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View all articles. Read more. Journal of Clinical Movement Disorders focuses on scientific investigations into the diagnosis, evaluation and management of patients with involuntary movement disorders.

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The journal reviews, illustrates and emphasizes clinical phenomenology as an indispensable tool for diagnosis and application of translational medicine to movement disorders. Topics covered in the journal include Parkinson's disease, tremor, dystonia, chorea, myoclonus, Huntington's disease, tics, deep brain stimulation, botulinum toxin, and pediatric movement disorders.

Journal of Clinical Movement Disorders is particularly interested in receiving submissions on international perspectives and clinical observations in movement disorders, and welcomes investigations in both hypokinetic and hyperkinetic movement disorders.

Overview of Pediatric Movement Disorders

Video demonstrations of patients are also strongly encouraged. Dr Frucht has published over peer-reviewed articles, edited two books, and lectured nationally and internationally. His research interests include clinical phenomenology, experimental therapeutics of myoclonus and focal task-specific dystonia, and the mechanisms underlying hyperkinetic disorders.

Speed 70 days to first decision for reviewed manuscripts only 59 days to first decision for all manuscripts days from submission to acceptance 20 days from acceptance to publication. Skip to main content Advertisement.

Movement Disorders – Classifications, Symptoms and Treatments

Search all BMC articles Search. Telepsychiatry for patients with movement disorders: a feasibility and patient satisfaction study Authors: Andreea L.

Most recent articles RSS View all articles. From the blog. Dystonia — a heterogeneous clinical and treatment landscape 05 May Parkinson's left Gary feeling frozen.

Movement Disorders

Gene therapy helped him pick up the torch. Park is exploring the potential for isradipine to soothe the symptoms of patients with early-stage Parkinson's. By clicking "Subscribe" you agree to our Terms of Use. We'll be in touch every so often with health tips, patient stories, important resources and other information you need to keep you and your family healthy.

Center for Movement Disorders Appointments: Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders Comprehensive care for the treatment of Tourette syndrome and tic disorders.

  • Movement Disorders Unit - Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA.
  • Movement Disorders | Michigan Medicine;
  • Fresco Institute for Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders.

Gene therapy transforms introvert back into artist Parkinson's left Gary feeling frozen. Can a blood pressure medication help Parkinson's patients?

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP)

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