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It ran from to , publishing a total of issues.

Each issue contained a long school story about the boys of Greyfriars School, a fictional public school located somewhere in Kent, and were written under the pen-name of Frank Richards. The vast majority of the stories were written by author Charles Hamilton, although substitute writers were sometimes used.

The most famous Greyfriars character was Billy Bunter, of the Remove. Most issues of The Magnet also included a shorter serial story a variety of detective, scouting, and adventure yarns were featured , and many issues also included a newspaper ostensibly produced by the characters themselves and called the Greyfriars Herald.

British illustrators

These parts of the paper were not written by Charles Hamilton. History The stories began in , before the First World War, and continued through the privations of that war and the Great Depression of the Lanei Chapman born January 23, is an American actress. She has appeared primarily in guest appearances on episodes of various television series, and may be best known for the leading role as Lt.

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    He studied law, afterward engaged in commercial pursuits, and later entered the civil service of the Province of Quebec. Chapman worked for some time as a journalist in Quebec City and Montreal; but in became a French translator for the Dominion Senate and removed to Ottawa, Ontario. New, ed. Encyclopedia of Literature in. Frank Minnitt Frank John Minnitt 3 September — 12 May was a British illustrator and cartoonist who drew for over comic papers from the s to the s.

    He is perhaps best known for his depictions of Billy Bunter in the comic Knockout between and He was sent to France where he suffered injuries from mustard gas[1] which affected him for the rest of his life. After the war Minnitt returned to the General Post Office, later working as a welder with a taxi firm before becoming an artist. Mark Lindsay Chapman born 8 September is an English actor. Career He attended the Guildford School of Acting where he studied ballet, speech, drama, and fencing. Bob Chapman full name Robert Dennis Chapman, but who was often known as Sammy Chapman — born 18 August is a footballer who played as a defender in the Football League during the s and s, most notably with Nottingham Forest.

    Career He made his debut for Forest in at the age of 17 years 5 months. At the time this made him the youngest ever Forest player. He made senior appearances for the club and was club captain. The other boys, Bob Cherry, Frank Nugent, et al were extremely well-drawn as characters and displayed some very fine qualities, of friendship, of loyalty, of honesty Nearly everyone I knew went to the local Secondary School in the village.

    I went to the Grammar School where I didn't know anyone and I was quite painfully shy of making new friends.

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    • Reading about a group of young boys who really looked out for each other was a vicarious way of interacting with others and sharing their adventures. Two other points before I stop. I never found the books to be old fashioned, even tho' I knew from the dates on the covers of the reprints that they were forty-year-old stories. It didn't seem to be a problem, especially when the boys were on holiday in, say, Egypt. I had no experience of what Egypt was like, so for all I knew it could still be exactly as Hamilton described it.

      Lastly, being a grammar schoolboy in the s reading about private schooling in the s Again, for all I knew boarding schools were like that, with studies and teas and football and cricket matches going on. I imagined that there was probably some modernisation of lessons, but they seemed to be doing much the same stuff as we did, including Latin which I took for three years without learning much. Even forty years on, the stories were still able to hold the attention of a new generation despite their age.

      To me, their age didn't show. What did show was the strength of characterisation in the writing. He was a reader of the comic itself in his childhood who by chance came across a few Hamilton facsimile editions in a local library a couple of years ago. Mentioning to me that he had subsequently tried unsuccessfully to track down any for purchase I suggested I look on abebooks, made the mistake of reading one before giving it to him, and the rest as they say is history! Between us we have now acquired about a dozen books and are buying them as fast as we can read and afford more.

      My real name is David I just thought it would be fun to use a pseudonym , and I am a 45 year old accountant in the UK Gt. Yarmouth actually , married, with two teenage daughters. Yarmouth Grammar, as it was called at the time, which this year celebrates its th anniversary since being founded in I could not believe the coincidence therefore when I realised recently that the date top left on the definitive map of Greyfriars and surrounding area is also and is quoted as being when Edward VI restored the former monastery and opened it as a school!

      I wonder if the current Head of my old school is aware of the illustrious company he is in? The headmaster in my day was called Marsden not Locke and was certainly fond of the cane , and there were several Quelchs and a couple of Prouts, but I cannot recall a Bunter in my year. The teachers were not allowed to administer corporal punishment, and the worst you could get from a prefect was lines or a detention. The school building itself was, like Greyfriars, very old, which helps me imagine some of the scenes in the books.

      Reading the Magnet takes me back to happier days than we seem to have now, when nobody was really bad except perhaps Ponsonby , baddies always got their just desserts, whodunit was obvious from page one, and everything always ended up happily ever after. I write as a socialist who has loved FR for forty years, and won't be changing. Despite many foolish epithets, typical of the times, FR seems to have detested it. There is a splendid passage in a Magnet of the s where he tears Fishy to shreds for his racist attitudes. FR deliberately created Hurree Singh, the cleverest member of the Famous Five, to combat racism among his readers.

      In the early part of his career FR was interested in socialist ideas, and his treatment of capitalism in the USA is especially negative. In later years his main political idea is that politicians are detestable hypocrites. Arguably, it is FR's least favourite human characteristic. His waifs and strays usually make good, unlike his snobs. Again, despite some foolish language now and again, FR is relatively fair to suffragists. His strong women aren't simple termagents: I find the treatment of Miss Bullivant in the Skip series quite moving.

      The best illustration of FR's contradictory but generally negative attitude to war is his treatment of Richard Hilary, with his CO views. This was a remarkable series to appear in a British boys' magazine in I particularly like FR's scornful treatment of warmongering gents past the age of conscription. In my view the key to FR's philosophy, in almost every area, is his hatred of bullying - and, especially, cruelty to animals.

      It explains a lot. If FR had been a dunderheaded Tory he couldn't have created the complex fiction we admire so much. Please e-mail the page author John. Bunter Books Complete list of the 38 post-war titles C. A useful site for simplified information on all Richards-type publications.

      Greyfriars Holiday annual page on this site. Our page on the very early issues of 'The Magnet'. Articles of interest Crickey, it's Christmas! Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School, 2. Billy Bunter's Banknote, 3. Billy Bunter's Barring Out, 4. Billy Bunter in Brazil, 5. Billy Bunter's Benefit, 7. Billy Bunter Among the Cannibals, 8. Billy Bunter's Postal Order, 9. Billy Bunter Butts In, First published by Cassell Billy Bunter's Beanfeast, Billy Bunter's Brainwave, Billy Bunter's First Case, Billy Bunter the Bold,