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Green laminated boards. York: The Clique, Red laminated boards. No inscription. Photo Libraries and Agencies. London: BFP Books, Fine in fine dustwrapper ISBN: Original red cloth gilt. Old Goriot. Catalogue of first volumes Translated by Ellen Marriage. Preface by George Saintsbury. The Macmillan Guide to the United Kingdom, London: Macmillan, Each county or regional entry covers history, geography, geology , area and population, county and district officials, local government statistics, planning areas and conservation, cultural and recreational amenities,energy and natural resources, agriculture and industry, transport and communications, education, social services, religion and ends with a gazetteer.

Dustwrapper price intact. Blue cloth gilt. The Traveller's Handbook. Londoin: Wexas, The Student's Guide to British Theatre. London: Herbert Jenkins, Red cloth gilt. Collins Italian Phrase Book. London: Collins, English-French French-English Dictionary.

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Paris: Librairie Larousse, The Directory of Professional Photography. Stipple, Wink and Gusset. London: Century, Short inscription on endpaper. White cloth. The Penguin Dictionary of Modern Quotations. London: Allen Lane, Second Edition. Fine in near fine dustwrapper ISBN: Bridgetown, Barbados: Advocate Co. Second Edition revised and enlarged. Name on front. Guide to Digital Resources for the Humanities. Pears' Cyclopaedia London: Pelham Books, Ninety-third edition. Everyman's Library No Britain Votes 1 : Parliamentary Election Results Chichester: Parliamentary Research Servicies, British Journal of Photography Annual London: Henry Greenwood, Name inside cover.

Colins' Junior Dictionary. London: Collins' Clear-Type Press, Name on front endpaper. Debrett's Handbook London: Debrett's Peerage Ltd. Adam Bede. Red cloth gilt, spine slightly dulled. People of Today London: Debrett's Peerage, Sixth annual edition. Dustwrapper not price-clipped. Massive tome over 3.

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Techniques of Photojournalism - Available Light and the 35mm Camera. New York: Wiley-Interscience, Black cloth. The King's English. London: Oxford University Press, Third Edition First paperback edition.. Illustrated cover, pages browned. Harrap's Concise French and English Dictionary.

London: George G. Harrap, Original blue cloth gilt. Original green cloth gilt. Manchester: Manchester University Press, Brown cloth gilt, mark on front endpapers otherwise Fine. Persian Vocabulary. By Chris Murray. By David Carrier. Home Books Art Reference. Items Per Page: 15 30 60 Year Newest Pub. Check box to include out-of-stock items. View: Grid List. Reference work which provides information on movements, styles, and techniques of art throughout recorded history, together with profiles of outstanding artists. Painters, illustrators, photographers, and other visual artists are advised on the copyright laws, contracts, sales by galleries and agents, leases, income tax, and wills.

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This compendium of the image-making faculty in the West consists of A-Z entries pertaining to persons, titles and pictures, and objects as attributes and symbols. Cross-referenced; supplementary index. An illustrated beginner's guide to the visual arts examines specific art works, studies expression and construction of art, and discusses creative and technical processes of art. Completely revised and updated edition of an unusual and highly valuable tool for art scholars and historians.

Lists over 9, signatures and monograms of major and minor Western artists. Completely Authenticated. Art of the Christian World A. Alphabetically arranged and crossreferenced entries provide background information on major American painters, sculptors, printmakers, and photographers, plus important topics and movements central to American art from the sixteenth century to the present.

Explains the symbolic meaning of graphic designs, plants, food, machines, numbers, colors, and instruments. Briefly introduces the leading schools and techniques of Western art, as well as providing concise biographies of nearly three thousand artists, from the ancient Greeks to contemporary Americans.

Penguin World of Art series.

Entries some 14, include illustrators, sculptors, and fine art artists who have done book and magazine illustrations, booklet illustrations, or cover illustrations for books, magazines, records, and posters. Biographical reference keys are provided. About 4, of the listed artists are shown with a signature facsimile. Castagno also provides the following material: about 1, dual-nationality entries; when possible, full names, initials, nicknames, and pseudonyms; notation of questionable birth and death dates when they vary in different sources; and listings of many artists as illustrators.

The serious art collector or dealer will want this book. The author plans to produce updates. Forthcoming in Scarecrow is American artists: signatures and monograms, to Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. This signature book offers references to biographical, bibliographical, and pictorial sources of information and cataloged auction citings from over twenty major galleries in the US and Canada.

It lists some 1, artists overlooked by the American art annuals ; and includes many important 19th-century artists and notable late 20th-century artists omitted in other indexed directories. Includes a sizable listing of prominent Canadian and Latin American artists in all.

A comprehensive directory dealing solely with artists' monograms and signatures that are difficult to identify, including 5, signatures of 3, artists worldwide and offering information on nationality, birth and death dates, and a broad listing of reference sources from standard and secondary publications. The signatures fall into six specific categories: monograms, symbols, Cyrillic signatures, illegible signatures, common last names, and alternative surnames.

In-depth explanations and examples cover more than 3, entries. This handy, efficient reference covers all forms of easel and mural painting, drawing, sculpture, the graphic arts, photography, ceramics, and mosaic. Tools and equipment are concisely described and illustrated with copious line drawings. Includes almost 1, terms associated with decorative arts, photography, art criticism, painting, sculpture, architecture, and more. Describes how the imagination heals itself through the creative process, and suggests therapy methods that involve performance, storytelling, dialog with images, and creative collaboration.

In this, the follow-up to the successful 'Artspeak,' which deciphered the terminology of contemporary art, Atkins explores the buzzwords of modern art's first century, from the Realism of the 's to Surrealism of the 's. Concepts, techniques, and major artistic movements are all placed in their proper context. This book examines the historical context of museums, their collections, and the objects that form them.

Susan M. Pearce probes the psychological and social reasons that people collect and identifies three modes of collecting: collecting as souvenirs, as fetishes, and as systematic assemblages. She considers how museum professionals set policies of collection management; acquire, study, and exhibit objects; and make meaning of the objects in their care. Pearce also explores the ideological relationship between museums and their collections and the intellectual and social relationships of museums to the public.

The sexual connotations of jade Freud's interpretation of a house The present encyclopedic work delves into the power of symbols and the origin of their ability to stir. The book explores symbols from Greek, Roman, Celtic, Chinese, and other mythologies. With a Pictorial Index. A unique and colorful reference to the evolution of hundreds of visual symbols that have affected the course of human history and thought, from the I Ching and the Chakras to the Tarot and the Zodiac.

With analyses ofsymbols' significance. Over color illus; 25 line drawings. Book is bowed. Contains former library stamps throughout.

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Dictionary of Symbols By Carl G. Here you'll find 2, Western graphic symbols at your fingertips. Each entry includes the sign's history, meanings, and the systems in which it is used, along with cross-references to other signs with the same meanings andstructurally similar signs with different meanings. Includes discussions on various aspects of ideograms. Notes and references, biblio. Over illus. This work deals with one of the most important and contentious issues in the world of fine art.

Starting in the s a flood has developed of restorations of works of art. London's National Gallery first in this field by several decades , Washington's National Gallery, the Metropolitan, the Louvre, the Prado, the Uffizi, and others besides, are restoring their collections on a wholesale basis. Much of what is being done is radical and, in its effects, irreversible. Yet a generation from now, or less, the assumptions and most advanced technologies of today may well be regarded as backward, misconceived or plain wrong.

James Beck discusses the recent restoration of three Renaissance masterpieces including Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling, one of the high points - and perhaps now also one of the tragedies - in the history of Western art. New evidence is presented of what has been done, and why, and it is certain to be controversial. Professor Beck also inquires into the social, cultural and, increasingly, commerical factors that underlie the recent spate of restorations that has produced what amounts to a restoration establishment with its own networks, priorities and interests.

Last, he offers hope not only that change is possible but that the need for change is beginning to be recognized, and he puts forward ideas for hastening the process. Professor Beck is the founder and Director of Artwatch International. Defines the topics of the Baroque period in art--from biblical themes to mythology, from emotional outpouring to the highest possible decorum. Encyclopaedia of Architectural Technology. Chichester, UK: Wiley-Academy, Includes architects, terms, techniques, and materials.

Provides bibliographic references. Harris, Cyril M. New York: McGraw-Hill, Nearly 25, definitions for terms found in the practice of architecture, construction, and associated fields, including terms found on drawings and specifications. Includes 2, illustrations. Jones, Frederic H. Defines terms associated with building types, architectural details, and styles. Some illustrations. Lever, Jill, and John Harris. Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture, London: Faber and Faber, Emphasis on terms used in British architecture.

Excellent illustrations. A Dictionary of Architecture. Revised and enlarged ed. Woodstock, N. Gives definitions or brief articles on terms, styles, and major architects.

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Worldwide coverage. Major entries contain brief bibliographies. Summerson, John. The Classical Language of Architecture. London: Thames and Hudson, Originated in a series of six talks broadcast by the BBC in Outlines the classical "orders," their expansion and use since the Renaissance and the relationship between the classical tradition and modern architecture. Highly illustrated. Van Vynckt, Randall, ed. International Dictionary of Architects and Architecture. Detroit: St. James Press, An encyclopedia of prominent architects and buildings in western architectural history.

Includes a buildings name index. Walker, John Albert. Boston: G. Hall, Defines terms covered in the literature published since Includes artists' groups, movements, and organizations, as well as some foreign terms. Bibliographic sources and an index are provided. Encyclopedia of Interior Design. Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, An illustrated dictionary of interior design terms, including design history and designers. Christensen, Alan Jay. Dictionary of Landscape Architecture and Construction.

More than terms and illustrations defining vocabulary across the field including land planning, environmental planning, construction, materials, methods, and botanicals. Rome: Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana, Art, architecture, and archaeology in the antique world, from prehistory to c. Includes bibliographies and photographs. Also check the Supplemento. American Architecture: An Illustrated Encyclopedia. New York: W. admin