffected by standardization , each of these standardization methods has the potential to reduce the licensing impact on construction.

Evaluation of the safety of the operating nuclear power plants built to earlier standards. The objective of this paper is to provide practical assistance on judging the safety of a nuclear power plant , on the basis of a comparison with current safety standards and operational practices. For nuclear power plants built to earlier standards for which there are questions about the adequacy of the maintenance of the plant design and operational practices, a safety review against current standards and practices can be considered a high priority.

The objective of reviewing nuclear power plants built to earlier standards against current standards and practices is to determine whether there are any deviations which would have an impact on plant safety. The safety significance of the issues identified should be judged according to their implications for plant design and operation in terms of basic safety concepts such as defence in depth and safety culture. In addition, this paper provides assistance on the prioritization of corrective measures and their implementation so as to approach an acceptable level of safety. Development of a coppice planting machine to commercial standards.

This report gives details of the development work carried out on the Turton Engineering Coppice Planting machine in order to commercially market it. The background to the machine which plants single rows of cuttings from rods is traced,, and previous development work, design work, production of sub-assemblies and the assembly of modules, inspection and assembly, static trials, and commercial planting are examined.

Further machine developments, proving trials, and recommendations for further work are discussed. Appendices address relationships applicable to vertical planting , the Turton short rotation cultivation machine rod format, estimated prices and charges, and a list of main suppliers.

An owner or operator of an ethylene dichloride Standard format and content of license applications for plutonium processing and fuel fabrication plants. The standard format suggested for use in applications for licenses to possess and use special nuclear materials in Pu processing and fuel fabrication plants is presented.

It covers general description of the plant , summary safety assessment, site characteristics, principal design criteria, plant design, process systems, waste confinement and management, radiation protection, accident safety analysis, conduct of operations, operating controls and limits, and quality assurance. The ESRP serves as a guide Learn about the NSPS regulation for coal preparation and processing plants by reading the rule summary, the rule history, the code of federal regulation text, the federal register, and additional docket documents.

Property, Plant and Equipment disclosure requirements and firm characteristics: the Portuguese Accounting Standardization System. The present study intends to assess the degree of compliance with the disclosure requirements of this accounting standard by Portuguese unlisted co Standardization of PWR power plants : Impact of capital investment cost.

The French program is certainly specific to the French context but it is a large and a real experiment of standardized series of units from which we can abstract the main ideas and ranges available in different contexts. The main condition is a large program which could be issued from a country or a partnership between different countries.

That means, common terms of reference, lists of standardized equipment, same design documents. With a levelized rhythm of erection, beneficial effects of the series could be expected. The scale effect is fairly well known, also we can wonder for instance about the choice between five units of MW and three units of MW. The answer is depending on the number of units and on the discount rate.

Study on standard coal preparation plant for coking coal in Jharia Coalfield. The proposed standardization of coal preparation plant will be based on three standard types of crushing station, a standard jig washery or cyclone washery, and three standard types of slurry water treatment section. Some large installations, and some existing washeries after modification, may incorporate heavy media baths for coarse coal and jigs for slack coal, where coal is easy or moderately easy to wash.

Flow sheets are given for the standard types of crushing plant , washery, and slurry water circuit. The storage of raw coal and saleable products is briefly discussed. Review of the Commission program for standardization of nuclear power plants and recommendations to improve standardization concepts. This is a report of a staff study describing the need and utility of specific changes to the Commission's standardization program.

The various matters considered in the study include: 1 A discussion of industry use to date of the standardization program. Summary of component reliability data for probabilistic safety analysis of Korean standard nuclear power plant. Recently, we have upgraded the database by collecting additional data by for Korean standard nuclear power plants and performed component reliability analysis and Bayesian analysis again.

In this paper, we supply the summary of component reliability data for probabilistic safety analysis of Korean standard nuclear power plant and describe the plant specific characteristics compared to the generic data. Process specifications and standards for the thorium campaign in the Purex Plant. The process specifications and standards for thorium processing operations in the Purex Plant are presented. These specifications represent currently known limits within which plant processing conditions must be maintained to meet defined product requirements safely and with minimum effect on equipment service life.

These specifications cover the general areas of feed, essential materials, and chemical hazards. Nitric acid plants include one or more nitric acid production units.

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These proposed revisions include a change to the nitrogen oxides NO X emission limit, which applies Evaluation of regulatory processes affecting nuclear power plant early site approval and standardization. This report presents the results of a survey and evaluation of existing federal, state and local regulatory considerations affecting siting approval of power plants in the United States.

Those factors that may impede early site approval of nuclear power plants are identified, and findings related to the removal of these impediments and the general improvement of the approval process are presented. A brief evaluation of standardization of nuclear plant design is also presented.

In this paper, the popular domestic varieties and quality standard of Scrophulariaceae plants used in Tibetan medicine were analyzed. The results showed that there were 11 genera and 99 species including varieties , as well as 28 medicinal materials varieties of Scrophulariaceae plants were recorded in the relevant literatures. In relevant Tibetan standards arid literatures, there are great differences in varieties, sources, parts, and efficacies of medicinal plant.

Among them, about Consequently it is necessary to reinforce the herbal textual, resources and the use present situation investigation, the effects of the species resources material foundation and biological activity, quality standard , specification the medical terms of the plants , and promote Tibetan medicinal vareties-terminologies-sources such as the criterion and quality standard system for enriching the varieties of Tibetan medicinal materials and Chinese medicinal resources. Changing priorities of codes and standards -- quality engineering: Experiences in plant construction, maintenance, and operation.

Application of the ASME Code across various fossil and nuclear plants necessitates a Company approach adapted by unique status of each plant. This arises from State Statutes, Federal Regulations and consideration of each plant 's as-built history over a broad time frame of design, construction and operation. A primary resource facilitating review of Code provisions is accurate status on current plant configuration.

Nuclear Reactor - Understanding how it works - Physics Elearnin

Consistent with the overall goal of safe and reliable plant operation, there are numerous Code details and future needs to be addressed in concert with expected plant economics and planned outages for implementation. The discussion begins in the late 60's with new construction of Monticello and Prairie Island both nuclear , through Sherburne County Units 1 through 3 fossil , and their changes, replacements or repairs as operating plants.

Principles and objectives for the operation and support of standard nuclear plants. This publication provides the guiding principles and objectives for the operation and support of standard nuclear plants. They are the basis for designing the processes to operate and support the new plants and to estimate the staffing options. The industry's plan, first published in , designates INPO as the lead in achieving the following goals: 1. Establish an institutional framework and approach to implement and maintain a model for life-cycle standardization of a family of plants.

Develop standardization objectives and selected standardized function and process descriptions to provide a basis for uniformity in appropriate aspects of the organizational structure; administrative controls; and construction, startup, operating, and maintenance practices.

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Develop an approach to maintain the standard design and design intent as well as standardized operational approaches in all units within a family of plants over their lifetimes. This document supports these goals. Twelve guiding principles are followed by descriptions of four functions, and after that eight processes with their associated objectives. Accurate analysis of the operating characteristics of Nuclear Power Plants provides valuable information for both norman and abnormal operation.

The information can be used for the enhancement of plant performance and safety. Usually, such analysis is performed using computer codes used for plant design or simulators. However, their usages are limited because special expertise is required to use the computer codes and simulators are not portable. Therefore, it deemed necessary to develop an NPA which minimizes those limitations and can be used for the analysis and simulation of Nuclear Power Plants.

The NPA is an interactive, high fidelity engineering simulator. NPA combines the process model simulating the plant behavior with the latest computer technology such as Graphical User Interface GUI and simulation executive for enhanced user interface. The process model includes models for a three-dimensional reactor core, the NSSS, secondary system including turbine and feedtrain, safety auxiliary systems, and various control systems.

Through the verification and validation of the NPA, it was demonstrated that the NPA can realistically simulate the plant behaviors during transient and accident conditions. Development of the nuclear plant analyzer for Korean standard Nuclear Power Plants. In this study, the process model simulating the overall plant systems, GUI and simulation executive which provide the functions of an engineering simulator were developed, and the NPA was completed by integrating them. A basic plan for the environment-friendly aspects of improved Korean standard nuclear power plant.

The plant also has incorporated several environmentally friendly features through the restoration of excavated areas using an ecological approach, external coloring, figure of turbine generator building and landscaping around nuclear power plant. This is the first time that KOPEC has embarked on inducing environmentally friendly features into the basic plan. This is expected to mitigate the negative perceptions held by the residents in the vicinity of nuclear power plants and will contribute to a new and improved image of nuclear power plants.

Fuel prices, emission standards , and generation costs for coal vs natural gas power plants. Low natural gas prices and stricter, federal emission regulations are promoting a shift away from coal power plants and toward natural gas plants as the lowest-cost means of generating electricity in the United States. Under the current regulations, coal plants would again become the dominant least-cost generation option should the ratio of average natural gas to coal prices NG2CP rise to 1.

If the more stringent emission standards are enforced, however, natural gas plants would remain cost competitive with a majority of coal plants for NG2CPs up to 4. Revision of AESJ standard 'the code of implemnetation of periodic safety review of nuclear power plants '. The Periodic Safety Review PSR was launched in June , when the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy issued a notification that required licensees to conduct comprehensive review on the safety of each existing nuclear power plant NPP once approximately every ten years based on the latest technical findings for the purpose of improving the safety of the NPP.

Taking into account developments in safety regulation of PSR after the issuance of the first version, the Standard Committee has revised the Standard. This paper summarizes background on PSR, such developments are major contents of the Standard as well as the focal points of the revision. Reliability programs for nuclear power plants.

Regulatory standard S revision 1. The purpose of this regulatory standard is to help assure, in accordance with the purpose of the Nuclear Safety and Control Act NSCA , that a licensee who constructs or operates a nuclear power plant NPP develops and implements a reliability program that assures that the systems important to safety at the plant can and will meet their defined design and performance specifications at acceptable levels of reliability throughout the lifetime of the facility. This regulatory standard describes the requirements of a reliability program for a nuclear power plant.

The licensee shall implement the requirements described in this regulatory standard when a condition of a licence or other legally enforceable instrument so requires. Rhodium self-powered neutron detector's lifetime for korean standard nuclear power plants. A method to estimate the relative sensitivity of a self-powered rhodium detector for an upcoming cycle is developed by combining the rhodium depletion data from a nuclear design with the site measurement data. This method can be used both by nuclear power plant designers and by site staffs of Korean standard nuclear power plants for determining which rhodium detectors should be replaced during overhauls.

Standard method for economic analyses of inertial confinement fusion power plants. A standard method for calculating the total capital cost and the cost of electricity for a typical inertial confinement fusion electric power plant has been developed. A standard code of accounts at the two-digit level is given for the factors making up the total capital cost of the power plant. Equations are given for calculating the indirect capital costs, the project contingency, and the time-related costs.

Expressions for calculating the fixed charge rate, which is necessary to determine the cost of electricity, are also described. Default parameters are given to define a reference case for comparative economic analyses. The objective of this paper is to establish Containment spray operational technical bases for the typical Korean Standard Nuclear Power plants Ulchin units 3 and 4 by modeling the plant , and analyzing a loss of coolant accident LOCA using the MAAP code. The severe accident phenomena at nuclear power plants have large uncertainties. For the integrity of the reactor vessel and containment safety against severe accidents, it is essential to understand severe accident sequences and to assess the accident progression accurately by computer codes.

Furthermore, it is important to attain the capability to analyze a advanced nuclear reactor design for a severe accident prevention and mitigation. Pharmacognostical Standardization of Upodika- Basella alba L. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Objective: To establish the pharmacognostic standards for the correct identification and standardization of an important Antidiabetic plant described in Ayurveda. Materials and Methods: Standardization was carried out on the leaf and stem of Basella alba L. Results: Several specific characters were identified viz.

Rubiaceous type of stomata on both sides of the leaf. Quantitative microscopy along with physicochemical and qualitative phytochemical analysis were also established. Conclusion: The pharmacognostic standards could serve as the reference for the proper identification of the Basella alba L. Coupling of standard condensing nuclear power stations to horizontal aluminium tubes multieffect distillation plants. No large nuclear back-pressure turbines are available to-day. The horizontal aluminium tube multieffect distillation process developed by 'Israel Desalination Engineering Ltd' is very suitable for the use of such low-grade heat.

A special flash-chamber loop constitutes a positive barrier against any possible contamination being carried over by the steam exhausted from the turbine to the desalination plant. The operation is designed to be flexible so that the power plant can be operated either in conjunction with the desalination plant or as a single purpose plant. Flow sheets, heat and mass balances have been prepared for eight different combinations of plants. Only standard equipment is being used in the power plant. The desalination plant consists of 6 to 12 parallel double lines, each of them similar to a large prototype now being designed.

Costs are based on actual bids. Decision support systems for power plants impact on the living standard. Geothermal, wind and photovoltaic power plants are excellent choices in most of the cases and biomass and hydro should also be preferred to nuclear and fossil fuel. Among nuclear and fossil fuel the choice is based on the specific parameters of each case examined while natural gas technologies have specific advantages.

ebasco standard plant: Topics by

The motivation of this study was to provide a tool for the decision-maker to evaluate all major types of power plant incorporating multicriteria and customized probability assessment of weighting factors. Selected review of regulatory standards and licensing issues for nuclear power plants. This report presents a compilation and description of current foreign regulatory standards and licensing issues in the areas of interest associated with Siting, Structural Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials, and Mechanical Engineering.

In addition, summary comparisons of the requirements of both the US and foreign nuclear power plant regulatory standards are provided. Recent developments in the IAEA safety standards : design and operation of nuclear power plants. The IAEA has been publishing a wide variety of safety standards for nuclear and radiation related facilities and activities since In , a more rigorously structured approach for the preparation and review of its safety standards was introduced.

Currently, based on the approach, revision of most of the standards is in completion or near completion. The latest versions of the Safety Requirements for ''Design'' and ''Operation'' of nuclear power plants were respectively published in Currently, along with this revision of the Safety Requirements, many Safety Guides have been revised. In order to clarify the complicated revision procedure, an example of the entire revision process for a Safety Guide is provided.

Through actual example of the revision process, enormous amount of work involved in the revision work is clearly indicated. The current status of all of the Safety Standards for Design and that for Operation of nuclear power plants are summarized. The standards are reviewed to determine whether revision or new issue is necessary in five years following publication.

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The IAEA safety standards will continue to be updated through comprehensive and structured approach, collaboration of many experts of the world, and reflecting good practices of the world. The IAEA safety standards will serve to provide high level of safety assurance.

Standard model for safety analysis report of hexafluoride power plants from natural uranium. The standard model for safety analysis report for hexafluoride production power plants from natural uranium is presented, showing the presentation form, the nature and the degree of detail, of the minimal information required by the Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission - CNEN. Standard for design criteria for decommissioning of nuclear fuel reprocessing plants. Deactivation or shutdown followed by continued operation on the same site does not constitute decommissioning.

It is felt that abandonment with entombment of the highly radioactive parts of the plant is the only economically feasible alternative. Controlling engineering project changes for multi-unit, multi-site standardized nuclear power plants. Multibillioin dollar multiple nuclear power plant projects have numerous potential sources of engineering changes. The majority of these are internally generated changes, client generated changes, and changes from construction, procurement, other engineering organizations, and regulatory organizations.

For multiunit, multisite projects, the use of a standardized design is cost effective. Engineering changes can then be controlled for a single standardized design, and the unit or site unique changes can be treated as deviations. Once an effective change procedure is established for change control of the standardized design, the same procedures can be used for control of unit or site unique changes.

In early , the U. Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRC proposed a policy to address severe accident rulemaking on future plants by utilizing standard plant licensing documentation. The GE submittals discuss the features of the design that prevent severe accidents from leading to core damage or that mitigate the effects of severe accidents should core damage occur.

The quantification of the accident prevention and mitigation features, including those incorporated in the design since the accident at Three Mile Island TMI , is provided by means of a comprehensive probabilistic risk assessment, which provides an analysis of the probability and consequences of postulated severe accidents. Standards for deuterium analysis requirements of heavy water plants Preprint No. Heavy Water Div. Accurate analysis of deuterium, covering the entire range, is of great importance in production of heavy water.

Most of the methods for determination of deuterium in gas or liquid samples require appropriate standards. Float method for density measurements was improved further and used for the preparation of primary heavy water standards in high and low deuterium ranges. Heavy water plant laboratories require gas standards ammonia synthesis gas matrix , in addition to low deuterium water standards , for calibration of mass spectrometers.

Proceedings Papers

Review of international standards related to the design for control rooms on nuclear power plants. The design process and guidelines are standardized in IEC and supplemental standards as international standard. However, technological update is required due to the increased use of computerized control and monitoring equipment and systems in control rooms on NPP in recent years. Standards are becoming more important for computerized control rooms because there is more freedom to design than conventional hardware based system.

For computerized control rooms, standards for hardware and software of HMI systems should be also considered. Therefore, reviewing these standards and guidelines related to control rooms design of NPP can be useful not only for revision of the international standards such as IEC, but also for users of the standards and guidelines. In this paper, we reviewed the international standards related to the design for control rooms, in the two aspects of HMI design and hardware and software design, considering the undergoing revision work and their application.

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