Anti-Individualism: Mind and Language, Knowledge and Justification

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New Releases. Description Sanford C. Goldberg argues that a proper account of the communication of knowledge through speech has anti-individualistic implications for both epistemology and the philosophy of mind and language.

In Part I he offers a novel argument for anti-individualism about mind and language, the view that the contents of one's thoughts and the meanings of one's words depend for their individuation on one's social and natural environment. In Part II he discusses the epistemic dimension of knowledge communication, arguing that the epistemic characteristics of communication-based beliefs depend on features of the cognitive and linguistic acts of the subject's social peers. In acknowledging an ineliminable social dimension to mind, language, and the epistemic categories of knowledge, justification, and rationality, his book develops fundamental links between externalism in the philosophy of mind and language, on the one hand, and externalism is epistemology, on the other.

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A World of States of Affairs D. Virtues of the Mind Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski. Within responsibility, I'm interested in both epistemic and moral responsibility, blame for beliefs and actions, as well as the moral responsibility of groups and how it relates to the moral responsibility of group members. See also the PURE research profile. The book examines the epistemological consequences of a view which dominates contemporary philosophy of mind—anti-individualism.

Anti-Individualism : Mind and Language, Knowledge and Justification

Many have taken anti-individualism to have radical consequences for our knowledge of our minds, our ability to reason, and our knowledge of the world. By contrast, I argue that anti-individualism does not have such radical consequences in a discussion which links central issues in the philosophy of mind, such as rationality, psychological explanation and the nature of thought, with the epistemological literature on knowledge, warrant, justification and reliability.

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