Sister Churches: American Congregations and Their Partners Abroad

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The Eco-Congregation Movement is directed by an advisory council consisting of believers who are experts in these subjects: researchers, environmentalists, engineers, and pastors.

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The Scottish-Hungarian project is managed by two core groups, one in Scotland and one in Hungary. The Hungarian core group is responsible for the events and project procedures taking place in Hungary, and they also handle the translation of all written materials related to the program.

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The main goal of the Eco-Congregation movement is to help congregations experience the responsibility towards their environment along with the Christian faith. The movement seeks to aid in the spreading of an environmentally conscious attitude and thinking in the lives of believers.

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton

Hungarian churches that can apply for the title of Eco-Congregation are those that take active steps to protect the created world through their daily efforts and overarching commitment to saving creation. If a congregation can show this initiative for four years, then they are eligible to receive the Eco-Congregation title and award which comes with a qualification plaque logo that can be used for three years, following the Scottish eco-congregation model.

The congregations who apply for the Eco-Congregation title voluntarily accept that they will pay better attention to the aspects of creation care. Those congregations that already have a working and complex program of creation care in place will win the Eco-Congregation Award. The Eco-Congregation movement seeks to empower and encourage churches in the RCH to think deeply about responsible stewardship of the world and to act in a manner that will create a more environmentally friendly society at large.

Our Partner Church in Transylvanian (Romania) - Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton

Week of Creation is a time for churches to spotlight the created world and focus on ways to lessen their environmental impact through a theological lens. The group sought to express both their solidarity with their neighbors who are gravely affected by the effects of climate change and their unity and willingness to act, by participating in this relay pilgrimage to Paris.

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One of the reports on the Starpoint Youth Festival, in talking about the Eco-Church movement, proclaimed that, "If we will live like we do now, we will not have access to clean water, clean air and clean Earth. The Eco-Point helps us to learn how to live well and how the world can stay alive…if we do not take care of our home, our children will not be able to live on the Earth.

It is God's creation, and as God trusts in us, we should trust in God and in other people, because without trust we cannot save the world.

Sister Churches: American Congregations and Their Partners Abroad

Along with theoretical talks, the conference highlighted practical ways in which to implement the topics that were discussed with the aim giving tangible and concrete answers to the questions that were being asked. Deutschsprachige Evangelisch - Reformierte Kirchgemeinde in Budapest. A Hungarian minister has taken up a new post in Shetland where the church is undergoing a radical transformation to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.

Code of Best Practice for Church to Church Partnerships

Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. The growth of Christianity in the global South and the fall of colonialism in the middle of the twentieth century caused a crisis in Christian mission, as many southern Christians spoke out about indignities they had suffered and many northern Christians retreated from the global South.

American Christians soon began looking for a fresh start, a path forward that was neither isolationist nor domineering. Out of this dream the ''sister church'' model of mission was born.


Rather than western churches sending representatives into the ''mission field,'' they established congregation-to-congregation partnerships with churches in the global South. Janel Kragt Bakker draws on extensive fieldwork and interviews with participants in these partnerships to explore the sister church movement and in particular its effects on American churches. Challenging prevailing notions of friction between northern and southern Christians, Bakker argues that sister church relationships are marked by interconnectivity and collaboration.

A Catholic Sister Takes Her Vows

She earned a doctorate in religion and culture at the Catholic University of America. admin