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It is the goal of all spiritual traditions.

The Right Choice

Our past experiences, our traumas, our upbringing, our wishes and desires, our unfulfilled longings, and the stories other people have told us about ourselves are all filters that we have created in our minds. We see ourselves and the world through these filters which distort our perception of ourselves and the world around us. This workshop will change these filters to allow you to change your perception of reality to one that supports you with kindness and love.

What is Gnosis?

The Gnostic Intensive is for anyone wanting a deeper dive into their spiritual development. People who want to know their truth but maybe not quite ready or able to commit to a 5 day Enlightenment Intensive. Gnostic intensive is not related to Gnosticism or any other religious beliefs or spiritual movements. For each us the experience of the Gnostic Intensives can be wide ranging.

Even though the experience is temporary, this deep experiential KNOWING has a lasting impact, psychologically and spiritually in our lives. It opens a door that can never be shut gain.

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We will be working on 4 questions - questions that all spiritual seekers and philosophers ask themselves:. Who is another human being? Once you worked on these questions you start working on questions like. How to be with their pain and anger and sorrow and grief and profound joy in a way that changed my life and my relationships with others forever.

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The training has been extraordinarily powerful. Rovena Skye. I have worked with her through more than a year of different types of sessions, so my level of trust in her is very high. I was also switching roles between questioner and the one answering, whereas in the individual session Rovena was the sole questioner. In the group setting there were assistants who have done Gnostic Intensives many times, so again there was embodied energy present to help us to fall into orbit.

What did I experience?

Gnostic Intensive Workshop

The Intensives have pulled back the curtain on what I have been seeking. They gave me a safe container for inquiry, and it was reassuring to have someone there to be fully present to me when I fell into a deeper, and somewhat disorienting, awareness of underlying reality. The Gnostic Intensive, also apparently simple, is a means to penetrate the seemingly impenetrable.

Highly recommended.

Gnostic Intensive - Tanya Ince

During the gnostic intensive with Rovena I didn't quite know what to expect. It seemed like a gentle process to discover some deep truths within. I never thought something so simple as being asked for the truth could bring about such deep knowledge that had always been within me.

However I was unaware of this truth as I hadn't directly focused on it to experience it before. It was a powerful day for me as many truths were revealed and experienced. The process was gentle and enjoyable. I feel I left with clarity as to some of the big questions in life. Participants can show up in the morning and complete the entire process before going home for dinner. The benefits of this process are that it is easier to do, both physically and emotionally, and the experiences are easier to integrate into life afterwards.

Another advantage is that the success rate of the Gnostic Intensive can be higher than the traditional Enlightenment Intensive, although the level of contact and energy release will not reach the same depths as on the longer version. Either way, both Intensives are extremely valuable methods and should be considered by all serious seekers of spiritual truth.

For pricing and information, please visit the Registration page. As a coach and workshop facilitator, I work with people in the areas of Gnostic Intensive.

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