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The Secret to the Absolutely Best Soap Recipe

If you are using a stick blender, completely submerge it in the solution. If you used a big pot, you may have to tilt it to submerge the blender. Using short bursts, start to blend the solution, trying to get the edges and the bottom, completely mixing everything. Scrape down sides with the spatula to be sure no under mixed lye or oil remains. If you're not using a stick blender, then just keep mixing and mixing by hand. It will work fine, but will take a while longer.

The solution will start to thicken as it saponifies combines to become soap. Once it reaches "trace", you are ready to pour it into the soap mold. It's about like cake batter. Slowly pour the wet soap into the soap mold. Be sure to get all of the soap out of the pot, and get it into all of the corners of the mold. Once the pot is empty and your mold is filled, lightly tap the mold on the surface of your work station to make sure the soap is set and to release any trapped air.

You can clean the edges of the soap mold if you wish, but it is not necessary. Wrap or cover the mold with a heavy blanket or towel to contain the head and allow it to rest and cure for hours.

The Secret to the Absolutely Best Soap Recipe

It will get quite warm and then cool down. That is the saponification process taking place. Once the soap is fully cooled, you can unmold it. Depending on your oils and water content, the soap may be soft when unmolded. Allow soap to rest until it is hardened up a bit 1 - 3 days and then cut it as desired.

Set aside in a cool area with good circulation for 4 - 6 weeks until the bars are fully hard. You just made your first batch of cold process soap! If you haven't verified that your additives won't affect the soap, be watchful for any sudden changes in the soap mixture and be ready to act quickly if necessary.

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So Many Homemade Soap Recipes to Choose From!

Explore all in Resources for Makers section. Equipment To get started you will need some basic equipment: Safety Equipment. Slowly add the lye to the water. Trace Pour the soap into your mold.

How to make Soap, The melt and pour easy method

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