Mammalian Carbohydrate Recognition Systems

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An efficient Mitsunobu protocol for the one-pot synthesis of S-glycosyl amino-acid building blocks and their use in combinatorial spot synthesis of glycopeptide libraries Thomas Ziegler , Carsten Schips. Probing sialic acid binding Ig-like lectins siglecs with sulfated oligosaccharides Eugenia M.

Rapoport , Galina V. Crocker , Nicolai V.

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Carbohydrate microarrays - a new set of technologies at the frontiers of glycomics. References Publications referenced by this paper.

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Calnexin: a molecular chaperone with a taste for carbohydrate review, 50 refs. DB Williams.


Collectively, these results establish the 6-sulfo-sialyl-LeX. Structure and function of the selectin ligand PSGL-l.

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