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That is not to say that I have not even paged through them countless times. You see, this book is part of a series. It was a sort of a 'book of the month club' book. If you liked it and wanted book two, you say so on your bill when you returned payment. Back in the day, when the economy was better, she bought me several of these book club set. This is volume 11 of Large format hardcover in pictorial boards, no dust-jacket issued. Arranged alphabetically and printed in triple column format. Opens with battleship HMS Formidable and ends with modern ant-aircraft guns of the late 20th century produced by General Electric Corp.

A 14 page section appended dealing with British artillery of all types. No previous ownership marks. White covers show mild toning. Very good. An 18 page section appended on Soviet artillery. Opens with British submarine class of and ends with Doxa, a Greek destroyer class circa A 12 page section appended at end devoted to Anerican anti-aircraft artillery.

Opens with Dr. An 8 page section appended dealing with recoilless guns and coastsl guns. Seller: gigabooks Published: Condition: Very Good. Opens with T 's era Soviet tank and ends with Vilar Perosa, an early Italian machine gun design. Eight page article appended at rear on specialized artillery, naval ordnance. Seller: BookCollector. Quarto, hardcover, white pictorial boards. No dj. Near fine. Details of all the weapons of our century are gathered together in a single work..

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All Rights Reserved. It is basically an enlarged in but the operational-standard target- version of the Walther PP but uses an unusual 9-mm tracking sonar and missile-tracking radar 0. The vertical controlled yaw. An on-biwrd pair quently entered service. Australian government, unlike its British gyro was used for roll stabilization to Malafon is of aeroplane configuration and ctninterpart.

Malkara gxive the KK st mtitors burn for 2. W about 8 X m against landing craft, and had a compara- Length 1 96 m 6 ft 5 m Span 79 4 cm 2 ft 7 in yards from the target the angle of attack is tively large warhead. Diameter 20 3 cm 8 m Weight kg lb reduced to zero and a parachute is streamed The design was finalized in early Firings of fully Mallow, Beriev Be Suffren Class guided-missile leaders, three guided rounds began in November Prixluction was ended kers were undertaken.

An initial batch of Be In duction f4 r training and operational rounds. Armoured Corps the following year. Length 6 15 m 20 ft 2 in Span 3 3 m 10 ft 10 I ngineering. ATtl reporting name M. Other than the tail Name laid down launched completed turret, no evidence of combat equipment or weapons has been discerned on a Be- In no fewer than 12 world class 7. TTiis was, however, considered Manchester, Avro records were broken by the Be A V Roe built a bomber various speeds, speed-with-load.

TTie Avro bore the a surfaced speed of 17 knots. They sion for torpedoes and even for catapulting. Capponi carried out kedly superior to that of the Halifax built to German antitank missile. Developed by MBB an unsuccessful attack on the battleship the same specification originally and the from the earlier Cobra , Mamba can use Ramillies on November 10, , and was Stirling, with a vast unobstructed bomb bay its predecessor's warhead and. Following Italy's surrender produce and easier to subcontract than the cle launchers. The main difference is that the other three boats were stationed in the other bombers.

Armament comprised eight Mamba has a single-propellant rocket motor Atlantic and used to train US air and surface 7. They were all four in the tail turret and two each in the nose units used in Cobra.

The illustrated encyclopedia of 20th century weapons and warfare [volumes 1-24]

The nozzle is angled scrapped in Normal crew num- downwards so that it not only provides the bered seven. Mamba is slower merged Armament: 1 4-in mm ; 2 Armstrong Whitworth thus making gathering simpler and reducing tubes 4 bow, 2 stern , 10 torpedoes Crew. All production aircraft had an the minimum range, but is faster at the end of its flight. An Avro Manchester Mk 1 of No. The Manchester equipped eight RAF Bomber Command squadrons telescope and a joystick, can fire up to 11 missiles in sequence via the same control box; some of these rounds can be up to m yards distant.

Steering commands are generated by the operator's joystick and transmitted down trailing wires to the missile, which is steered by spoilers on the wings. Interchangeable Oerlikon-Biihrle warheads are available; a hollow-charge version which will penetrate Length: Mameli Italian submarine class. These short-range medium-type submarines, of partial double- hull construction, were laid down in by Tosi, Taranto, and completed in They were one of the best Italian submarine designs, being of exceptionally strong con- struction and were accepted for diving to m ft.

Mameli herself recorded a depth of m ft on trials. They were highly manoeuvrable when submerged and were, for their time, fast boats with a surfaced. The Manchester was popular with its crews and was capable of flying unladen on one engine only. By block L the tail was redesigned with no Lancasters. No Squad- Lancasters. The rest of the aircraft was aircraft. The Mandrake is believed to have outstanding, and in many respects it was well flown for the first time during Consisting of four its N.

ATO codename. Mandrake is a develop-. Another derivative of the Yak from the sets of Peregrine cylinder blocks arranged in ment of the Yak Alexander S Yakovlev. Two height- ccxlename Mangrove. It is a cantilever mid- the connecting rtxls. TTie Mandrake. Unarmed, the Mandrake has a increased sweepback between the engine Vulture had managed to pass a type-test in single-seat cockpit, and a 'solid' nose to nacelles and the rtxits. The Mangrove was August at hp.

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Failures in flight its more cameras for horizon-to-horizon photo- with swept-back tail surfaces and a small were the cause of many accidents and graphy, plus electronic sensors to detect and ventral stabilizing fin. The zero- cycle-typc undercarriage comprises. There is a obvious answer would have been to change Obviously intended to fulfil the same role glazed forw. Soviet air forsx in the tactical The result w. I been indistinct, and the few. The tactical radius of the Yak is Austrian small-arms. Ferdinand Ritter von by forward lugs which rotated into engage- approximately miles at m km Mannlicher was born in in Mainz, but ment with recesses in the forward end of the ft.

Service ceiling is estimated to be his family moved to Austria when he was still body just behind the face of the breech. The m 49 ft , and initial climb rate a child and he became an Austrian citizen. Mangroves was educated as an engineer and spent the did the rotating and locking, while the rear- were phased out of front-line service during early part of his adult life with the Austrian ward part had helical grooves cut in it to turn the late s, and were then probably rele- railways, but his interest lay in weapons and the forward part as the handle was worked to gated to secondary or training duties.

This design worked well with smoke- manufacturing company. He turned to less powder, but it was expensive to make Estimated data Span: Mannlicher not collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire only designed rifles, he also produced pistols after the First World War. He existing Mauser system and modified it to Italian antitank helicopter. Derived directly used every system of operation that is known take a detachable bolt-head. To this he allied from the A Hirundo, and using most of and applied them with endless variety and his magazine and again his design was the latter's dynamic components including skill.

Mangusta mongoose is heavier and more time and this unfortunately worked against 6.

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  • None of the turn- powerful, having two Allison C30 turbo- him as he was usually defeated by the inade- bolt designs was taken by the Austrian army, shaft engines each flat-rated at shp, with quacies of the materials available to him and but foreign sales more than made up for the shp available in an emergency should the his factory. Most of his automatics and lack of enthusiasm at home. The Mangusta has a com- repeaters proved to be unreliable through the Mannlicher's magazine was the first proper pletely new fuselage with tandem two-seat failure of the metals from which they were clip-loader and it immediately made all the cockpits strongly influenced by that of the made, and this gave him a reputation for existing single-cartridge loaders obsolete.

    His greatest con- firstclip contained five rounds of rimmed designs. An elevating lever, worked by a spring, antitank missile the Italian army might Mannlicher's first design was a turn-bolt forced the rounds up into the feedway until choose if they should buy this helicopter. The rifle for the Austrian army which he produced the last one was taken, and then the empty obvious missiles are the Hughes Tow, in The advantage of the system is MBB Hot.

    Eight tubes can be carried in straight-pull bolt systems. The Austrian army that reloading is easy and quick, but the either case. Alternatively the stub wings can adopted this as the Model in 11 -mm disadvantages are several. The clip can only carry kg lb on each inboard pylon 0. If the clip becomes gun turret system or various other weapons the rear of the bolt into a recess in the top of dirty or rusty there is no way of increasing and battlefield sensors for night and all- the magazine housing.

    The block was con- the spring force to push the stuck rounds out, weather use. The landing gear had not been trolled by a sleeve sliding over the bolt and and with a clip there is no way of loading announced in late , either tail-wheel-type worked by the bolt handle so that a rearward single rounds into the magazine the firer has wheels or skids being possible; the retract- pull on the handle first retracted the locking to load another full clip. Finally, the hole in able gear of the A will not be used. It was block by a camming action and then pulled the bottom of the magazine allows dirt to get expected in that the first Mangusta the entire bolt to the rear.

    On the return into the spring. Although the Mannlicher would fly in and, selected for the if stroke the bolt was pushed home and then the magazine had but disappeared by it is all. Italian army, go into production in the early lock forced down into its recesses. Though interesting that John Garand chose to use a s. With black powder neither of these that rifle. The Austrian mm Mannlicher was one of the earliest Mannlicher designs. It used a large low-powered black-powder cartridge.

    The Romanian Mannlicher M used a 6. The Romanian Mannlicher carbine M 1 was a shortened version of the rifle designed to fit into a saddle bucket. The Dutch Mannlicher M was similar to the Romanian rifle, using ttie. A Portuguese Mannlicher M A Mannlicher Model fitted with a 22 conversion "Mom's tube' for small-arms training on indoor or small-bore ranges. Not many of either nnnlel was made, hut a IW. Steyr brought out. As always with Steyr it was a bc. The minlcls less ptiwerful th. They fired a 7. The delay system used a cam breech were quickly damaged This.

    It was a system that has never been with a detach. Steyr have continued to make weapons using the Manniicher bolt system, and their current catalogue quotes a number of high- class hunting rifles using the bolt. Most are fitted with double-set triggers and telescopic sights. Manniicher Selbstladepistole Modell Calibre:!. Manniicher Selbstladepistole Modell Calibre: 7.

    By the Second World War there were Carcano nine versions in service, chambered for 7. TTie Mannlicher- Carcano rifle was developed in the arsenal at. The Mannlicher-Carcano is now regarded as obsolete but is still Italian held in in Italy. It can be bought as a sporting rifle in the US, and reserve will be remembered as the rifle which killed President Kennedy.

    Turin in the late s and early s as a ties lateron. After the First World War it was 6. The result of this vacillation is that there Austro-Hungarian bolt-action rifle. When the body does have an under rib projecting into were at various times no less than nine first magazine-fed rifles appeared in the s the stock which Manniicher fitted to his models of the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle in there was much trouble in loading the then designs to transfer the shock of recoil to the service with the Italian army.

    Six of these popular rimmed cartridges, and effort was furniture. The bolt action was derived from were in 6. One was to use a rotary magazine in Carcano, and the bolt handle was moved well When the design was adopted in it which the rounds never touched each other, forward so that it was almost one-third of the was good, though not outstanding. It was and so could not jam. Manniicher designed way along the bolt from the rear. The bridge retained in service until Italy became a two of his own, but the most successful was across the body was split to allow the bolt member of NATO after the Second World from Otto Schoenauer who did not perfect it handle to pass, and the rear half of the body War, by which time it was hopelessly out of until the mid- s.

    This design took five was lightened. It rounds and held them in a spring-loaded five- The Manniicher magazine was enlarged to was a reliable design and reasonably robust, armed spool beneath the bolt. Successive take a clip of six cartridges which, being but it was never an easy rifle to shoot and the rounds were presented to the bolt as the rimless, lay in a straight line in the clip.

    This bolt action was no better than average. The Mannlicher-Schoenauer used the Manniicher action with an ingeni- ous magazine developed by Otto Schoenauer. Mannlicher adapted the magazine to his though with a wing span of It became the Model rifle and Consequently, the B-2ft needed a long takeoff run. Fifty-two of the later pnxJuction B-2ft. Air Force, which time on November It would be years or so. B-2fts to the I'SAAC began in February attack was the first Marauder unit to be ordered in substantial numbers 'ofT the draw- the first formation to receive them being the deployed outside the I'.

    Virginia, fiillowed by the 42nd. April 5 carried out its first oper. Powered by two IS. Kised in. Alaska, evaluation. The requirements which Mag- HKler's in result was bc. In thetwo target tug models were were being lost in training accidents in the carry an auxiliary fuel tank in the bomb bay. The US. One reason was, inevitably, the inexperi- Several armament improvements were made final production Marauder version was also a ence of the trainee crews themselves, many in various production blocks of these BBs target tug.

    The last of 57 TBGs was deli- engined aircraft before; another was the were mounted on some aircraft: two each in vered on March All One other B above even those of earlier models.

    The RAF received 19 wheeled 'bicycle' landing gear intended for hands of experienced crews. Italy and the 'soft under- difficult handling qualities. Next production pean theatre of operations they served with BC. Eventually they equipped well The nosewheel which also received Marauder IVs equi- nd, rd. The latter, of th, st, th and th. At medium BB The first of BCs were otherwise similar to the BF. The power- produced training and target-towing mod- Day invasion. Empress of Canada transferred the B designation to the for- bow, 4 stern , 16 torpedoes Crew: 56 grt.

    Only Luifil Torelli survived the war. B m Marconi Atlantic while operating out of Bordeaux. To blisters was developed from the preceding on November 5, In order to accommodate converted to a transport submarine early in ing the. Second World War, German scientists greatly increased fuel bunkerage without a and was in. Singapore with a cargo of designed a magnetic homing head which corresponding increase in displacement they precious raw materials preparing to return to could pick up large degaussed hulls at a range sacrificed some offensive capability: the sec- Europe when Italy surrendered.

    She was of several hundred yards. It was codenamed ond deck gun aft of the conning tower was ceded by the Japanese to the Germans as Marchen fairy tale , and it proved suffi- omitted and only four reload torpedoes were UIT She was captured at the Ibis wake-following system. Eventually, Class. Kobe at the end of the war and scrapped soon however, it was cancelled because it could TTie Marconi Class were equipped with after.

    Michele Bianchi. Luigi Torelli built See also Fasen. Muggiano During the conning tower was Leonardo da Vinci. Developed from Glauco.

    Volume 24, Vim/Zulu

    They were distinguished by their casing just awash. When trials showed that torpedo tubes. The design ped her gun and returned to operational West German mechanized infantry combat was a partial single hull with internal ballast patrols in the Atlantic. In I9. Operating in the Atlantic they sank a total of 2K ships of grt and damaged a further 17 of The specification was A Marder without its protective dome for the reformulated in the light of tests on these crewman. Marders attacked shipping massed prototypes; further prototypes were pro- around the D-Day beach heads and sank duced, and it was before the specifica- three minesweepers and damaged a tion was finalized.

    The first production model Polish cruiser was formally handed over to the army on May 7. Marder is a full-tracked vehicle with armour-steel hull, capable of carrying a crew of three plus seven fully equipped soldiers and their weapons. The vehicle is armed with a mm 0. The hull is completely NBC- protected. The armour is thicker than aver- age for this class of vehicle and is well shaped to deflect shot. The vehicle can wade in. Entrance and exit are through a bottom-hinged rear door and the driver is provided with infrared driving equipment. The chassis of Marder has been used as the basis for various other armoured vehicles, notably the Jagdpanzer Kanone and Jagdpanzer Rakete.

    Weight: kg lb Length: 6.

    Volume 24, Vim/Zulu

    About were Marder completed, and they were credited with the German self-propelled antitank guns, in ser- following successes during the second half of vice The name Marder marten was Marder extensive damage to Polish cruiser applied somewhat haphazardly to a number German midget submarine. The propulsive ; trawler Coisay sunk off Ostend on rier with a fixed superstructure mounting a section, which contained the pilot, was a T3b November 2; and three landing craft sunk.

    The electric torpedo; it weighed kg lb original gun shield was retained and overlap- and normally ran for m yards at Displacement: 5. Below this was a standard G7e oa Beam: 0. A total of of these were built in torpedo. The name Marder II was applied to two A Marder midget submarine is lowered into the sea during a training exercise in different vehicles.

    The first was the 7. A total of of these were built and they were extensively used, particularly in the USSR. TTie name was also applied to a similar equipment, using the same chassis but mounting a captured Soviet This did not have the engine moved back and mounted the gun with its original shield above armoured box-like sides. Though of these were built, prac- tical experience showed that the vehicle was nose-heavy and tended to get immovably stuck in Russian mud. The type was used for only a short time by the British although it was superior to the Catalina.

    This improved matters, catapult on board ship, but this line of pit. About aircraft, designated -3B. This was the same ex- Unit at Norfolk. Virginia, to be used for US Navy. Several large orders were placed for a and armament and was fitted w ith self-sealing number of different improved variants of the fuel tanks; bombload was increased to Marder III. Two hundred and one of these Length: 4.

    They were Height: 2. All followed by 49 PBM-3R unarmed transports 2. TTie lent weight of cargo. The Mariners on patrol. Their roles included ASW. SR and patrol duties as well as transport Glenn L Martin company had established itself as a builder t f successful flying btiats from the First World War onwards, and in produced a design ft r the Martin Model It was a deep-hulled, gull-winged monoplane,. A i-scale single-seat minlel. I'hese were installcil in the nose. Hy April the iisi 20 Mariners were in service. A few served with the RAF, but the bulk were deployed in the Pacific.

    Shelf Items

    This vessel Fleet and were employed extensively as model were built, as antisubmarine aircraft; was Emeraude, redesigned a derivative of the escorts for Russian convoys until the end of structurally similar to the -3C, but with less by M Radiguer to improve seakeeping. To TTiere were, however, occasional armour protection, a revised armament of this end she was given an enormous bow excursions to other areas. In June four hand-held guns, and additional fuel casing, but no conning tower or casing abaft Marne and Matchless transferred to the capacity.

    A proposed PBM-4 with it. The effect was grotesque, suggesting half a Mediterranean to cover a Malta convoy Har- cylinder R Cyclone engines was never submarine, and in the French navy she was poon. Matchless was damaged by a mine off built. Trials Malta and was out of action until November. In May the first of two prototypes of were protracted, but eventually satisfactory, In October Martin. Meteor and Milne an improved -3D took to the air. Armament com- Mariotte was built at Cherbourg arsenal. Ships were also detached and a smaller APS- 15 search radar was and on July On flight deck, in a bullet-shaped fairing.

    Deliv- rows. She survived, but was time the war ended. After the war some were merged Length: Orkan modified with more up-to-date equipment and 4. TTie third and last member of the tricycle landing gear and R engines. Marksman class to be lost was Mahratta, which was The last one was produced in April and British destroyer class. Matchless and with the US Coast Guard on air-sea rescue under the Programme were repeats Musketeer took part in the battle of North missions.

    They were laid down during Schanthorst was sunk, the latter vessel being aircraft: the batch sent to the RAF served 40, launched during and except responsible for two of the torpedo hits on the with one Coastal Command squadron No Marksman completed during The enemy ship. The class also had two U-Boat at Oban for six weeks in and were original hull of Marksman was wrecked dur- successes in the Arctic. On January Milne sank U They were less vulnerable to enemy renamed Mahratta prior to completion in Mediterranean at the end of where they attack and served throughout the Pacific war August The second 'M" Class ship operated mainly in the Aegean.

    They in several roles as patrol bombers, antisub- ordered from Scotts, the class leader Milne, returned home in and were paid off into marine and ASR aircraft as well as transports had to be transferred to John Brown for reserve. Musketeer was sold for scrapping in and crew trainers. TTiey remained active in completion owing to the damage caused to but the other four were transferred to some capacity until the end of the war in the shipyard during the air raid.

    Prior to Turkey following an agreement signed at Korea. Prior to transfer they were Poland and renamed Orkan. They also in favour of a 4-in mm A A gun; two had the after torpedo tubes replaced by a. The ships were officially trans- Italian antiship missile system. Mariner is the in Kilic AH Pasha Matchless. Maresal arm small vessels.

    A complete installation, radar sets were fitted. Marittimo ed Aereo SPQ tracking radar 1 four mm 4x1. Mahratta built by Scotts used with Marte plus the associated ctintrol after torpedo tubeswere replaced and the 4- Marne. Martin built by Vickers- equipment weighs only kg lb. The in gun removed. During the same period the Armstrongs standard Sea Killer Mk 2 system, operated by mm singles in the bridge wings were Matchless. Orkan built by Fairfield Sea Hunter 4 radars and is much more bulky, while Marne. Matchless and Musketeer Aso but Mariner is sufficiently light and compact had those amidships replaced by twins.

    In Displacement: tons standard , tons for two launchers to be installed on a m addition the tripod foremast was replaced by fullload Length: MO Am ft 3 in oa Beam: lOO-ft fast patrol boat or eight on a a lattice mast to carry the surface- and air- Matchless mm AA; 4 2-pdr 1 x4 ; 12 0. It had a greater fuel capacity and more powerful engines. The normal crew strength was eight, but there was only one defensive gun position, a mm cannon in the tail turret.

    Ib bombs. Up to eight 45 Vkg lOOO-lb. M underwing racks. After Marlin's death in the end of the war they were scrapped and it eight. They World War. S -8 MAD m. SP-5A Digger" machine-gun. SVK' equipment and TP They were later us patrol and ASW flying Kiat. Though which resulted in the P5M ImmediateK distinguishable machine-guns and aulom.

    ATO country. Army were desper. The Irench swinging arm system of oper. S Army Air. In poslw. US Coast Guard Marlins were used for patrol and air- sea rescue duties. Marmon-Herrington us tank.

    Illustrated Encyclopedia of 20th Century Weapons and Warfare, The: Volume 1 by Bernard Fitzsimons

    In gen- eral, the Marmon-Herrington tanks were sim- ple vehicles in the four-six-ton range and with fixed superstructures mounting two or three machine-guns. Hngines were usually com- mercial Ford truck models, though some of the service prototypes used diesels. In the company produced a turreted tank, the CTLS With the Japanese Marosczek cal 6x1 ; 20 mm 4. More correctly known 20x1 ; 2 cm The majority over-sized cartridge case, so as to produce British fighter aircraft.

    The Mars series of of these were issued as training vehicles, the highest possible velocity. The bullet car- biplane originated at the British fighters though a small number of T14s found their ried a tungsten core, giving it good penetra- Nieuport and General Aircraft Company's way to Alaska for use by defence forces. TTiis had In the South African army ordered design which led Germany and the USSR to been established in to build Nieuport some armoured cars from Britain, but the develop similar bullets for their own antitank types in the UK. HP Folland joined the outbreak of war made it obvious that supply rifles.

    The rifle was loaded from a five-shot company the following year, and in from that quarter would be slow, and local clip and was fitted with a muzzle brake to try designed a single-seat biplane to a specifica- manufacture had to be started. Truck chassis to reduce the recoil force. A were ordered from Canada, and 'conversion to the weapon was that the powerful propel- small batch were built for RAF evaluation, kits' of armour and turret from the Marmon- ling charge rapidly wore out the barrel, which named Nighthawk, and were the first RAF Herrington company.

    The resulting vehicles became unserviceable after rounds. This was the hp A. Polish technicians who powerful, although the aircraft itself handled Some five different versions were produced, escaped to France continued developing an well. Production of these aircraft was begun plus a number of experimental prototypes. A 6-pdr gun version was designed and civil versions were known as Nieuhawks and built but did not go into production.

    Calibre: 7. The first to receive the name Since the company has been con- lb 8 oz empty Length: The Mars II fighter was the landing vehicles for the US services, but has basic Nighthawk fitted with a hp Bentley not originated any of its own designs. Built Navy in as ship-borne fighters: they Length: 2. The in Height: 2.

    This version was also equipped machine-gun; 1 0. The l. Neither ship proved to be a success mainly because they w ere fitted w ith extremely unre- liable diesel engines and had insufficient speed. At a maximum of h.. A 2x j added.

    The Illustrated encyclopedia of 20th century weapons and warfare

    She was plied tt the Greek air force. Alunia TTie last in the line was the carrier-based howitzers 2x1 ; 4 mm 4. The two vessels of this other l. S-in gun monitors. In two 6-in fairing to engage the fore-and-aft wires on the class. Marshal Ney and Marshal Sonll. The driving force behind guns. An increase in the height of the funtxrl although a few saw combat service Turkey in the construction of these vessels was. Standard armament on all ral Fisher who required shallow-draught big- improved her appearance. They were, ship. She was scrapped in blades.

    Seyne yard of Forges el built at the Chantiers de la Mediterranee near Toulon. An unusu. An intergovernment agreement of antiship missile system. Marte origi- Itiilian altitude. The existing Sistel launched at a range of 20 km