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Mark V Tank (New Vanguard ) issue - PDF Free Download

Haskew takes us through the development and service history of the mighty Sherman during World War II and beyond into relatively recent history. He starts by looking at tanks in general, and we go back to Lincoln in with the introduction of the Mk1 Male, the first practical design to see action. He continues with other important types including the little Renault FT17 and the Whippet before moving on to developments between the wars with the Christie suspension and other breakthrough systems.

While all this is perfectly sensible and the roles of Patton, Adner Chaffee, and others are essential to the tank story; it the M4 we have come to see, and you will not be disappointed. We are treated to a history of the tank and see it in many forms and working for a range of different nations. The importance of the Sherman to my own country cannot be underestimated. At the time of its introduction, the M4 was head and shoulders above any medium tank built here in the UK.

World War I in Photos: Technology

It was reliable, rugged and practical and while we know the design had its faults; the Sherman remains something of an everyman in the tank family tree. How marvellous it would be to see him running again.

For me, some of the best elements of this book come in the history of how the Sherman was designed and built. The factory scene images showing production lines and components in detail are fascinating.

From idea to production

Images of wheels, springs and much more besides give us a glimpse of just how much effort went into tank production. Scenes of men refurbishing Shermans show how functional the tank proved to be. Rising out of the shallow end of the tank park I have to tell you this book has been put together really well. Other books can look at every nut and track pin, and I will be just as happy to see them, but this one takes in the broad and sometimes narrower history and keeps it all in line. We travel from the factory floor to the World War II battlefields of Europe, Africa, and Asia; moving on remorselessly to Korea, the Indian sub-continent and further afield.

The author treats this gazetteer of tank warfare with due care and attention. I am impressed. There is enough for the nuts and bolts anorak and the more general reader.

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The bloody battles of the First World War were fought with many new and increasingly destructive weapons. One of the most significant of these was the tank. Only a single type of German tank was used in action, the A7V Sturmpanzerwagen, and it was a formidable opponent for the Allied forces.

Meng Models : British Medium Tank MK.A Whippet : 1/35 Scale Model : In Box Review

Under cover of darkness, with gas shells falling around them, a small group of soldiers - Queenslanders and Tasmanians of the 26th Battalion - retrieved the tank from within sight of the German lines. This book tells the story of Mephisto against a backdrop of conflict, technological change and the heroism of ordinary men.


Osprey Pub Co, New book, 48 pages, NVG Deployed widely during Russian Civil War the technology spilt over into the Chinese Civil War, and the subsequent war with Japan, the armoured train has played a major role in conflicts during the 20th century, being used during World War II and surviving to the present day -although more as a technological curiosity than a significant weapon. Steven J Zaloga examines the origins and technical development of armoured trains.

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But rather than provide an encyclopaedic treatment of the many trains, it instead focuses on the more important and fascinating issue of how armoured trains were actually used in combat.. The evolution of the Whippet is examined in detail, from design and development to mechanical details and crew duties, and information on the operational use of the vehicle is drawn from war diaries and battalion records.

The Whippet was involved in several well-known incidents that will be presented in this volume, including the clash at Cachy on April 24, , the actions of the 6th Battalion tank known as "Musical Box" on August 8, , and Sewell's Victoria Cross-winning exploits with the 3rd Battalion on August 29, Mention will also be made of the Whippet's involvement with the Tank Corps' expedition to Russia. University Park, Illinois, U. In a machine christened Little Willie changed the way that wars were fought. Little Willie was a fully tracked armoured vehicle that could break a trench system.

Its development was completed in December , but by then it had already been superseded by an improved design, Mother. This was the first rhomboid tank, and the prototype for the Mark 1 which would influence a whole generation of tank building. This book details the development of the Mark I, and its surprise arrival in France in the middle of during the closing weeks of the battles of the Somme.

This book reveals the important role the tank played in the historic battle of Cambrai in as well as the first ever tank-versus-tank actions against German A7Vs. In awe of British technology, the Germans actively captured, salvaged and repaired Mark IVs for deployment against the Allies.