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Is it OK to let it remain like that or should we absolutely rebuild it? This parameter will tell the stored procedure not to rebuild indexes with size below its value, which will be 1 by default.

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For that reason, we will add our last threshold parameter to the Maintenance. This ends up the definition for thresholds to use for Full-Text index rebuild option. We can now consider Full-Text catalog reorganization. We will keep it simple and say that whenever an index could be marked for the rebuild, this reorganization should occur.

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Now, these specific parameters are well defined, we can add more general parameters, which are:. Now we have discussed about all the parameters that are used to define the Maintenance.

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FullTextIndexOptimize stored procedure, we can finally have a look at its interface:. Here is the high-level algorithm that we will use to implement the body of our stored procedure:. In this section, we will review some key elements in the implementation such as its dependencies, the structure of temporary tables we will use and some queries we will use.

Full Text Queries : CONTAINS and FREETEXT predicates

An ZIP archive containing all resources to perform Full-Text Index maintenance can be found at the end of this article. In order to implement the [Maintenance]. The temporary table used to store data related to Full-Test indexes is called FTidx and has been slightly discussed previously. Each record of this table will correspond to a Full-Text index and contain:. While first this temporary table will be created no matter the value of the MaintenanceMode parameter, the following table will only exist whenever the value for this parameter is CATALOG. It will store information about catalogs we can find in FTidx temporary table.

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For each one, we will have the following columns:. As you may notice, this query will insert results into FTidx temporary table. This body of this query will be put in a variable called tsql in the stored procedure then executed with [Common]. Now we have a query that allows us to get back information about existing Full-Text indexes into a temporary table called FTidx , we could start a WHILE loop on the records of that table and try to generate the creation statement for each of them.

Feel free to modify the proposed solution if you need it. The first part of the statement is pretty straight forwards as we already have everything stored in FTidx temporary table:.

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Now, we have to get back the list of columns which are used in a given index. To do so, we will query a set of system views and tables:. In this post I would be discussing about full text queries using predicates.

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FreeText is more restrictive predicate which by default does a search based on various forms of a word or phrase that means it by default includes Inflectional forms as well as thesaurus. Extensive comes before Experience. Usually SQL Server does not ship with a default thesaurus but it can be easily downloaded and once put in the appropriate folder queries should work fine. Refer this post for details. Below is an example.

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