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The tanks similarly equipped units to lethal effect. After two make it a poor in-fighter. The accepted practice years of testing and tweaking, the League is for the Main Gauche to deploy overlooking certified the design and authorized full-scale the battlefield and provide long-range fire production. A platoon of conventional infantryor in some units a Capabilities squad of battle armoroften protect the Main The installation of a GM fusion power Gauches weak flanks and rear.

The small size of the engine, however, Main Gauche, but it has also found its way into compared to vehicles of similar size, allows the a number of provincial militaries. The FWLM has.

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In recognition of her assistance, Brooks The Second Free Worlds Legionnaires have Worlds League began Incorporated renamed the production model of seen the majority of the new Stygians produced experimenting with specialized long- their new hovertank the Stygian. More are turning up in the ranks of range missile munitions, thus increasing Alongside the Main Gauche, the Stygian other Legionnaire units, however, where they battlefield flexibility for their LRM-heavy once again demonstrates that Brooks are commonly employed as recon units or light military forces.

With an economy stretched to Incorporated is one of the finest vehicle fire support. After all, for the cost of relies on speed for survival. The Stygian, Magna rated plant. Based on those the average BattleMech a frugal general could however, also devotes a full quarter of its mass recommendations, the so-called Stygian easily obtain and maintain a lance of armor. Three segregated, full-ton ammunition armor and carries an additional ammo bin for the encouraged efforts by League tank bins with gunner-controlled load selection gear Longbow, giving the crew even greater flexibility manufacturers to bring the modern weapons allow Stygian crews to take advantage of the and protection at only a slight loss of technology of the Free Worlds League to the varied munitions developed by League maneuverability.

The Irian-based armored vehicle The effectiveness of these specialized manufacturer Brooks Incorporated responded munition combinations became a major selling with the Harasser II, an upgraded version of point for the Stygian when Brooks Incorporated their tried-and-true fast missile boat. Force extended-range medium lasers complement the Commander Corrine Marik, impressed by the Longbow Unfortunately, all of that speed and speed and offensive capabilities of the new firepower comes at a price; the Stygian has only hovertank, personally recommended the modest protection from enemy fire.

Equipment Mass Internal Structure: 4 Engine: Primary Factory: Skye. Overview defense. The result was the development and engineers persevered and eventually succeeded Though Robert Kelswa- deployment of the Glaive medium tank in little in mating the two systemswith impressive Steiners efforts to forge an over eleven months.

He was A key to the Glaives swift development Though the Glaive has a 1. The per unit price tag, Duke Robert has already leader. After the tragic death of Duchess Cyclops XII large laser was formerly shipped to purchased the first two production runs for the Margaret Aten and her daughter Ilse in , he Tharkad for use in Mech manufacture, while Skye Rangers.

He looks set to do the same for was acclaimed duke of the Federation of Skye, the Kicker MGs were used in the locally built the 68 and 69 runs, as well. Kelswa-Steiners are likewise taken from the Drillson, though Glaive, but Duke Robert has so-far dodged marriage to Duchess Atens last remaining child, the latter have received a number of software Tharkads efforts by referencing the Regional Hermione, has solidified his hold on power.

In and hardware upgrades. Only the Star Fire LRM Defense edicts that allow him to bolster Skyes addition, the birth earlier this year of an heir system is imported, though Cyclops recent defenses during the internal Lyran crisis. This Margaret Steinerhas ensured the succession. In doing so, he The fusion power plant of the Glaive is also He acknowledges that he will have to bow to has paid particular attention to locally produced produced on Skye, but its origins are somewhat the Archons willwhoever it may besooner equipment.

Cyclops Incorporated, one of Skyes unusual. Until , Cyclops only had the or later and allow the Glaive to enter general major arms manufacturers, received a personal capability to produce ICE engines. A series of service with the Lyran military. He impressed on CEO technical exchanges, however, with the Shipil Morgan Durant the need for the quick Company manufacturers of the Seydlitz fighter development and deployment of a Skye tank and Overlord DropShips lead to trials of a to demonstrate the determination and fighter power plant in a Cyclops chassis.

Though competence of the province to ensure its facing a host of technical problems, the. Overview selling points, the Musketeer delivers. Powered Deployment Shortly before the outbreak by an economical rated GM internal Having played a role in the final battle on of the civil war, Federated Suns combustion engine, the Musketeer can attain a New Avalon on both sides, this vehicle is in engineers developed the rotary maximum speed of almost kilometers per great demand, with dozens of units throughout autocannon RAC weapon system.

It hour and boasts an average cruising range of the AFFS anxious to get their hands on a was designed to deliver directed, almost 1, kilometers on nearly any form of Musketeer. Musketeers are already showing up concentrated damage faster than possible combustible fuel.

With the Federated Suns attachment to Rotary AC gives the Musketeer its powerful All of these units have been purchased through autocannon weapons, the rotary autocannon punch, fed by a three-ton magazine that allows the AFFS, which has an exclusive five year became a proverbial overnight sensation. In run. Estimates indicate that by the time the develop their own vehicle and Mech lines, in addition to this, however, the Musketeer also contract is up, Corean will have manufactured order to take advantage of this groundswell mounts a pair of ammo-efficient Holly Mark II more than four regiments of these vehicles.

Corean Streak SRM dual-tubes for close-in fire support. This variant divides the As a dedicated rotary autocannon "sniper" ferro-fibrous armorthick enough to weather a tonnage saved between the ammunition for tank, the Musketeer's main objectives are to hit from the heaviest standard autocannon.

As an the autocannon and additional armor plating, quickly deliver the devastating fire of the RAC added precaution, a modified CASE system offering a tougher, farther-reaching version of to the field, to maintain a continuous rate fire if protects the crew from the catastrophic the standard model at a cost in hitting power. On all these or its fuel tanks. This advantage of these command vehicles to coordinate three autocannon was being severely felt.

Fortunately, the Morningstar, which mounted autocannon, allowing the command vehicle to Though it is known that extensive sales of such a weapon by choice, was already in the remain out of heavily pitched fighting while C3 components from the Combine have been final stages of design at Gms Kathil plant. The still making its presence felt. In the final years of the civil war, it environments.

The Morningstar is not designed Variants also saw heavy use as an urban assault for extended campaigns, carrying very little The factories on Kathil and Tikonov both vehicleleading offensive maneuvers of tanks ammunition. Its nine tons of armor, however, offer a change-out, which replaces the master and infantry to capture smaller but still- protect a cargo bay that can be configured to computer with a standard large laser. Although important cities while Mechs stormed capitals carry either a squad of battle armor troops or a the C3 master computer is a great deal of mass to and production sites.

Their success The Federated Suns fields most of the great deal of interest in this variantor even in with both the Morningstar and Minion designs extant Morningstars, though House Liao is now the idea of creating new weapon-heavy notwithstanding, the possibly of continued shipping them into their front line units as well. Overview Capabilities of Guards are receiving many of these valuable Procurement within the Despite StarCorps alleged bribery, the new units. So too are the Deneb Light Cavalry militaries of the former Federated Manteuffel is a capable design.

Named after the RCTs, perhaps the most effective combined-arms Commonwealth is filled with long line of Lyran armor generals, the tank units in the Inner Sphere. Though The primary variant combines three Battle Value: 1, Omni-technology equipped Mechs and extended range lasers with a rotary autocannon, vehicles actually cost approximately the same giving it the ability to literally shred opposing Equipment Mass to produce, there is one major difference armor and Mechs to pieces.

Additionally, it Internal Structure: 7 between the two: the monies for new military mounts an ECM suite and a C3 module, allowing Engine: While StarCorps had built a similar principle, teaming an Ultra class Lift Equipment: 0 only Mechs throughout its history, it assembled autocannon with a trio of lasers and a C3 module.

Power Amplifier: 0 a military vehicle design team and produced a Though only rarely seen, the B is probably the Turret: 1. Though not the only most feared, mounting a heavy Gauss rifle along Armor Factor Ferro : Armor Manteuffel won hands down. Officially, it Value fulfilled all the various military requirements. Overview existing vehicles. With the war over, however, a mistake a pilot will make twice, assuming he or In , the Lyran Alliance Defiance has returned to developing new she survives to learn from that mistake, that is. Armed Forces decided to replace projects and has begun producing the Fortune the many aging Hetzer Wheeled on a large scale.

Deployment Assault Guns in service. A popular vehicle The Fortune Wheeled Assault Vehicle has in the Lyran Alliance, the Hetzer was cost- Capabilities been distributed to regional units throughout effective, but it lacked a turret. As a result, Though the Fortune Wheeled Assault the Lyran Alliance, with emphasis given to those crews often found it difficult to bring its large- Vehicle was originally intended to be as cheap to militias with significant losses from the recent bore autocannon to bear on quick targets.

Thus, produce as the Hetzer, its designers quickly civil war. This autocannon duo they were impressed with the Demolisher II gives the Fortune an incredible punch, while the Heavy Tank design Defiance had begun turret and use of cluster munitions have made producing a few years before. The Fortune the targeting of speedy opponents much easier. Wheeled Assault Vehicle, as the new design The twin LB Xs can unleash a hail of came to be called, was fully twice as massive as death when both fire cluster rounds, fire that is the Hetzer, enabling it to carry significant armor especially devastating to flow-flying aircraft or as well as two heavy autocannons mounted in a other vehicles.

Even if the target isnt internally turret. Test crews joked that it was two Hetzers damaged by one of the multitude of small in one and highly praised the control layout, projectiles, its armor will have taken a virtual which mimicked the Hetzers in many ways. Standard munitions fire from the Defiance was in the final stages of testing autocannon is equally effective, able to lay out when the civil war between the Lyran Alliance most light and medium BattleMechs with a and Federated Suns erupted; the project was single barrage.

Even assault Mechs cant take the shelved in favor of increased production of pounding for long, and ignoring a Fortune is not. Overview the need for numerous new vehicles to fill out Deployment Anxious to develop a vehicle the ranks of the devastated armor brigades of The Glory is initially being deployed to the to showcase the newly fielded the AFFS, the High Command already has orders Syrtis Fusiliers, but plans call for the new vehicle Rotary autocannon, the AFFC solicited placed with Johnston.

It designs from several manufacturers in Several mysterious cases of what the AFFC has yet to see action, becoming available only Johnston Industries, who had seen believes to be sabotage have slowed production after the civil war had ended. Recent work has gone Vehicle, was the only company to propose a fire relatively well, however, with no major mishaps, Variants support design, something the AFFC felt was and Johnston should shortly resume its normal An early variant of the Glory carried a light lacking in some front-line regiments.

Johnstons production schedule. Gauss rifle with two tons of ammunition instead design, based largely on the Goblin, was of the Rotary autocannon and ER medium approved and testing soon began. Capabilities lasers. Few of these were produced, however; Before testing could be even partially Many of the Glorys components are the Glory lacked backup weaponry under that completed, however, the civil war broke out.

Despite this, it is quite rifles from the Free Worlds League proved overly forced to close down development and testing different from its predecessor in size, weaponry costly. It wasnt until the early racks provide the long-range firepower months of that Johnston was finally able required of a fire support vehicle, with Artemis to re-open its testing facilities, and only now are IV FCS systems increasing the missiles the first Glory Heavy Fire Support Vehicles accuracy. Two ER medium lasers provide some finally reaching the assembly lines.

Equipment Mass Internal Structure: 8. Battle Value: 1, Motors looked for a way to create a The Ajax B is a command vehicle designed Equipment Mass follow-on, a product that would continue to around the C3 command computer. It mounts Internal Structure: 9 profit on the sudden interest in conventional three LRM 15 launchers, each with an Engine: Its only defensive equipment is Heat Sinks: 10 0 was the obvious answer.

Control Equipment: 4. Though the Fifth Davion Turret 68 to weapons and equipment. Less common, but far Ammo Gauss 16 Body 2 more popular with its crews, is the Alpha con- in the war. Even more, once our Order began to understand the Clans, to all appearances they despised vehicles. This led to the erroneous belief that vehicles were simply not used among the Clans. Obviously, we now know that perception to be false. First, the majority of Clans do field vehicles, at least in their second-line and garrison units. Second, there are several Clans, such as the Star Adders, Blood Spirits and most notably Hells Horses, who have actually embraced vehicles to one extent or another.

As none of these Clans participated in Operation Revival, it is no wonder our view was skewed. Yet, even with these Clans accepting the role of vehicles more readily then their brother Clans, no new Clan vehicle had been designed in well over a century. Most of the extant designs in use did not contain a full array of the newest Clan technologies, as most Clans considered it a waste to mount such expensive equipment on a vehicle. With the invasion of the Inner Sphere, however, the Clans met their two greatest defeats at the hands of combined arms tactics. This development caused many Clansespecially those already making extensive use of vehiclesto reassess the designs currently available to them.

Such harsh self-examination led directly to the development and deployment of six new designs tailored to fill in the tactical gaps left by current designs. Whether this is an anomaly or the start of a vehicle revolution among the Clans is difficult to discernonly time will tell. It is significant to note, however, that Clans in the Inner Sphere field half of these designs, while the other three are fielded by Clans already associated with extensive vehicle use.

Overview: Capabilities Deployment Khan Malavai Fletcher com- Before production began, engineers The Horses began a modest production of missioned work on a new light debated the use of the weight and space freed Hephaestus scouts in late as part of Khan hovertank in He reasoned that a up by the removal of the jumping thrusters. James Cobbs effort to rebuild the Horses more unusual array of vehicles employing Khan Cobb settled the debate by noting that battered Touman.

The majority of these tanks unexpected equipment would tip many a the Clan could use a more flexible field infantry have been used to replace losses in the Twenty- battle in the Horses favor. Almost immediately, transport unit. Thus, four tons of the Hephaestus First Mechanized Assault Cluster and the Alpha the scientist caste considered the Star League- internal space is given over to an infantry bay Keshik, both of which suffered heavy losses in era Kangaa hovertank with the unusual ability that can accommodate a full Point of non-battle Khan Fletchers ill-fated war with the to jump over difficult terrain.

With this in mind, armored infantry with room to spare for any Ghost Bears. OmniVehicle chassis that could imitate the In the primary configuration, the Kangas jumping ability. Two turret-mounted medium Tonnage: 30 system of the AL used by the Star League- Battle Value: era Kanga to maintain control, balance, and lasers also give it a modest medium range targeting of the vehicle through its jumps.

The punch. The Alpha and Charlie configurations Equipment Mass task grew even more difficult when meshing are missile support platforms, with the former Internal Structure: 3 the same system with the multi-role control using a single Artemis-enhanced LRM launcher Engine: 6 systems required for OmniVehicles like the system and the latter employing the more Type: Fusion Epona.

While certainly within the realm of flexible Advance Tactical Missile System. The Cruising MP: 8 possibility for the Clan engineers, the design of Beta configuration, a short to mid-range Flank MP: 12 brawler, mounts twin medium lasers backed up Heat Sinks: 10 0 the system proved prohibitively expensive. Control Equipment: 1. Lift Equipment: 3 shelved in late , where it likely would have Power Amplifier: 0 stayed had his successor, James Cobb, not Turret:. Limited self-governance by the Rasalhagian spirit, but an effective military craft.

The majority of Tyrs produced to date have Rasalhagian citizenry, considered a major step Designed as a conventional infantry transport been assigned to the Claws of the Ghost Galaxy, in the right direction, has surprisingly fostered a and support vehicle, the Tyr outperforms similar where they are seeing extensive use in their population that continues to resent Clan craft, including the Inner Sphere Goblin and intended roles of infantry transport and occupation to a significant extent.

After having even the new Hells Horses Hephaestus. Lessons support; the rest have been assigned to PGCs. Whether this directed much of his Ghost Bears considerable still benefit from powerful support fire over vehicle was taken in a raid or not has not yet resources toward the restoration and upgrading extended range. With a top speed of over been determined. Companies a direct hit from a Gauss rifle and cargo space like Joint Weapons Systems, ill-regarded by for a full Point of battle-armored infantry, the even the Inner Sphere for the poor quality of Tyr is swift and sturdy for its size.

The use of their conventional vehicle products, found a Clan-made weaponry particularly the far- new lease on life in the Ghost Bear plan. Equipment Mass Internal Structure: 4. Overview Cobb, when Fletchers disastrous war against third mounted on the turret with the laser. The Enyo is a production- the Ghost Bears led to the ejection of the Horses Protected by more than seven tons of ferro- model strike tank based on a from the Inner Sphere and the mad Khans fibrous armor and CASE, the Enyo is tough to kill, lightweight XL engineanother Hells subsequent removal by Cobb.

Though such able to weather even a Gauss slug or two before Horses experiment urged by Khan circumstances could have meant the death of it has to make a hasty withdrawal from battle. Intended to take advantage of conceding to at least some logic in Fletchers Deployment extralight engine technology the way many designs. Full production of the Enyo began in Clan BattleMechs and aerospace fighters do, at the Horses' main armored vehicle facility on the Enyo is a lackluster concept tank.

Fletcher Capabilities Kirin.

Download Battletech Technical Readout 3067 2004

The majority of these new tanks have ordered the Enyos design after the successful Powered by a rated extra-light appeared in the ranks of the depleted Gamma field trials of several XL-refit Mars assault engine, the Enyo can attain the speed and Galaxy and the Twenty-first Mechanized Assault vehicles, which gained mobility and thus mobility of most medium-weight BattleMechs. Cluster, units which suffered losses in the recent survivability while sacrificing little in the way of It also packs heavy firepower and armor that fighting against the Ghost Bears.

Several other armor and armament. Comparatively speaking, the engine received Enyos, where they replace older would best be served by lighter strike tanks for would provide better performance in a designs of Star League vintage. The design, Fletcher decreed, Unwilling to waste any of the precious must be capable of outmaneuvering the tonnage saved in using the lighter engine, majority of Clan-built armor units and must engineers fitted the Enyo with a single large keep pace with the BattleMech forces it should pulse laser for its primary weapon system, be supporting.

Three The prototype Enyos were just undergoing ammo-efficient Streak SRM 6-packs back up this trials, overseen by then-Star Colonel James primary weapon, with two fixed forward and the. Turret: 1 Armor Factor Ferro : 7. Overview He immediately authorized the retool- Deployment Following the assault of the ing of one of the lines at the newly complet- Since Khan West authorized the creation of Ghost Bear Dominion into the Nova ed Barcella Beta vehicle plant.

Additionally, this vehicle to act as the first line of defense for Cat-controlled Irece Prefecture of the in a nod to the ever-growing acceptance his Nova Cats, they have appeared in every Draconis Combine in , Khan between the Combine and Nova Cats, the Provisional Galaxy except Zeta. Interestingly Santin West realized that his Clan must vehicle was named after the Japanese ele- enough, Tau Galaxy has specifically incorporated attempt to further adopt some Inner Sphere phant god of wisdom; for the mystical Cats, it Stars of Shodens into its th Striker and th style combat tactics if the Nova Cats were to was a good omen that helped to offset this Battle Clusters, a testament to Tau Galaxys survive.

This view was further cemented unprecedented move. Perhaps predictably, this has put Nova Cat and Combine unitsthe Ryuken-ni Capabilities an additional strain between the personnel of was spectacularly effective in demonstrating to The Shoden Assault Vehicle was designed Tau and Zeta Galaxies.

Khan West has been wise the Nova Cats how devastating combined-arms from the ground up to incorporate the to post these units far from one another. Specifically, the Nova Cats needed Advanced Tactical Missile System: a new, a better defensive vehicle than what they had devastatingly powerful Clan offensive weapon Variants at their disposal. Though he knew some firepower. With over nine tons of ammo, it can four tons of ammunition. Clan vehicleespecially those warriors in the Almost as an after thought, several light reconstituted Zeta Provisional GalaxyKhan machine guns are mounted in fixed positions West deemed it necessary, regardless of the two to the front and one each in the left and turmoil it might cause his Clans Touman.

Overview Capabilities demonstrates the growing ties between the Khan Schmitt commis- With the dual design requirements of Blood Spirits and at least one Kindraa of Clan Fire sioned a new vehicle as a way of delivery of maximum damage at maximum Mandrill. That it would be the staunchest of demonstrating that the Blood Spirits range, the Morrg Fire Support Vehicle mounts Crusaders is only appropriate, considering the may have been knocked down by the an impressive two extended range large lasers Spirits fanatical Crusader leanings.

Though slow and lightly Due to the successful debut of the Morrg ProtoMech program, this was a firm step armored for a vehicle its size, its range and in several battles, as well as the sheer quantities towards showing a strong, unified front to the firepower more than makes up for any lack of in which it is being produced, a new variant rest of the Clans. This variant by Khan Karianna Schmitt herself. Drawing range missile two pack is mounted in each sacrifices all of the missile weapons, the ECM upon the Welsh ancestry that flowed so flank, along with an ECM suite for added and two tons of armor to mount an additional strongly in her veinsan ancestry revered as protection.

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Named Touman, including the newly created Iota Galaxy: after the ancient Celtic war goddess, who was Retribution. Additionally, an entire Star of said to be wherever there was war, Khan Morrg has appeared in the Twenty-second Schmitt felt it a perfect name to demonstrate Combat Force, a newly formed Trinary of Kindraa the Spirits resolve to destroy any who would Mick-Kreese.

Though normally known for their make war on them. Overview two tons of Royal-7 armor. Two massive LB-X training alongside the mercenaries. Likewise, Clan Wolf created this mon- autocannons are permanently mounted in the rumors abound that the Steel Vipers are ster of a tank as a line-holder, not front, feeding out of a large munitions bin testing a version of this tank on Vinton, but to for long operations without constant protected within the vehicles body. Twenty-one date no one has received confirmation of resupply.

Originally designed with a stan- tons of additional pod space, fifteen of that in its these reports. Others maintain range missiles of the primary variant. By the time Clan provide barely adequate stores, however. Two Value traditionally uncommon for any vehicle and more of this design were also seen deployed Front exceptionally so for a Clan design. Yet, regardless of the current troubles, it was the invasion of the Inner Sphere by the Clans that, in an effort to fight defeat them, prompted the House Lords to form the very Star League the Clans sought to reinstate.

Moreover, because of the heroic efforts of our Order which forced the Clans to halt their offensive, the Houses of the Inner Sphere were given that most precious of commodities: time. Time to develop new technologies and new weapons that would allow them to close the technology gap between themselves and the Clans.

Even after the Great Refusal and the refutation of the invasion itself, the various Houses spurned themselves on, creating ever more sophisticated and deadly military weaponry. Though many field refit kits for this new weaponry and equipment were shipped to upgrade classic BattleMech chassis across the Inner Sphere during and after the Clan invasion, it is not surprising that many new designs have been produced, designs specifically built to maximize said equipment. This report compiles a list of all known new designs fielded within the last decade.

Overview speed. A Guardian ECM system was included to Deployment One of an amazing number protect both the Red Shift and its companion The Red Shift has been sent to every of new designs being fielded by the artillery vehicles, as well as maximum possible division of the Word of Blake Militia, usually Word of Blake, the Red Shift is armor to help ensure survivability. In some cases, for ComStar. When the Word of Blake took Terra, Though the TAG system is the keystone of they have been sent to missile-heavy units, as Leopard Armor simply shifted their contract the Red Shift, it is not its only weapon; to the Word of Blake has access to the Free Worlds and even began producing an old design again underestimate the diminutive Mech would be a Leagues Semi-guided warhead technology.

Able to reach a top speed of just over The Red Shift is the companys first foray into kilometers per hour, many tracking systems Variants BattleMech production, quite a challenge for have trouble targeting the Red Shift once it gets A more dedicated scouting variant of the the veteran company. Roughly two out of every goal was to produce a light, fast BattleMech to for a Mech its size. The Guardian ECM system five Red Shifts produced are of this variant, spot for and help protect Padillas, as such a protects it from systems such as the Artemis IV which are being used to replace aging combination was highly effective during the and C3 networks as well.

The accuracy accurate method of targeting for the Arrow IV of these lasers is very helpful when other artillery system mounted on the Padilla. Overview The pirates realized up front that they their major parts remain in the hands of various Lean and mean, this would be attacking more often on their own pirate bands. While most can be found with the BattleMech is cobbled together by terms. Because of that, while the Brigand may Haven pirates, a few other Brigands have been the pirates of Haven Star Cluster using have a high-end running speed of less than sighted with Vance Rezaks band, the Tortuga a basic design, locally produced armor, kph, it makes up for it in offensive firepower.

The LDT pair of extended range medium lasers stolen in designation is accepted as the initials of "Lady a large shipment from the Free Worlds League Variants Death" Trevaline, pirate queen of the Star allows them to snipe at decent range while the Pirates are always customizing their Mechs Cluster and the admitted driving force behind Sutel pulse lasers New Syrtis specials, courtesy depending on salvage and the availability of this project.

Authorities are currently at odds of George Haseks previous quartermaster now regular replacement parts, which has led to over which are the worse implicationsthat serving twenty years makes the Brigand a reports of several interesting variants for the the Mech design demonstrates a threat as is, or dangerous in-fighter. Still, only two alternate designs have that the pirates are getting organized enough If the Brigand has an obvious weakness, it shown up with enough regularity that it might to put together any machine at all.

Even worse, Lady Death has medium lasers into the torso in place of the Capabilities specified that the Brigand will carry less than pulse lasers. Standard mediums are then The LDT-1 makes a few stabs at higher half a ton of protection in the rear spaces. She is mounted in the arms, and two more on either technology. It relies on an endo-steel skeleton reportedly quoted as saying, "If my jocks are in side of the chest. The LDT-X2 once again fortunately for the pirates, it is one that is a fight, I damn-straight want them scrapping, removes the medium pulse lasers, but replaces extremely accessible.

The GM fusion engine not taking to their heels. Outside of these, all such Mechs and.

BattleTech BattleMech Spotlight - Primitive Longbow OC

Overview the stealth armor is shipped in from Sian, for With the declaration of independence for The Anubis was designed by examplethe Detroit plant is one of only the Colony Region by Force Marshal McEvens, Gittleman and Abzug, a pair of three in existence that can currently construct however, along with the formation of a engineers within the Fredonian BattleMechs incorporating any and all of provisional government on Fronc, the MAF has Industrial Technologies design consor- these advancements. It was supposed to complement the The Mech itself is designed to operate in a Colonial Marshals.

Nevertheless, considering Osiris, another Mech they had designed that supporting role, laying down a suppressing fire that the Magestrix has made noises about the Federated Suns Achernar BattleMechs was with its battery of long-range missile launchers recognizing the governmenta move that has already building. Achernar turned down this while other units dash in under that curtain to reportedly angered President Shraplenthis design outright, however, as did every other engage an enemy directly. With that mission in decision is sending mixed signals.

Rocket Launcher 10 is mounted in the left arm. Most visible is the fact that they used the only major complaint: ammunition the same housings on both forearms, even dependence. Inbuilding the Detroit MechWorks, corners, though. The Anubis is fully 30 percent the Confederation ensured that it could more susceptible to equipment malfunctions produce Mechs containing the newest and than any other Mech fielded by the MAF.

The Anubis Deployment is the flagship Mech of this commitment. The Anubis has been in the field for several The Anubis is the first non-Capellan- years now since its debut in late It has produced Mech to feature the Confederations made its way to units throughout the Magistracy revolutionary stealth armor. Though not all of and the Concordat, though the biggest user of the components are produced on Detroit this Mech is by far the Colonial Marshals. VII Jump Capacity: meters. Overview working on their own new design, it wouldnt Deployment While Achernar BattleMechs be ready for some time so he went to an outside Since first debuting in February of , has long been a primary supplier sourceFredonian Industrial Technologies.

They came to F. During the designsthe Enforcer and the Dervish in of designing a new generation of BattleMechs grand assault on New Avalon, these Mechs addition to limited runs of several Star for the Inner Sphere capable of credibly dealing were assigned to combat units on the front lines League-era designs. As a result, Achernar with the Clan threat. Recognizing a major as fast as they could be put into operation, stagnated as a business. Even their update to requirement for light Mechs to fill scout and often before the final touches could be made.

Variants Quartermaster forced them into a license deal Mounting a phalanx of extended-range Only one major variant of the Osiris exists, with Kallon Industries on Talon. The changed in early Though the standard Osiris decade. Orders for older designs had steadily fade quite effectively. Its limited jump capacity, decreased as more new Mech designs were coupled with its great speed, means that it can debuted, and LeBeau was anxious to fill those extract itself from almost any predicament and gaps.

Overview to Defiances new Light Fusion Engine. The Deployment Bowie Industries is a huge Razorback debuted in prototype form in mid- The Razorback came into service during corporation with operations on a and in final form just months later, its full the first months of the long Civil War and was dozen different worlds.

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Though not as testing period cut short by the Civil War. It officers loyal to Victor Steiner-Davion. Almost two major manufacturing plants for centuries. Likewise, Federated Suns. During and after the Clan War, every single though it is far from the fastest BattleMech in military unit was buying every BattleMech they existence, it has the speed to keep up with Variants could just to make up their losses, regardless of other modern light combat elements, Once the assault on Hesperus began, the design.

By the end of the s however, providing ranged covering fire while faster Bowie temporarily lost its main weapons the spending sprees were over. Those still units dart in or withdraw. They already were choosing more and more to spend their than when dozens of Razorbacks were rushed to had a stockpile of ER PPCs, however, and with a money on the rash of new, high-tech designs Tharkad. The shipment was captured inbound quick deal they secured enough ER medium that had flooded the market.

This In , Bowie finally had to make a deployed them to make up for combat losses. Having concentrated on heavy Mech Though most of these light Mechs didnt four ER Mediums and an additional heat sink, is designs for most of their existence, Bowies survive the final battles, they did prove time and fast becoming the most popular version of this engineers began design work on a new light again that even assault Mechs can be taken new Mech.

BattleMech, though they subsequently altered down by lights, especially lights operating in their plans somewhat when they gained access rough terrain. Overview Buccaneer did with its hatchet. Jamais has had the Armament Works factory on Terra the Word of Blake as a whole is a broadsword, bulk of the produced Gurkhas assigned had begun producing Raijins for the and the dress uniforms of all Militia members alongside Vanquishers, forming the base for C3i Word of Blake Militia, but that was not include one.

Immediately after his promotion in Mechs according to need and availability. Jamais put out a call Capabilities for new light and medium designs to be Quite fast and well armored, the Gurkha is Variants manufactured there in order to prevent any usually able to close sufficiently to cut loose One easy modification that some assembly lines from being idle. Though several with all four of its ER small lasers and a mighty technicians have made in the field is the new designs were submitted, the most swing of the sword without taking any replacement of the ER PPC with a Tronel large promising was one utilizing C3i computer significant damage.

As it closes, the Fusigon pulse laser. This increases accuracy at the technology and wielding a sword for up-close Longtooth ER PPC provides ranged firepower expense of range, but many pilots find this combat. Innovative and effective, the Precentor that is quite impressive for a Mech of the acceptable, as they must close with the enemy Martial approved production of the new light Gurkhas size.

Mech and named it the Gurkha, after the The C3i computer technology included in ancient Terran commandos known for their the Gurkha makes it even more dangerous; loyalty and their skill with blades. The ability that compatriots while moving in to deliver the the sword gives them to make combat more coup de grace to the unfortunate recipient of "up close and personal" has attracted more the incoming fire.

Its major flaw in this regard is MechWarriors interested in physical Mech its lack of jump jets, which has made closing in combat to the design than would be expected on an enemy in mountainous terrain something for a light Mech, in much the same way that the of a problem. Mass: 35 tons Armor: Lexington Ltd. Overview Though knowledgeable in OmniMech Though not widely liked, the Stiletto The Battle of Coventry left systems, Coventry Metal Works technicians chose performed well thanks to its combination of the Lyran Alliance with large not to use the modular system in the Stiletto, citing speed, sensors and ECM, making it a creditable quantities of salvage.

Much of it was cost implications and a desire to prove the scout Mech. Having entered limited production broken down into individual compo- principle. With the fixed weapon payload, in , and full-scale production a year later, nents and placed under close scrutiny in however, the Lyran engineers demonstrated their the design quickly appeared in staunchly loyal an attempt to close the gap between Clan lack of expertise with light Mech designs by units such as the Royal Guard, the Alliance and Inner Sphere manufacturing techniques.

Some companies, however, attempted to dependent weapons, like the SRM-2 Streak and The Stiletto saw action in most major retro-engineer whole designs, replicating LRMs rather than lighter energy weapons that battles throughout the civil war, playing a large them with available technologies in a manner could exploit the large VOX power plants integral role in the battles for both Tharkad and New similar to the DCMS efforts with the Black heat sinks.

Several designs armored, but under-gunned when compared to loyalist armies. As a result, the Mech is virtually were included in this program, but only those designs of comparable mass. Although the engine Variants is heavier than standard XL engines mounted Pilots of the new machine continue to be Capabilities by Mechs of similar capabilities, it takes up less critical of its ammo-fed weaponry.

Debuted Though heavier than its parent by some space, thus reducing damage probabilities shortly after the outbreak of war, the only ten tons, the Stiletto is, visually at least, a near against the engine. Deployment lasers, an ER large laser and a flamer. Although Here is where the similarities end, however. To Prototypes of the Stiletto entered service less heat efficient than its progenitor, the get this performance, the Stilettos power plant less than a year after the Falcons accepted B-variant quickly found favor among pilots is almost twice as massive as the Clan machines hegira from Coventry, with most of those assigned to long-range patrols.

Many other components also had to be prototypes shipped to pro-Victor units such as up-scaled just to gain the same performance as the First Davion Guards for field testing, courtesy the Fire Falcon. Overview Capabilities and maneuverability would be enough to make Prior to the launching of The Chimera is meant to function in light up for that.

Considering its heavy weapons Operations Bulldog and Serpent, and cavalry Mech units, providing relatively loadout, the Chimera is certainly one of the most relations between the Federated heavy fire and still maintain a moderately high formidable medium-class Mechs to debut in the Commonwealth and the Draconis speed, allowing it to keep up with scouting last decade. Combine were at an all-time high. As a show elements.

The arm-mounted extended range of mutual support in the face of the coming large laser proves competent at long ranges, Deployment campaign, the two governments worked side- while the Combine-produced MRM launcher The Chimera entered service in with by-side to develop a new BattleMech that supplies a punch not many medium BattleMechs the Alarion Jaegers, the Tenth Deneb Light would showcase technological developments can match.

Though the ER medium laser and Cavalry and the Third Robinson Rangers, all units made by both, in much the same way they did the machine gun were apparently added as loyal to Archon Katherine. With the full run from with the Gunslinger years earlier. At the behest of Archon something that can often make the difference Kurita made the preemptive move to license Katherine Steiner-Davion, the Lyran Alliance in the heat of battle. When she later took While some have suggested that the hadnt pledged absolute loyalty to Katherine the control of the Federated Commonwealth, number of energy weapons might give the opportunity to also purchase these new Mechs.

Classic Battletech: Technical Readout: (FPR) by Herbert A. Beas II

The heat efficient. Though pilots who constantly Variants product of the effort between the nations soon push the Mech to its design limits will run into The Quentin and Epsilon Eridani plants became something quite different from the problems, the Chimera is consistently lauded as a produce a variant for Combine and other select joint effort that was initially conceived.

With so capable design. It has a high speed and is quite units that replaces the machine gun and many resources already invested in the project nimble, factors only enhanced by its jump ammunition with a C3 slave computer, giving by all concerned, however, there was no choice capacity. If the Chimera is lacking anywhere, it is the Chimera even more command over a but to allow the Chimera to continue forward in its armor protection. It mounts a mere seven battlefield. So far these variants have found into full-scale production.

On the other Lancers regiments. Overview want to close pointblank with the Sha Yu, the be employed offensively rather than as a recon Hellespont Industrials Shark also maintains a serious advantage at unit. Any command deploying the Sha Yu is wisely chose to use the Raven longer range. They discovered that with a tendency of MechWarriors to overuse the alpha keeping his distance.

MechWarriors who Variants system would work beyond projected pilot the Sha Yu have taken to calling out blood While the Sha Yus primary design focused expectations. This concept would become the in the waters, as a warning to lancemates they on medium-to-long range battles, the 4B variant Sha Yu, the Shark, named for its bullet-shaped are about to attempt such a feat. Running cool was designed specifically for close-in fighting.

The while two ER medium lasers and three medium seen on fighter craft. Hellespont finally decided battle at this point can degenerate into either a pulse lasers work in concert to give it a solid it was a fitting description, given that the Sha Yu slugging match, with debilitating heat effects punch. TAG is switched out for a C3 slave unit, certainly had teeth. The inclusion of a tons of ammo contain only special munitions TAG spotting laser is more a leftover from the Deployment for spreading minefields across the terrain.

A few companies course, the stealth armor system which creates of these Mechs have also worked their way a reduced targeting profile. Radar and thermal into middle-guard regiments. So, in effect, while no enemy will directives highly recommend that the Sha Yu. Overview only too eager to meet. Their new B1-HND Deployment The cultural and political Bloodhound counter-insurgency BattleMech As per its mandate, virtually all the reawakening the Capellan entered service in , barely a year after Bloodhounds produced since have been Confederation experienced through Mariks request.

With the technological The reason for the Bloodhounds fast Freedom Theater. Military advisors to the revolution of the last thirty years finally reaching development and production lies in part with Captain-General seem to be convinced that the them, fostering great strides in military the continuing re-tooling effort at Earthwerks guerilla-style actions for which the Bloodhound preparedness and convincing allies in the Keystone Mech plant, where older lines have was conceived will most likely occur in those Periphery to join themselves with the historically been phased out in order to facilitate newer regions.

Some of these newer Mech designs enough strength to reconquer the St. Ives actually radically refurbished older ones Variants Compacta goal long promised and only demonstrate the success of the companys The B2-HND variant, an ECM-equipped secured through questionable use of Star efforts to breathe new life into its aging factory.

The Bloodhound uses a dramatically altered in action recently.

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This variant drops two heat Understandably, many in the Free Worlds chassis powered by an extra-light Hermes sinks and adds a second ER small laser to the League became concerned when, amid these engine and boasts a top speed of kilometers left arm, with a Guardian ECM suite mounted changes, the leader of the revitalized per hour in standard gravity. For protection, the in the left torso. These changes make the Confederation declared an end to his nine- Mech carries close to the maximum amount of machine harder to hit, but can accumulate year engagement to Isis Marik, daughter and Durallex Light standard armor, complete with heat in a pitched battle if the MechWarrior then-heiress apparent to Captain-General lifeand Mechsaving CASE.

Thomas Marik. Grown wary of his resurgent Designed to hunt hidden guerilla units neighbor and one-time ally, Marik set in operating in remote areas, the Bloodhound motion a program aimed at boosting the carries a Beagle Active Probe system. A quartet forces along the Leagues shared border with of medium and small extended-range lasers the Confederation.

Given the guerrilla warfare spread over the torso and arms maximize its style of Capellan tactics, a call for purpose- effective firing arc, while a supporting torso- built anti-guerrilla units went outa call that mounted Streak 6-rack assures maximum Earthwerks Incorporated of Keystone seemed battlefield duration and significant punch. Overview on their successmirroring the emergence of Deployment After capturing Terra, the quads in armies across the Inner Sphere. Blue Flames have been sent in small Word of Blake reopened many numbers to all divisions of the Word of Blake Terran factories closed since the fall of Capabilities Militia.

The numbers produced, however, appear the first Star League as part of their The Blue Flame carries a powerful payload to be greater than what has been distributed massive rebuilding effort. Most of these and is dangerous at all ranges, matching paired possibly by a large margin. This discrepancy has were used to produce the same designs they ER large lasers with a trio of Streak SRM-2 been noticed to some degree with all Mechs had centuries before, but a few were chosen to launchers. Intended to be a medium element of and vehicles produced by the Word of Blake manufacture new designs as well.

Some military experts believe this Among the largest of these factories is the allows it to use the targeting data of any other indicates that the Militia has formed at least one Mitchell Vehicles complex. Once the main member of the network. The design also carries secret division and possibly more. With production facility of the Shootist, it has begun more armor than is usually possible for Mechs complete control of the Sol system and high manufacturing that venerable design again. At of its size while at the same time maintaining a recruiting numbers in the Chaos March, this is the same time, several lines were converted modicum of speed.

Though it lacks CASE , most certainly within the realm of possibility.

Word of Blake pilots simply take that danger Two Mechs were specially designed to be in stride. The Blue Like many smaller quads, the Blue Flame Flame and its larger partner, the White Flame, are lacks rear-mounted weaponry and is unable to the first quad Mechs to be produced by the twist its torso like a bipedal Mech. This can Word of Blake. They are certainly strong designs, make it very vulnerable if an enemy gets behind and it seems likely that more quad designs will it, but Word of Blake quad pilots are specifically emerge from the Mitchell Vehicles factory based trained in tactics to prevent that danger.

It is faster and Crucis Lancers in September of , allowing Department of the Quartermaster more maneuverable than its progenitor, and them to retire their ancient Dervishes to garrison reports estimated it would take as long as carries the same firepower in a package that units or scrap heaps. Since then, units from the two decades time before the AFFC could is ten tons lighterallowing commanders to Deneb Light Cavalry to the Robinson Rangers return to the same level of readiness it enjoyed devote more precious cargo space in their have received them.

Most notably, the Second prior to Of course, that didnt take into DropShips to ammunition and other Ceti Hussars and the Davion Light Guards used account the events of the last several years. The paired LRMs are potent them to good effect on New Syrtis, ravaging the In , the AFFC released requirements weapons, especially when fired en masse as lightest elements of the Fourth Donegal Guards for a number of new combat units with the the Dervish proved for centuries.

Three reconnaissance force with combined direct fire intention of awarding contracts by Taking medium pulse lasers round out the weapons and Thunder munitions. The rangeswhere the Dervish was often proposed variants are on the drawing board. Department of the Quartermaster awarded GM found lacking. One downgrades two of the pulse lasers to ER the contract in October of Where the Hellspawn is lacking is in armor; versions, providing the mass necessary to add it mounts less than seventy percent of its Artemis IV Fire Control Systems. The second Capabilities theoretical maximum.

While speed and proposal replaces the LRMs completely, adding The Dervish has long been a staple of the maneuverability can make up for that deficiency MRMs in their place. As new technologies came to to protect the ammunition bins in the left torso. Its weapon Though the Tessen is built on Quentin in by ancient Japanese samurai, the loadnow only a single pulse laser and a the Draconis Combine, the design to date has Tessen was first conceptualized as a extended range PPCis also inferior to many only been fielded by ComStar and the SLDF.

The heavy scout Mech designed jointly by lighter Mechs. Numerous The changes in the completed design have ComStars Eighty-third Division based on Bryant, philosophical and technological differences, drawn considerable criticism, with many the White Cyclones, who used them to scout however, lead to the abandonment of the analysts stating that the Tessen is totally and harass a Blakist raiding party, forcing the project in When ComStars technicians unsuited to independent scouting operations. The the iNarc.

The production model, however, is The DCMS was offered half of the initial unfinished Tessen was quickly identified as a not intended to operate alone, but rather to production run, but declined on the grounds suitable candidate, and six prototypes were serve as a spotter for a hunter unit of C3i- that the C3 technology used in the Tessen was constructed for field trials.

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