Choiceless Awareness

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The followers of Krishnamurti think that he is teaching something very original. It has nothing original in it; it is essentially the message of Buddha. It is not J. In a different sense it is original; it is original in the sense that it is his experience. He also knows it as much as Buddha knew, but it is not new, not original in the sense of being new.

It is original in the sense that it has originated in him. He is not repeating Buddha, that is true. He is not imitating Buddha, that is true. He is simply saying what he has known.

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In fact, there are not two truths in the world, so all the awakened ones know the same truth again and again. Their language is different, their expression is different; it is bound to be so. Twenty-five centuries have passed since Buddha. How can I speak the same language?

And how could Buddha have spoken the language that I speak? That is impossible. But the followers of Krishnamurti go on claiming that his teaching is absolutely original, new — that is utter nonsense. If you choose, you lose watching. If you start clinging — because the moment you choose you will start clinging — then reflection is lost. The limitless heights, the fathomless depths and the breathtaking expanse is dizzying but it is where you truly rest if you shed your petty crutches of personality.

Your alertness between two consecutive thoughts or between inhalation and exhalation is the door to go deep in meditation. Initially when this alertness is not disturbed it is experienced as thoughtless watchfulness.

Choiceless Awareness

While the airways are open breath can get suspended neither moving out nor moving in. You remain distinct without judging or interfering with what you experience. You relax as this thoughtless watchfulness allowing everything that you experience to remain as it is. As you learn to relax and persist seamlessly as this thoughtless alertness, the alertness becomes denser and remains independent of thoughtlessness. Alertness gets focused on itself. Experience of self and experiencer become one. This oneness happens easily if you drop your ego, the sense of self as a person.

It is a new disposition of awareness that you voluntarily take. Initially you might think that the shift of awareness is disorienting. However, as you delve in to it more you are at home with it. It is like your eyes needing time to adjust themselves when going suddenly from light in to darkness or from darkness in to light. The process is shift from being aware to being aware that you are aware.

It is a shift from being aware of thoughtlessness to being aware of awareness. It can be called choiceless awareness which is free from experiences. It is very subtle and needs total relaxation. To stay there vital force is needed but it is conserved rather than spent. Figuratively speaking, vital force moves in a circle.

You get connected to it wholly. So initially, your ability to stay choicelessly aware can be in fits and starts with constant interference from mind and ego. As you are more drawn in to it, you stay seamlessly in to it. You get connected to your vital force and it gets mobilized moving in direction of conservation.

Your choiceless state of awareness has tendency to revert to choices thoughtlessness, thoughts, physical impulses, external stimuli etc until you reach a threshold. Beyond the threshold choiceless state of awareness breaks free of this tendency. With this freedom, state of choiceless awareness becomes your nature as if you were never otherwise and the whole idea of seeking for it is dropped.

It goes on and there is no need to seek. Choiceless awareness is the most obvious aspects of existence and so it is the most forgotten and ignored. You have it all the time functional in you. You constantly step on it. Unknowingly you apply it to some aspect of your life or the other. You have to seek it because you cannot recognize it in you as yourself. It is hidden beyond our thoughts beyond your breaths very subtle and sublime. It is so obvious that even if you are drugged by mind, personality, ego or intoxicants etc, it cannot be missed. If you cannot recognize it you need to seek it.

You need to work to rarefy your thoughts, dissolve your ego and expand state of thoughtless watchfulness. You use it to recognize yourself. You recognize yourself, not by seeking outside of yourself desperately. You seek within in a laid-back manner and recognize yourself while in the state of thoughtless watchfulness. In the mirror of thoughtless watchfulness it is there just like specs on your forehead. If you get it, it is the moment of AAH…this! It is deeply relaxing like a conscious deep sleep. But nothing is comparable to it. You can allow this seamless cognition to shape your personality your life.

Your life is collection of short moments. Short moments shape your destiny just as mud, water and manure shape fruits and flowers. The correlation is magical. Besides, existence is infinite. Short moment is your only means of living the magic and infinity of existence. Short moments of your life are part of existence. Way you live them will affect the mosaic of existence and your position in it. Your disposition in the short moments of your life is extremely important. Choiceless awareness is recognition of your true disposition. It is subtle and swift like blink of an eye, however its effect is slow like a wine which takes time to affect whether you drink it in small sips or in single gulp.

Short moments lived through choiceless awareness start shaping your life, teaching you, evolving you in multiple and timeless ways that are at times not directly evident. You only have to trust and live through it knowing that it is your true nature and highest disposition one with the source of existence. You would trust your choiceless awareness just as you would trust your alertness while putting each step in to a pitch dark room about which you know nothing.

Choiceless awareness is life and what you experience is manifestation of life. Without choiceless awareness you will misunderstand manifestations of life as source of contentment. You will endlessly run after manifestations in search of contentment. When you become choicelessly aware, life is tasted for the first time in its purity. It is then, you truly discern between life and its manifestations. Then you start searching the way to live every moment with choiceless awareness. Experiences will come and go. They will not affect your contentment.

Action is a response to what you experience. You need to take action in order to survive and grow. Your action can be a reaction elicited by experience or it can be a response to experiences. Reaction is not your choice. You react because you are puppet in the hands of what you experience. You, as awareness, are fragmented by what you experience. You are not whole. You are not in charge. Response is your choice. You can choose how to respond if you are in charge of yourself. You can be in charge of yourself if you are choicelessly aware, if you are whole, if your awareness is not fragmented by what you experience.

Actions taken through choiceless awareness can have a certain quality. Actions taken through choiceless awareness seems like doing what happens while you remaining choicelessly aware. You take action in harmony with existence as if action is happening as an occurrence of existence. You are absent as the person who does and are present as pure awareness.

Choiceless awareness, the oneness with the source of existence, gives rise to spirit of acceptance. Actions is in pace and harmony with the entire existence. You act through existence. Choice and execution of actions are extension and in harmony with choiceless awareness. Actions are such that state of choiceless awareness is not disturbed. You act with alertness. You are aware of your actions and yourself. There is no mind. You think and express but not without intention. Actions are fluid, spontaneous, and very adaptable. You are egoless and actions are not influenced by ego.

Without ego action is driven by needs rather than greed or vagaries of mind. You do not waste yourself on frivolous activities. Though the action is total there is no attachment to the outcome or obsession to posses. Order is restored before disorder. Conflict is not given a chance. Problem is not allowed to arise. If conflict and problems arise, you do whatever needs to be done but you stay impersonal. You take care but you do not care. Action originate in choiceless awareness, and end in choiceless awareness.

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Since actions are centered around choiceless awareness there is tendency to return to choiceless awareness like water returning to become calm before and after every ripple. Being choicelessly aware, you are timeless and your actions has quality of timelessness. Timelessness removes unwarranted aggression, force, hurry, anxiety from the quality of actions. Reaction without and response through choiceless awareness, to an experience, may or may not differ in appearance at conscious or superficial level.

Above all, whether you act or do not act, choicelessly awareness shapes your life. Your life evolves in order to stay choicelessly aware. It is your disposition that is dearer than your breathing. What is the point of life that does not let you breathe. What is the point of action that does not let you be your true disposition.

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Different people have different intensity of awareness. Person with more awareness has better judgment, better ability to learn from experiences and better control over physical, mental and emotional impulses. Learning and experience can help to shape and sharpen the focus of awareness to some extent.

The way person has been brought up and growth of person also affects awareness. However, these factors are largely involuntary. A person does not have direct control of their effect on awareness. The core level of awareness is difficult to change voluntarily once it has taken shape. Choiceless awareness is root of awareness. When explored, you will find it spread in to infinite emptiness. Through it you can increase intensity and scope of your awareness. By living through choiceless awareness, your vulnerability and susceptibility to experiences is largely reduced.

The conditioning or hypnotizing effect of various life experiences can be seen through by facing them with choiceless awareness.

Choiceless awareness is central to all the wisdom that humanity has cherished, whether it is wisdom of body, mind, emotions, ego or external world. This wisdom is beyond the limits of time, culture, religions, gender, ages etc. It is constant and appropriate to the uniqueness of individual, changing times, and changing circumstances. Choioceless awareness is the object of all the human endeavors for happiness.

Ultimately, all the human progress that has evolved and endured the tests of time has been made in order to bring contentment and wholeness to humanity.

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Choiceless awareness is nothing but your state of being whole and contented. Knowingly and unknowingly, directly and indirectly, choiceless awareness has been the distilled objective of all human endeavors. Choiceless awareness is your true self. While experiencing your body, mind, emotions, ego, or the world around, if you do not know your true self, if you cannot remain choicelessly aware, you heedlessly identify yourself with what you experience.

You get swayed and influenced by what you experience. The moment you, as awareness, become choiceless, your identification with experience disappears. You clearly distinguish yourself as separate from experiences of your body, mind, emotions, ego or the world around. Now, you have the option to be yourself or lose yourself in what you experience. You realize that identification with what you experience creates illusion. Experiences are not an illusion, they are real. Your relation with them is an illusion. Waves are not an illusion. Through choiceless awareness you can become impersonal towards everything.

Not because you are insensitive, unconcerned, or irresponsible.

Practicing Choiceless Awareness – Integral Life

You become impersonal because by being choicelessly aware, you clearly identify yourself as distinct and see that identification with experience creates an illusion. Choiceless awareness, your distinctness from what you experience, is not a personality or another kind of experience of self. Your separateness as choiceless awareness is stark empty, infinite space within you where there is no person or experience of any kind.

It is your absence as a person but presence as emptiness. It is your oneness with source of existence. You may intellectually understand that relation to experiences is an illusion but your intellectual understanding will be an illusion if you cannot be choicelessly aware. You may at times feel that you are not your body, mind, emotions or ego but in reality you are still identified and bound to their experiences if you are not able to remain choicelessly aware.

Choiceless awareness is absence of identification with experience and freedom from relation with experiences. admin