Ludic Proof : Greek Mathematics and the Alexandrian Aesthetic

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Fondazione Paestum, Tekmeria Series. Forschungen in Ephesos Series. Fouilles de Delphes. Hellenistica Groningana Series. Hesperia Supplement Series.

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Historia Einzelschriften Series. Incunabula Graeca. Inschriften Griechischer Stadte aus Kleinasien Series. Inscriptiones Graecae. Inscriptiones Graecae in Bulgaria Series. Inscriptions de Delos. Islamica, Arabica et Turcica. Isthmia Series. Jahrbuch der Osterreichischen Byzantinistik Series.

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Karanovo Series. Keos Series. Kerameikos Series. Kerameus Series. Kernos Supplement Series. Kernos: Revue internationale et pluridisciplinaire de religion grecque antique. Kommos Series. L'Illyrie Meridionale et l'Epire dans l'Antiquite. Lerna Series. Lexicon of Greek Personal Names Series. Lexikon des Fruhgriechischen Epos.

Ludic Proof

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Milesische Forschungen Series. Mitteilungen zur Christlichen Archaologie Series. Modern Greece. Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens. Monumenta Artis Romanae. Monumenta Graeca et Romana Series. Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae. Munchener Beitrage zur Papyrusforschung und Antiken Rechtsgeschichte. Nea Paphos. Nemea Valley Archaeological Project. New Books. Olympia-Bericht Series.

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Polybios-Lexikon Series. Prahistorische Bronzefunde Series. Prehistory Monographs. Pseira Series. Realites Byzantines Series. Religions in the Graeco-Roman World. Saarbrucker Studien zur Archaologie und alten Geschichte Series. Sagalassos Series.


Samos Series. Samothrace Series. Scrinium: Monographs on history, archaeology, and art history is published under the auspices of The Dutch Institute in Rome and the Foundation of Friends of the Dutch Institute in Rome. Sheffield Studies in Aegean Archaeology Series. Special Offers. Steinepigramme aus dem griechischen Osten Series. Studia Hellenistica. Studia Troica Monographien.

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