Aspects of Vagueness

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Vagueness and empathy: a Jamesian view.

Getting information in social media such as WhatsApp, we speedily pass it to our friends and relatives without questioning the truthfulness of it. In consequence, we frequently pass hoax or fake information. Hoax can be understood as unreal information or fake information.

The most prominent characteristic of hoax is vagueness, both linguistic vagueness and source vagueness. The use of deictic expression of time such as today, tomorrow, and yesterdayanddeictic expression of person such as I are the linguistic vagueness commonly occurs in hoaxes.

7-9 April 2008, École Normale Supérieure, Paris

Opis Parametry. Nauka , Biologia i przyroda.

Series C, Mathematical and Physical Science. I express no opinion about them. As the ordinance comes to this Court, it is unconstitutionally vague.

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Nevertheless, there remain open to Chicago reasonable alternatives to combat the very real threat posed by gang intimidation and violence. Indeed, as the plurality notes, the city of Chicago has several laws that do exactly this.

SEM132 - Vagueness

In my view, the gang loitering ordinance could have been construed more narrowly. See App. To the extent it relied on our precedents, particularly Papachristou v. Jacksonville , U.