An Introduction to Computer Programming with Java

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CS101: Introduction to Computer Science I

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Introduction to computer programming summary

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Introduction to Computer Programming with Java

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Course Subject Business IT. This language is directly interpreted into the hardware.

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Assembly language: This is another low-level language. In this, operation codes and operands are written in the form of alphanumeric symbols known as mnemonic codes. They are relatively easier to understand. Error correction is also easier as compared to machine level languages. Unlike assembly language, they do not use mnemonic codes. In order to make a computer understand higher-level languages, you need to use a translator. High Level of programming languages can be broadly divided into 3 types based on the programming paradigm:.

The languages follow an ordered way of executing statements of a program to perform a computational task. It is also known as imperative programming. The programs consist of a number of procedures that are read and executed sequentially modifying a shared memory. It uses expressions rather than describing through statements. The translators evaluate the functions just like mathematical expressions to produce a value. Object-oriented Languages: This programming language totally focuses on objects instead of procedures or functions.

This information includes the operations we can perform on the data, accessibility of data to the external environment and their interaction with other objects.