The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror

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Meta Register Log in. Blog at WordPress. I contacted Congress. I contacted a former boss of mine. Thirty days after I had contacted their offices and requested to testify on Iraqi prewar intelligence and the real facts as an asset on the ground dealing with Iraqi embassy every two to three weeks for seven to eight years--I knew everything! And I wanted to tell! I said what have I done.

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  • He said the attorney will tell you later. They couldn't even tell me what I had done. They just said you are arrested on the Patriot Act. Did anyone of them believe the research of his new book may have something to do with his death? So a relative of Phil Marshall who works in federal law enforcement said look Phil was snooping around Mirana. It is been a location for a lot of CIA operations--aviation operations. And it is still is and Special Forces. Special Forces train there. But Mirana may not be familiar to many people but anyone who has driven by Mirana eventually can look out at a huge air field.

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    There can be only one explanation why Phil Marshall was interested in Mirana, and that reason is that--and if this was the subject of the next book it would've been a blockbuster. That the planes that hit the Trade Center actually recomissioned civilian aircrafts and s from the Mirana airfield where they are stored. The only explanation is that Phil Marshall was tipped off by somebody on the inside he had been contacted by some of the old veterans of the Iran Contra affairs--Central Intelligence people.

    I don't know if Marshall was murdered--I'm not even a hundred percent certain that he was murdered at all. It is possible the police version could conceivably be true. Wayne Madsen who I trust says that he's hundred percent sure that the police version is wrong. There are many many dozens. Which is fortunate for me.

    So no I don't think that was the reason. It was more likely that he had some kind of information that someone didn't want made public. His computer was apparently was taken after he was killed. And there were people cleaning his house. There were mysterious vans showing up with communications equipment doing unauthorized cleanings of his house according to Wayne Madison.

    So it sounds like somebody was after information that he had.

    The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror by Philip Marshall | Norris

    And that could've involved anything. So he probably had some kind of information and they probably killed him and took the information back. Considering that there were elements of murder and possible suicide, the case should have been a long winded complex investigation. Well number one he is a Tea Party Republican. My feeling is that the sheriff did not like Phil Mrshall. This is a small county afterall. There were others out there who were not as friendly to Phil Marshall.

    His wife Ann told the media that Marshall had problems with alcohol, was attention-seeking, egotistical, could be mean, and had a temper. She recalls a time he was nearly fired after yelling at a superior at Eastern Air Lines. He would also throw clubs in the water while golfing.

    The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror. Philip Marshall

    She goes on to say that he had a problem with authority figures in his life. Recalling a time where he wanted her to roll down the car window and yell at police officer. According to leading psychiatrists, Younger children are much more likely to be killed than teenagers. Fathers are more likely to wipe out the whole family. So, is this a case of a father believing that his children were better off dead?

    Could the police version have some truth to it considering that there are many similar cases out there. I definitely do not accept the police version of the Philip Marshall death. But the fact is that in these type of cases in which there is an obvious national security component and violent death, here in the United States we don't have honest police work. I can give you thousands of examples to show which prove in national security cases the local police, state police are trumped by federal agencies and that those federal agencies have in their agenda in many cases covering up national security assassinations.

    And the thing is there really is no way to tell in many cases whether or not this is another one of these national security assassinations. But there are a lot of signs that may be the case with Philip Marshall. I believe that Philip Marshall was killed by a private security firm. There's another death--a very suspicious death of Michael Hastings who was a Rolling Stones journalist who wrote a devastating article on General McCrystal who was running the battlefield front in Afghanistan who was then fired.

    Michael Hastings then turned his attention to General Patraya and the use of surveillance on top leaders in the United States for purpose of blackmail. We believe--I personally believe-- that there is a private security firm that is handling that area. That is monitoring that society--the Los Angeles area. And they are responsible for managing the fate of activists. And they had exceeded their authority by far.

    They have gone kind of rogue. We would call it rogue action. Is Philip Marshall just one of many who have experienced this kind of fate when venture too deep into realm of national security issues? And in every single one of these cases, proper police investigative techniques are overlooked. Why was the crime scene cleaned before the investigation was complete. Who has it now and what information was on it.

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    Who were the people who went to the premises after the professional cleaners showed up in unmarked SUVs-what agencies did they represent. Were they federal government agents present? What is going on at Mirana Airfield? Why the kids? These are things anybody would ask. The focus should be on the sheriff and why did the sheriff hire a new public affair person right before Phil Marshall incident took place. They have other ways of dealing with us.

    They do character assassinations. They assassinate our reputations and keep us from making a living. They marginalize us, they have types of strategies to harass us. But thank goodness, for the most part don't kill us.

    America Responds to 9/11 Attacks with the War on Terror

    Unless somebody hands me an envelope full of information that somebody really doesn't want me to put out and that hasn't happened yet , I don't think I am likely to meet that fate. At least I hope not. Well I will tell you that as you know I was the second woman arrested on the Patriotic Act. Second non-arab woman arrested on the Patriotic Act and there's a misconception in the United States that only foreigners are being targeted and certainly mostly they are.

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    However, what's happening increasingly is especially with private security firms are tasked to police the community no judicial supervision at all. And they are taking it upon themselves to hand out punishments which are outside the policy barriers. No I think we should pursue this case and pursue in all cases like this--where it appears that somebody who had become a whistleblower.

    Philip Marshall apparently had become one towards the end of his life is killed and especially when family members are killed too.

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    This is a bad enough crime that I think we need to get to the truth. We owe the truth to Philip Marshall and to his family and to the country. Even if it turns out that it wasn't the federal authorities behind this. We need to know that. It's just not right to be living in a country where the truth of these kind of situations is just not available. If we don't have the truth we cannot have an informed populace and we cannot have anything remotely resembling democracy.

    So yeah this is one of those cases where we need to tenaciously pursue the truth. We will never truly know what happened that day in the Marshall residence.

    The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror

    All we can do is press for more investigation in matters that seem suspect of foul play. Synopsis Transcript. And he was living in retirement in his Calaveras Country, California Now Philip Marshall has a very checkered history. He retired in the s. Narration: Even though Philip Marshall retired, his interest in aviation and how FAA conducts its matter of business, still remained intact from his pilot days. Linda: Philip Marshall was excited about his work. He had a lot to say and a lot to contribute he had very strong family ties, he was a devoted father, had a stable marriage.

    Wayne Madsen: when I got to Calaveras County, I actually walked around his house, looked into the windows and this is probably about a week or so week and half maybe after this death. He allegedly killed himself and his children on the evening of January 31st.

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    Linda: I contacted Congress. Wayne madsen: So a relative of Phil Marshall who works in federal law enforcement said look Phil was snooping around Mirana. Kevin: I don't know if Marshall was murdered--I'm not even a hundred percent certain that he was murdered at all. Narration: Considering that there were elements of murder and possible suicide, the case should have been a long winded complex investigation.