The Young Female Athlete

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All Hail The Rise of The Young Female Athlete

Confirm password Confirm Password: Passwords must match. Please enter your degree: Other Degree:. Leonard Gordon Jr. Kirbi Kidd, M. Find out more about Global Citizen. By Meghan Werft. For athletes who also are female, it can take even more grit to succeed in the male-dominated world of sports.

Serious female athletes are still asked ridiculous questions about smiling , or their tennis outfits by reporters. In some sports, like US soccer, women are paid one-fourth of the salary that their male-competitors receive. But sports can also be extremely empowering for girls, helping them build self-confidence. And around the world, female athletes are showing how that empowerment looks on the global state. Last year at the Olympics in Rio, Saudi Arabia, sent a record-breaking four women to the games.

For a country where women are culturally discouraged from playing sports, that is a historical move forward for women. Tell me in the comments below! Douglas is a three-time Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics.

“You just have to be yourself, go full with confidence, and be courageous.” - Gabby Douglas

Arguably biggest name in tennis, Williams has dealt with sexist questions in the media for over a decade. And she has no plans to retire after giving birth. Two years ago Misty Copeland became the first African-American woman to be promoted to principal dancer at the prestigious year-old American Ballet Theater. But this determined athlete is nothing short of exceptional. In , when surfer Bethany Hamilton was just years-old, she was attacked by a shark in Lihue, Hawaii.

The Female Athlete Triad

The attack resulted in the loss of her left arm, but not her drive or determination to become a professional surfer. Al-Omair is a Saudi Arabian fencer who was one of four women to compete in the Rio Olympics last year. She lost to Brazilian fencer Tais Rochel in her first round yet will go down in history as the first female fencer to represent Saudi Arabia.

Cariman Abu Jadail is not your typical student at Boston University. Last summer she was the second female runner to compete in the Olympics for Saudi Arabia. But I love Rome so much! Quarter finals tomorrow and I can't wait! In , she was ranked the number one doubles player by WTA. When preteen and teenage girls restrict their eating, body systems important to bone growth may shut down.

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Restricted diets also can be low in calcium and vitamin D, which contributes to poor bone formation. If RED-S continues without being addressed, poor bone growth can lead to stress fractures and even early osteoporosis, in which bones become fragile and more likely to break. Another concern is reproductive development. Important markers of insufficient energy and resulting low estrogen levels are delayed menstruation and irregular or missed cycles. Other potential effects of RED-S include increased risk of injury and decreased endurance and muscle strength.

A Powerful Message for Young Female Athletes | Psychology Today

And, it can reduce response to training, decrease coordination, impair judgment, increase risk of infections and illness, and increase irritability and depression — results that no athlete wants to have happen. The good news is correcting RED-S does not mean a sacrifice in athletic performance.

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Parents can play a significant role in preventing RED-S. First, educate your daughters on the energy demands of their training and the interconnected relationship of proper nutrition, bone health and menstruation, as well as risk of injury and impaired training from insufficient consumption.

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