Scientology Exposed: The Truth About the Worlds Most Controversial Religion

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Pushing Beyond the U.S.:

Ron Hubbard , underlings, celebrities and cult "slaves" in this story of America's most secretive religion It is a riveting read not only for its thorough research, and winning style, but because [Reitman] has left no greed undescribed in the page-turner. Fortunately Janet Reitman finds a third way in her authoritative, absorbing "Inside Scientology": nuanced reporting that lets the facts speak for themselves Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige, and Scientology and its strange past, present, and possible future….

In Inside Scientology , we have a thorough, brave journalist backed by a major publisher, and soon what no doubt will be a major publicity push: Reitman's book should soon become Scientology's biggest headache in years. Buy at Local Store. He's not some superpower being. Ron Hubbard obviously reached the highest level of Scientology there was to reach," Remini said.

What if he came out and said, 'L. Ron Hubbard has died of a stroke'? Then why are we doing all this if we're just going to die of a stroke? Jeff Hawkins, who was in charge of church marketing while he was a Scientologist and wrote a book about his experiences called "Counterfeit Dreams," described a violent scene in which Miscavige was unhappy with an infomercial Hawkins wrote, accused him of crimes against the church, then physically assaulted him, he said.

Why Leah Remini Thinks Tom Cruise Won't Leave Scientology

Devocht said Miscavige assaulted him when Devocht couldn't get the city permits to destroy the sidewalks around the Clearwater headquarters in order to dissuade protestors from standing around the property. Devocht said that even then he blamed himself for failing at the task instead of being angered by what he said was Miscavige's violent reaction. If the leader believed that someone was guilty of "crimes" against the church, he would tell other members to get that person to confess their crimes, the show's insiders say.

Often, the other members would resort to using violence on the targeted member, the insiders say. It was literally 'I'm going to beat the crap out of you before I get the crap beat out of me. Miscavige's father, Ron, says he and others were monitored around the clock at the headquarters in Hemet, California. He described locks on doors, sharp spikes on the gates — both facing out and in — being chaperoned by other members when exiting the facility, the internet being severely filtered and monitored, and eavesdropping on all calls.

He decided to leave the church after what he said was a critical error by his son.

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David Miscavige gave his father an Amazon Kindle, which was connected to the internet and unfettered by the church's filters. Ron "just Googled 'Scientology,'" Remini said. He found all the bad things. In , after 42 years as a Scientology member, Ron left.

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He and his wife planned their escape for six months. They were finally able to do so during a routine trip across the street to the only refrigerator available to them on the campus. The guards were used to them making the trip and let the couple pass through the gates. David, Ron's daughters, and their children ended their relationship with Ron and his wife after they left Scientology, part of an alleged church policy about former members called disconnection. In the early s, Miscavige established "the Hole" at Scientology's headquarters in Hemet, California, according to Rinder.

It was a detention center for high-ranking members who displeased him. Rinder said he and as many as people were held in the Hole. He described the conditions — having to eat "slop," security bars on the windows, guards to keep people from leaving. He also said members beat each other up until they confessed their supposed crimes.

Ron Hubbard that every Scientologist must follow in order to attain the ultimate in spiritual enlightenment and in spiritual freedom," Rinder said. Scientology teaches that reaching the top of the "Bridge" means being able to use the mind to do powerful things like "move things, cure cancer in yourself," according to Remini. Rinder and Remini both reached level two of the "Bridge," though both say they feel as if they didn't achieve the level's goal of "relief from the hostilities and challenges of life. Mary Kahn was a devout Scientologist for about 40 years and completed all the courses required by the "Bridge.

But like the books, courses are often updated. That means they have to be repeated by members whenever Scientology says there were changes or a mistake was made when a member was taking a course.

Scientology Exposed: The Truth About the Most Controversial Religion

Kahn had to repeat the "Bridge," but she says she became fed up with the constant pressure to pay more exorbitant fees. At one point, she says a fellow Scientologist charged her credit card without her knowing because he needed to meet his financial goal for the church. Remini showed off a large bookcase in her home filled with Hubbard texts. And a member will often have to buy the books multiple times whenever Scientology says they've been updated, she says.

Why does the Church have confidential scriptures?

Additionally, Scientology tells members that libraries have a demand for the books and encourages members to buy multiple book packages to donate to libraries, she says. In addition to books, Remini said Scientologists must buy Hubbard's lectures and various audio CDs, donate to the church's causes, and pay a membership fee. She said they're meant only to bring in new members and "indoctrinate" them to the church's terms. These expensive auditing sessions can last a minimum of two and a half hours each, Remini said.

They involve an auditor who listens and helps members "find and handle areas of distress," she said. They're done with what's called an E-meter , which measures electrical activity on the skin. According to the church, it aids the auditor in their work. According to the show's contributors, "security checks," or "sec checks," are administered on members who are suspected of breaking a church rule or having doubts about the organization.

They can be grueling, long, and pressure-filled experiences as the auditor tries to get the member to confess to some sort of wrongdoing. No, they use it to discredit you when you speak out. Kahn went to live on the ship a second time and said she was subjected to intense "sec checks" that lasted hours and sent her back to her room crying.

Basically, it allows members to push the boundaries of legality when it comes to shutting up and destroying the organization's detractors without fear of punishment from the church. The church says the "fair game" doctrine has been canceled, but Rinder, Remini, and other ex-Scientologists say it's alive and well.

Rinder said actions could include stalking, digging up dirt, checking out people's background, vilifying them in the media and on the internet, and hiring private investigators to surveil them. Remini said that the belief in reincarnation means Scientology places very little significance on family relationships and marriages — a person's mother is just their mother currently, and the child has many, many mothers over the span of their life. Scientologists believe Hubbard chose to leave his body to continue his research into the higher levels of being.

Hubbard died in after having a stroke. But in the event that he returns, there are at least two fully staffed and stocked mansions maintained in California, in the cities of Hemet and Creston. According to Wright, the houses contain Hubbard's "favorite cigarettes, the Kool cigarettes are there for him; Tom McCann sandals by the shower door; Louis L'Amour novels by the bedside table; and a table setting for one. Remini added: "The Church of Scientology is a business. And like any business, they like to have a celebrity selling it.

Celebrity members allegedly receive great levels of preferential treatment, sometimes at the expense of other church members. We were serviced differently, we had supervisors doing courses in our homes, giving special schedules to celebrities," she continued. Oftentimes, there were Sea Org members working for celebrities in their homes, personally working for them.

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The labor laws don't apply to any church, therefore they were made to work ungodly hours, forced into interrogations if making human mistakes around the celebrity. Scobee, who said her main job was to work with Tom Cruise, said she had to hire everyone from house managers to cooks and maids who were all Scientologists to surround Cruise.

According to Remini, the church considers the "Mission Impossible" star its "messiah.

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