The Good Soldier (Penguin Classics)

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Svejk is the wise fool, the schlemiel, the coyote trickster. He lurches and stumbles from one fiasco to the next vexing his apoplectic superiors, skirting disasters, and always finding something to drink at the end of the day.

The collected edition isn't an easy read in that it's very long and a bit of a ramble. But it's worth it. In many ways, this is a book about everything. You can mine it for meaning and metaphor, or just be entertained.

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It's old world and worldly--a massive send up of humanity caught at our best and worst with all our fancies and foibles gently laid bare. LibraryThing member difreda.

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After spending more than 3 decades in the service of this Nation. I conclude that all new officers should have this as a well thumbed memento by the time they retire. Even today there is a bit of this nonsense left. Gladly or should I say "Humbly Report! A must read for all military personnel - just like war Hasek has a lot of ups and downs - periods of absolute gut- busting humor - interspersed with doldrums - still a great read! LibraryThing member ngmcd. Patience is required for this book. I found myself at times fully enjoying one of Svejk's ramblinf stories, other times I was tempted to skip through them.

As the introduction to the book says, hasek's narrative skills leave a lot to be desired but it is still an immensely enjoyable piece of work. Svejk is the man we can all identify with, sympathise with and root for. LibraryThing member orend. Simply Hilarious. LibraryThing member anamuk. A monster of a book, that's unfinished. The titular Svejk has been dismissed from the army, for his lack of intelligence. He demonstrates this early on by explaining to a secret policeman little more than the truth about the archduke's death. His punishment? He's drafted to fight the Russians, The book stops before he gets to the front.

The adventures of Svejk whilst on his way to the front detail the seeming pointlessness of war and the anguish of men who don't want to be there. I ended up with this having spent a good few times in bar Svejk in Prague, the owner explained about the character to us and I was instantly intrigued. If you like catch this and the also lesser known "The life and Extrordinary adventures of private Ivan Chonkin" ought to be on you reading list … more. LibraryThing member CitizenMarc. Rabbelesian flow of picaresque shaggy dog stories, woven around the character and adventures of the enigmatic 'imbecile' soldier Svejk, whose seeming innocence conceals vicious guile and whose old-fashioned respect for order is just a facade for amoral opportunism - and yet a likeable character, because he is the mirror which reveals the hypocrisy and cant of the A-H Empire, and the emergent idle rich.

Svejk is both 'everyman' and 'monkey king' - he gets out of the tightest corners to survive for the next day - and yet another, even worse undeserving predicament.

ISBN 10: 0141441844

The narrative is but an excuse for a torrent of stories - in the best tradition Chaucer and Bocaccio - often with a hidden 'moral' which may be truly subversive. In responding to his masters, while apparently acquiescing or simply passively endorsing, Svejks asides appear, like Shakespeare's court jesters, disguising wisdom in nonsense, concealing the cynicism of the put-upon in the servant's humble guise of apparent obedience.

The humour is at times bawdy or earthy and then again, sharp and bitter - with objects ranging from the manners and morals of the haute bourgoisie to the inhumanly cruel suppression of Czech nationalism by the Germanic A-H empire and its spies and informers, and the madness of modern war. LibraryThing member Schmerguls. This satirical novel is often funny and I laughed a lot. But it is also long and I admit I was glad when I got to the last page.

Joseph Svejk is a native of Prague and is in the Austrian Army, and purports to be a most loyal soldier. His responses to officers are often very funny and drive said officers up a wall.

The Good Soldier by Ford Madox Ford: Penguin Books - World of Rare Books

The humor is sometimes coarse and overly dependent on excretory functions. References to the Catholic Church are seldom admiratory. If conditions in the Austrian Army are accuately depicted it is easy to see why Austria did poorly in the War. LibraryThing member markalanlaidlaw.

The Good Soldier Svejk: and His Fortunes in the World War (Penguin Classics)

Clever satire,worth the effort of reading in the original, Europe's catch 22 40 years earlier than Joseph H's excellent book. LibraryThing member HadriantheBlind. I've been on a roll with my reading recently. Love having time off. Anyways - it is often said that this novel was an inspiration for Catch Like Catch, it is hilarious. Unfortunately, it tends to go on for a little too long, also like Catch The moralizing in the end does tend to break up the monotony.

The book ends abruptly, but this is due to the author's unfortunate death. This also explains some 'unpolished' sections of the book. Despite these flaws, it is still hilarious and very much worth your time if you want a good rollicking anti-war novel. LibraryThing member seeword. The absurdities of the military during wartime. A thoroughly satisfying read.

LibraryThing member leslie. I much prefered this older translation to that of Sadlon's new one I started off with in Book 1 and also enjoyed Lada's illustrations this book had. LibraryThing member JLDobias. Translated by Cecil Parrott.

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  • This book was recommended by a friend of mine who come from Russia and had previously read a translation in Russian, which I can only guess might be closer to the native language. The recommendation came in part because my family originates from the same country as the author. The Hard book volume I have contains the full volume in 4 parts and pages that ends incomplete because of the authors death. Even though incomplete the work still stands well as it is and doesn't disappoint. It may well have inspired me to go on and read Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt which also is incomplete for a number of reasons, although it's much much much longer when you find the entire set.

    When I searched it out I found this volume translated by Cecil Parrott it promised to have the entire volume as written by Jaroslav Hasek up to his untimely death. Cecil Parrott's credentials seem quite impressive and I felt that the closest translation I might get, that I could read, might well be this one. I believe Parrott does well in that the best recollections I can obtain from my friend as I read through seem to be as narrowly close to what he remembers.

    The reason for the need for a clear translation is that this is a darkly satirical work that pokes fun not so much at the first world war as it does at the political structure that brought it about and then goes on to poke at the intelligence structure of the military that seems at most times to bumble through the entire mess at the expense of the foot soldiers who seem to be considered of less value and worth to them than their counterparts in the enemies advancing columns.

    Even so Cecil Parrott himself admits there are some parts that are difficult at best to translate that may often take the bite out of the humor. Much of this seems to be in the translation of many of the couched insults that are passed between the various languages that are showcased from the ethnic backgrounds of the surrounding theater of war.

    These are things that may not even travel that well between the original and the Russian translation and require extensive discussion to begin to get the feel of them.