Economic and Financial Knowledge-Based Processing

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In many OECD countries, firms now invest as much or more in KBC as they do in physical capital such as machinery, equipment and buildings. This shift reflects a variety of long-term economic and institutional transformations in OECD economies.


The rise of KBC creates new challenges for policymakers, for business and for the ways in which economic activity is measured. Many policy frameworks and institutions are still best suited to a world in which physical capital drove growth. New thinking is needed to update a range of policy frameworks — from tax and competition policies to corporate reporting and intellectual property rights. To learn more, visit www. The GFKE will aim at accelerating discussions at the international level on the collection and use of data throughout the economy and society for enhanced growth and well-being.

The presentation of the report findings was followed by reactions from experts in intangible capital issues. A Policy Framework for Knowledge-Based Capital December , National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC Bringing together a group of leading academics and policy analysts, in an informal setting, this workshop aimed to examine conceptual and policy frameworks for knowledge-based intangible capital. The application areas covered are: banking, finance, insurance, economics, auditing, commodities trading, tax planning, general management.

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