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Performance analysis II – Steady climb, descent and glide – 3 Topics

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Our putters are generally between speed, midranges are speed, fairway drivers are between , and distance drivers are speed 10 and higher. Discs with higher glide ratings, like the Escape which has a glide rating of 6 , work to stay in the air longer than discs like the Felon which has a glide rating of 3. Discs that are more overstable generally have lower glide ratings, as they fight to get the ground more quickly in their flights, while understable discs often have higher glide ratings and tend to turn up away from the ground. If a disc has a higher glide rating, it is often more effective for longer shots, but lower glide ratings are helpful on discs used for approaches, like the glide 2 on a Slammer, as they tend to get to the ground quickly and stick closer to the basket than a disc that works to stay in the air.

For a right hand backhand thrower, turn describes how much the disc will move to the right in the earlier portion of its flight. Turn often appears as a negative number, as the disc is fighting against its natural finish when turning right. A disc with 0 turn, like an eMac Truth, will be very resistant to right turn early in its flight, while a disc like the Warrant with a turn of -2 will gently fade to the right for the majority of its flight at medium speeds.

For a right hand backhand thrower, fade describes how sharply to the left a disc will finish its flight. Discs with higher fade will generally be more overstable and hit the ground on steeper angles. Here are some of the characteristics of each plastic type. These discs have great grip in all conditions including wet conditions and will beat in more quickly than other plastics, making them great discs for beginners and for anyone who wants a worn-in disc more quickly. While these plastics will show wear more than Lucid or Fuzion, they have more grit to their grip and take fewer big hits when used for shorter shots than drivers will.

Instead of disposing of them, the plastic is re-ground to create these discs. These discs will generally be slightly less overstable than their premium plastic counterparts. These plastics are almost all translucent, which can produce some great colors for the discs.

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  4. Neither grip is better or worse than the other; it all comes down to personal preference. Fuzion is also the primary plastic we use for our DyeMax discs.

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    Disc golf discs come in all different weights. Choosing the appropriate weight of disc for your level of experience and arm speed can help you to have better results out on the course. For example, a lighter weight Escape will fly farther than a heavier weight Escape. Kontaktiere uns. Wer wir sind Wir sind eine junge Online — Marketing — Agentur aus Vorarlberg, die sich mitunter dadurch auszeichnet, dass unser Team aus Digital Natives besteht.

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