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Muism which is also known as Sinism, Shingyo, or Korean shamanism is a religion closely tied to traditional Korean culture and history. The faith can trace its roots all the way back to prehistory. In recent years, Muism has experienced a resurgence within South Korea. Among the key components of the religion include the existence of ghosts, spirits, and gods, and these are believed to inhabit the spirit world.

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The spiritual leaders in Muism, known as "Mudangs", are typically females whose function is to serve as intermediaries between the gods and human beings. Daoism originated in China about two thousand years ago. Also referred to as Taoism, this religion is associated with a belief in the occult and the metaphysical. A man named Laozi is considered to have been the first philosopher of the religion, and it is he who was thought to have written the Daodejing , a text central to the faith.

In terms of political issues, Daoists are generally regarded as being somewhat libertarians, with a preference for governments which shy away from political interference and the imposition of regulations and economic restrictions. In keeping with this belief system, practices such as fasting and Veganism abstaining from animal products are encouraged. Judaism has a long and storied history, and one which can trace its beginnings all the way back to around the Eighth Century BC.

This monotheistic religion originated in the Middle, East and is made up of three main branches.

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Namely, these are Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism, and Reform Judaism ranked from most to least conservatively traditional. Although each of these are rooted in a common belief system, they differ on elements related to scriptural interpretation and specific practices. The synagogues, each presided over by a rabbi, serve as the centers for Jewish worship and religious services. These are also used as a form of community centers.

Therein, followers have the opportunities to gather together on a regular basis in order to socialize, celebrate, study the Torah, and learn about the Mitzvot commandments of the faith. In terms of world religions, Sikhism is a relatively new faith. Hajj-- expectation to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime if they can afford it.

World Religions for Kids. Search this site. The Holy Kaaba. Islam Basics. Click here to watch a film about Islamic women and also how Muslims feel about the "West" Europe and American way of life. A Muslim is a follower of Islam.

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The Arabic word 'Islam' means submission. This religion began about years after Christianity. The Koran is the Islamic holy book. The Holy Kaaba Jerusalem is the 3 rd holiest city of Islam.

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Mecca is the most holy city and also contains the most holy mosque. In the center of the mosque is a cube-shaped building called the Kaaba Ka'bah. Sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies Why pitting prejudices against each other keeps society free. Sponsored by Charles Koch Foundation Without academic freedom, we might never see the truth. This is the best and simplest world map of religions. At a glance, this map shows both the size and distribution of world religions. See how religions mix at both national and regional level. There's one country in the Americas without a Christian majority — which?

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China and India are huge religious outliers Credit: Carrie Osgood A picture says more than a thousand words, and that goes for this world map as well. Some quick takeaways: Christianity blue dominates in the Americas, Europe and the southern half of Africa.

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Islam green is the top religion in a string of countries from northern Africa through the Middle East to Indonesia. India stands out as a huge Hindu bloc dark orange.

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