The Cognitive Neuroscience of Development (Studies in Developmental Psychology)

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Current projects include examination of auditory selective attention across human cortex and understanding the neurobiological systems that support learning of statistically-structured sounds like speech in first and second language acquisition.


My research uses fMRI and occasionally EEG to determine how concepts, sentences and other knowledge structures are neurally represented, ultimately decoding thoughts from their fMRI signature. I study the development of scientific thinking in children.

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I study how humans form perceptual representations in multiple sensory modalities and use them to guide action. My work has a strong connection to application, such as aiding blind people in navigation or augmenting surgery with touch and visual displays. I work on the organization of object concepts in the brain, and how the brain recovers from injury. My research involves using computational neural-network modeling, complemented by behavioral, neuropsychological, and neuroimaging studies, to investigate the neural basis of cognitive processing in the domains of high-level vision, reading and language, and semantics, over the course of development, in skilled adults, and in patients with brain damage.

Development, Disorders and Clinical Practice (MSc) - Postgraduate taught, University of York

My lab studies how the architecture of cortical and subcortical circuits gives rise to the algorithms of decision-making and learning. We study how children learn language and how different modes of input, such as gestures, may influence early language and cognitive development.

We investigate social development with a focus on different social identities, as well as how these social identities shape perceptions and behaviors. We study infant and early childhood mental health.

Cognitive Neuroscience Group

Current studies include investigating how the brain supports early emotional development in children from 4 through 7 years of age and learning how caregiver use of structured play-based activities can positively alter delays in social development during infancy and toddler-hood. It covers not only traditional topics such as language, attention and memory development, but also includes individual chapters covering the theories of neurocognitive development and methods of studying brain activity in young infants and children.

There are additional chapters on hormonal influences on brain and behavioural development, gender differences in the brain, and genetic disorders.

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This exceptional series of contributions surveys the study of both cognitive and neural development. The book takes into account brain architecture as well as the behavioural context of development, thus it succeeds in integrating the multiple methods and domains of research that have previously been studied in a more fragmented way.

It will be invaluable to upper level students as well as researchers and teachers in Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Paediatrics and related fields.

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  • Cognitive Neuroscience of Development (Studies in Developmental Psychology).

Excerpt As distinct from most other areas of psychology, a complete account of developmental change requires an interdisciplinary approach. Richards Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Read preview Overview.

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Emery Psychology Press, Lietz, Cynthia A. Segal, Elizabeth A.

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