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Health information technology skills and knowledge will be assessed incrementally throughout the course. It will provide an overview of some of the major characteristics of the American health care system that in turn drive health care delivery and clinical informatics priorities. Topics will include a historical overview of the American Health Care system, health care economics and financing, current regulatory issues, and other factors both influencing current informatics initiatives and suggesting future opportunities for innovative informatics solutions.

ACI Clinical Decision Support and Evidence-Based Patient Care This course will focus on the design, implementation, and evaluation of clinical decision support features of clinical information systems. Topics to be addressed include cognitive aspects of human decision making, decision science, knowledge management, workflow, evidence-based patient care, and facilitated information retrieval.

Many existing CDS examples will be reviewed and evaluated and students will be expected to design a novel CDS as part of their final project. Y1 Spring, 3 credits. ACI Clinical Information Systems and Applications The digitization of healthcare data and delivery of care functionality has been occurring on the small scale for nearly 50 years in clinical information systems.

Clinical information systems are comprised of multiple components that comprise clinical information. This situation changed fundamentally over the past decade and EHRs and related clinical information systems are now ubiquitous. The goal of this course is to provide a framework to understand the underpinnings of modern clinical information systems and the integration of these systems that enable their basic and extended functionalities.

Furthermore, with healthcare consumers having more opportunities to be involved with their health information, we will explore the evolution of consumer informatics. Finally, we will discuss emerging trends in the digitization of healthcare data including mobile health and telemedicine. ACI Workflow, User-Centered Design, and Implementation The course will cover three main topic areas: workflow, user-centered design, and implementation.

Each topic area will include three course segments: principles, methods, and applications.

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In the principles section for each topic, the course will clearly define terminology related to the topic area e. The methodology section for each topic will address qualitative, quantitative, and computational methods used for the design, implementation, and evaluation of health information technology.

Introduction to Public Health Informatics

The applications section for each topic will use case studies based in the topic area to examine the real world application of principles and methods. ACI Data to Knowledge Clinical Data Standards This course introduces students to fundamental principles about terminologies and data standards and their importance in interoperability and health information exchange.

It will focus on clinical data standards with respect to syntactic and semantic interoperability by covering data exchange and messaging standards e.

This session provides a general introduction to health informatics — what it is, what health informatics specialists do and how it contributes to the provision of high quality health and care services. This session will give an overview of health informatics and its role in the health service.

It is particularly aimed at those new to the health service and health informatics. In order to access any e-LfH programme, you will need an e-LfH account.

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If you do not have one, then you can register by selecting the Register button below. You can then access the programme immediately in the My e-Learning section. This programme is in partnership with About the Health Informatics programme This course has been developed by the Department of Health to provide an introduction to health informatics for those moving into the field, although it may also be useful for those already working in health or informatics who wish to expand their knowledge, or for students considering entering a career in health informatics.

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More information The course is made up of five modules: Introduction to health informatics Introduction to health and care Improving the quality and safety of care through health informatics The management and funding of health and care services Primary and secondary uses of data in health and care Each of these modules should take around minutes to complete and each one can be undertaken on its own or as part of the full course. Sample session This session provides a general introduction to health informatics — what it is, what health informatics specialists do and how it contributes to the provision of high quality health and care services.

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Sample session Link. Introductory session This session will give an overview of health informatics and its role in the health service. Meet the team. admin