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There is a short story released on the Orbit website that was the original ending to Feed that shows how it originally was going to end, which would have switched it into being a standalone. There is also the matter of the trilogy and the fourth book, Feedback.

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The trilogy is a contained trilogy with a solid ending. Feedback takes place concurrently with Feed, with a different set of characters, but essentially the same story. Feedback definitely feels like it was conceived and written after the trilogy was completed. It is a good story, though, and is worth reading if you like the trilogy. Rise is a collection of novellas set in the same world. Some of them are prequel, some of them are sequel. They mostly showcase characters that we came to love during the series on their own journeys. And one of those stories is just plain horrifying.

Horror in the true sense of the word. Another interesting part to Newsflesh is that we follow what are essentially journalists. I enjoyed the fact that they are journalists dedicated to telling a story.

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And that story is following a presidential candidate through their election campaign during the first book. After Feed, the story changes a bit, and focuses more on the science and the zombies. The idea of the zombie plague quickly grows even more complicated in Deadline. What started off as a simple idea grew to monumental proportions. It kept changing every time we figured out the new part. On the one hand, I understand the need to do this to keep the story going.

After what happens at the end of the feed, the series had to change to keep itself going. The world is pretty bleak.

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It is filled with zombies and things that can kill you. Anyone could become a zombie at any time. The people are kept in fear of the zombies. They have rebuilt the entire world with them in mind. Anyone could be required to kill anyone else at a moments notice, and they do with frightening regularity. The series is very character heavy.

3. Boris Karloff is the narrator.

If you like the characters, you will love the series. You can come for the zombies.

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You can come for the science. You can come for the despair and the bleakness of the world.

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It is such a diverse cast that if you try you can find just about anyone to love. Yet the stars have been and always been Georgia and Shaun Mason. I fell in love with them, and I rode this through because of them. The level of codependency between those two are unreal, though. It adds a lot to the story. Where that story lacked in high stakes, this one was high stakes in novella form.

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  5. Very cool. Very painful. Massively brutal. Holy shit. The end picks up, but the first several sections are slow. Also, this short story further enhanced my frustration with Parasitology because Dr.

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    Shannon Abbey is basically Dr. Shanti Cale and Foxy is Tansy. The story does make them a bit more sympathetic for sure, and adds some great characterization for them. On the other hand, Michael Mason does not have the most compelling of voices. The Masons are not particularly funny or sarcastic, so I do not love the writing in their section as much as in other stories.

    Ironically, this does speak to the quality of the voice, but it is not my favorite. Well, to be entirely fair, we asked for fan fiction fluff of certain people being spectacularly happy.


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    A reader of. Countdown Rise opens strongly with Countdown. All the Pretty Little Horses Woo! Review: The Impossible Knife of Memory. Review: The Far Side of the Sky. Review: Bumped. Review: This Is Not a Test. Review: Deadline. Review: Parasite. Review: Bleaker House by Nell Stevens.

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