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NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has funded mainstream as well as alternative approaches to fusion, and between and NASA provided a grant to Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, the company of which Lerner was the only employee, to explore whether Lerner's alternative approach to fusion might be useful to propel spacecraft; a New York Times article noted that Lerner had not received funding from the US Department of Energy. Lerner is also an active general science writer, estimating that he has had about articles published.

The book appeared at a time when results from the Cosmic Background Explorer satellite were of some concern to astrophysicists who expected to see cosmic microwave background anisotropies but instead measured a blackbody spectrum with little variation across the sky. Lerner referred to this as evidence that the Big Bang was a failed paradigm. He also denigrated the observational evidence for dark matter and recounted a well known cosmological feature that superclusters are larger than the largest structures that could have formed through gravitational collapse in the age of the universe.

As a way of partially acknowledging this, Lerner asserts that away from equilibrium order can spontaneously form by taking advantage of energy flows, as argued more recently by American astrophysicist Eric Chaisson. Lerner's ideas have been rejected by the professional physicists and cosmologists who have reviewed them. In these critiques, critics have explained that, contrary to Lerner's assertions, the size of superclusters is a feature limited by subsequent observations to the end of greatness and is consistent with having arisen from a power spectrum of density fluctuations growing from the quantum fluctuations predicted in inflationary models.

Physical cosmologists who have commented on the book have generally dismissed it. Wright was critical of Lerner for making errors of fact and interpretation, and criticized specifics of Lerner's alternative cosmology, arguing that: [24]. Lerner has disputed Wright's critique. Lerner left the National Caucus in , later stating in a lawsuit that he had resisted pressure from the U. Labor Party , an organization led by Lyndon LaRouche , to violate election law by channeling profits of an engineering firm to the organization.

More recently, Lerner sought civil rights protection for immigrants as a member and spokesman for the New Jersey Civil Rights Defense Committee. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eric Lerner. The perfect principles used to form this universe can be known only by pure reason, guided by authority, independent of observation. Such a cosmic myth arises in periods of social crisis or retreat, and reinforces the separation of thought and action, ruler and ruled. It breeds a fatalistic pessimism that paralyzes society. Lerner offers alternatives from the plasma perspective, which some readers may find strange at first.

But he takes us through his exposition, step by step, with many examples of both scale and kind. Much of the first part of the book, is devoted to the elucidation of Big Bang, and to the enumeration of its problems.

What If the Big Bang Wasn't the Beginning? New Study Proposes Alternative

The book's second part is a book in itself; at length is discussed the flow of time, the history of entropy, and how its common usage in science came about. The evolution of the universe, and how order comes about out of chaos is described without once mentioning the word fractal! Amongst other things, Lerner delves into the history of life, mass extinctions, even infinity and free will. Lerner speculates on problems with -- the structure and behavior of atoms and molecules.

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He even offers some thought about the light at the end of the quantum tunnel. Lerer describes Alain Aspect's photon pair experiment which shows that under some instances superluminous information flow has been proved. In a later chapter, Lerner addresses the interplay of theology and science more directly. I found this treatise irksome. He mentions various religious authorities and how their doctrines clash with reason, observed facts, and with pure logic.

He has mentioned the influence of Plato on science throughout the book, and that is well deserved, I think, but now he belabors the point:.

A Startling Refutation of the Dominant Theory of the Origin of the Universe

In the U. The chains restored the book only after mass protests from writers' organizations. During the furor over the book, the New York Times printed a letter from the president of the Pakistan League of America, who argued that he had a constitutional right to murder Rushdie: "The United States Constitution grants freedom to all religions," he writes.

Humorous though this may be for some, the downright odiousness of this and similar occult beliefs is driven home ad nauseam, as well as how religionist apologists often use out-of-context science to. In short, Lerner, with this book, exposes why, in English writing, we have come to capitalize Big Bang and Inquisition. Hold on to your hats! Rees Hardcover, Paperback. The question is what would happen if there should be some kind of unbalance between space and time?

Maybe something "dormet" awoke, and changed the balance between space and time? So einsteins law works when what is in our dimention, stays in our dimention. I got this feeling that our universe works in frames like the movies, because how can something move without moving, I guess between the frames. Our univers works on a freqancy.

Can something be on two frequancys at the same time? So maybe when the universe notice that time is moving faster then how much should be in it, in the frequancy of light it moves in two dimentions this and a faster one for movement so it can travel faster then light C , the result is duplicatin in our universe untill time stops.

Sorry for my bad english, Im still tryying to figure out all this in my head. Because I have heard that when something is travelling in the speed of light, time stands still.

Ohh, yeah the size off our universe is actually decided by the speed of time before the big bang, as you have duplication on a quantum level untill time almost stops. If time stops nothing would happen. IdPnSD 4 years ago. You should know what Vedas say about the theory of creation. This theory can be found in Bible also.

In Brahma night everything remains dark.

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Universe begins to take birth at the beginning of the day, matures, and then dies at the end of the day. It remains dead for the entire night.

The Big Bang Never Happened

That is you are created by your soul and I am created by my soul. So there is no God in Vedas. All souls have consciousness, intelligence, mind, and other sensors. This simultaneity law defines our global destiny, from which individual destiny can be created. Thus all souls are continuously talking to each other, whether you want it or not.

It is not dynamically created. Thus events do not happen, they are already there, we just pass through them. Everything is periodic in our universe, because all objects, humans, plants, stars, galaxies etc. Thus it is natural that there will be a largest period of the universe which is the combined period of all events. In the same way, since we reincarnate, there is a gap between two births, which creates the largest gap of Brahma night. The universe is thus eternally recurrent as described by the German philosopher Nietzsche. Ohh, yeah, maybe there is some universe where "the speed off light" is diffrent?

Maybe there are stuff out there that can not effect our universe and does not follow what we know off physics? Soo, im thinking that you can not look at something the same thing in two places at the same time, because you can not travel faster then the speed off light, and if you are going to notice any difference from a place where time is going quick or time is going slow, you would haveto travel faster then the speed of light, unless you change the speed of time in one spot by converting something that does not effect time something like dourmant energy into something that does effect time like evrything that would follow Einsteins law "not faster then speed off light" , because then on a quantom level you would travel faster then the speed of light.

This would result in the speed off light behaving more like the reaction time off the universe. Evry time the universe fails to react fast enough to the change speed of light is not fast enough , it will duplicate stuff on a quantom level, and you have the big bang.