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Eat Greek Juicy Red shiraz, sa. Vasse Felix cabernet merlot, wa. Palliser Pencarrow pinot noir, martinborough, nz. Running with the Bulls tempranillo, barossa, sa. Langmeil Valley Floor Shiraz barossa, sa.


Eat Greek Zesty White Wine sauvignon blanc, sa. Eat Greek Juicy Red Wine shiraz, sa. Hahn Super Dry 3. The Hills Cider Co apple or pear. Available for take-away, finger friendly, tasty and satisfying platters. These platters are suitable as an appetiser for people. Ideal for entertaining on the boat. Keftethes Meat Balls. Lamb Koftas.

Peri Peri Chicken Drumettes. Tzatziki Dip. Greek Dips, Taramaslata,. Tzatziki, and Hommus. Pita Breads.


For a social stand up function, finger friendly, tasty and satisfying platters. Perfect as something sweet with tea and coffee. Greek Biscuits. Grilled Calamari Rings. Fish Cakes. Grilled Garlic Prawns. Taramaslata Dip. These are suitable for people.

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Tiropita Cheese pies. Kotopita Chicken pies. Spanakotiropita V spinach with ricotta and feta cheese layered between flaky filo pastry served with greek salad and roasted vegetables. Pastitsio Baked pasta dish with beef mince topped with bechamel sauce. Mousakka Layers of beef mince and grilled eggplant topped with bechamel sauce. Zouzoukakia with Rice Beef meatballs covered in a rich tomato sauce with a hint of spice. Fasolada with Rice V white beansin a thick tomato based soup.

Greek-Style Burger and Chips V available beef or vegetarian patty with red onion, lettuce, tomato and tzatziki.

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Caesar Salad Romaine lettuce, bacon, chicken, egg, parmesan cheese and croutons with caesar dressing. Dips Platter for Two Trio of dips served with pita bread and dolmades.

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Seafood Platter for Two Deep frie4d calamari, grilled fish, fish cakes, grilled prawns, chili mussels. Meat Platter for Two Chicken souvlaki, zouzoukaki meatballs. Spare ribs. Calamari and Chips. Fish and Chips. Chicken Souvlaki and Chips.

Large Greek Salad Gf. Regular Greek Salad Gf. Dips Hummus. Dolmades Each. Baklava Each. Kataiffi Each. Sweet Meze 5x baklava, 4x kataiffi. Chocolate Mousse Gf.

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Starter Two dips served with pita bread and dolmades. Main Meat or seafood platter served with chips and greek salad. However, Greece is an equally welcoming destination for Christmas, not only for the historical places, but also for the culinary experiences this land has to offer! Christmas Day lunch has always been an important deal. Nowadays, many Greek families cook pork with potatoes in the oven or pork with lemon sauce and rice.

Another part of the population prefers staffed turkey with rice, raisins and chestnuts, obviously affected by the American cuisine on Thanksgiving Day. In the ancient times, wine was blessed by god Dionysus himself — the god of the wine and joy. Greeks were the only nation that had a god-protector of wine and partying.

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  6. On Christmas Day, the head of the household makes the sign of the cross above the loaf of bread, cuts it and gives a piece to each person at the dining table. How about discovering more by visiting Greece? admin