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Though this oral biography confesses to being a "toast" to a "beloved man," it is an engrossing, touching, and insightful remembrance of Carver by his family, friends, and fellow writers. We see the Raymond Carver : an oral biography.

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Sam Halpert. Raymond Carver has become a literary icon for our time. When he died in at the age of fifty, he was acclaimed as the greatest influence on the American short story since Hemingway.

In this rich collection - greatly expanded from the earlier When We Talk about Raymond Carver - of interviews with close companions, acquaintances, and family, Sam Halpert has chronologically arranged the reminiscences of Carver's adult life, recalling his difficult "Bad Raymond" days through his second life as a recovering alcoholic and triumphantly successful writer.

His first wife, Maryann Carver, and their daughter, Chris Carver, also contribute their recollections of his early efforts to become a writer while struggling with poverty and alcoholism.

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It is a biography, an appreciation, a recollection, and a shrewd critical assessment of a unique American writer--written by people who knew him best: his family, his friends, and his fellow writers. It will have to be read by anyone seriously interested in the fiction of Raymond Carver. Michael Curtis, senior editor, "Atlantic Monthly".

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