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This is the story of one of the French exployers who left Earth in the 22nd century and currupted a planet. Wow, the lengths that a man of means will go to, to eliminate a rival. More double crosses than The Sting. What's your totem could replace what's your sign. Take these pills and the physical embodiment of the animal you really are, will appear and absorb your hangovers as well as perform some other useful functions. The second of the Father Carmody Stories.

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Space travelers make an emergency landing on an unknown planet and things begin to get strange. One of Farmer's stories with a religious theme but I need to reread it to tell you anymore.


The third and most important of the Father Carmody stories. Besides inspiring Jimi Hendrix with the phrase Purple Haze, this is the first time that John Carmody plays a big role, both as the lead character of the story and as the Father to the Stars. After he survives the Night of Light on the planet Dantes Joy, Carmody is chosen to be the deciding vote in the fate of the universe. A strange story. A throw back to the neanderthal who has the animal magnetism to overcome his homely features.

More detail after I reread this. What if the ancient Greek Gods were actually aliens just using the Greeks as extras in their movies and toying with them for their amusement. Man goes to Mars and finds that he is not the only visitor. One of the stories where Farmer goes into detail about the anatomy of aliens. Farmer had some trouble getting this story published, It was supposed to be published in Satellite as The Strange Birth in but the magazine folded.

Murphy's Law squared. You ever have one of those days where the whole world is conspiring against you and everything that could go wrong, did, and then some.

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The final insult is when Brer John gets attacked by a rare bird and has an egg attached to his chest and he can't take it off until it hatches. Conclusion to A Few Miles.

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Carmody has to live with the creatures whose rare egg he is carrying attached to his chest. He discovers that they are more intelligent than anyone new and must decide what wisdom to pass on to them and what wisdom they would be better off without. You are on the moon and nuclear war breaks out on earth possibly killing everyone.

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Then people start shooting at you, let the fun begin! Con men travel the old west promising to raise the dead. They make a fortune when people pay them not to ressurect their dearly departed. Garrity and the Graves". A scientist believes he has invented a machine that can read thoughts, but what it reads is actually much more shocking. At the beginning of the story Raspold receives a message that John Carmody has surrendered, so he needs to come in for a new asignment. After that the story runs forever and seems to have no point, I need to reread it. This is Farmer's shortest story.

Future scientists are able to recreate extinct animals, but will they recreate the most dangerous one of all? This time Tom Mix is the main character. A strange tale of a women's attempt to keep her legs closed. First she gets thrown off a yacht, while its at sea. Then she floats naked to an island full of monks who try to push her back into the sea. They blindfold themselves to row her to another island but can they all resist the temptation.

What if life after death was completly monotonous and everyone was exactly the same.

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How far would you go to make things interesting? Farmer tried to sell this as a possible Star Trek episode before the show ever aired I think. He later decided that it would not have worked. Just what is waiting for us at the edge of the universe? Farmer won his second Hugo Award for this story of a future earth. The purple wage is what everyone receives just for being a citizen, if you also happen to work, even better. This story has several sub-stories and operates on several levels, if you have not read this, what are you waiting for?

Some of Farmer's short stories are a form of mental exercise. I imagine he started with the title and then wrote a funny story to fit it. Be glad that in this universe, Edgar wrote Tarzan. Picture the scene from the movie Animal House where they are sitting in a bath tub, stoned, discussing the fact that our universe could be a single atom in the finger nail of a giant or vice versa.

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This is a little more involved but you get the idea. Prequel to Riders of the Purple Wage. Discusses the politics involved in setting up the new society. Farmer lived in Beverly Hills for a while but decided to move back to Illinois. I believe he wrote this story to show his disgust with California lifestyle. Another story that started with the title and then farmer created a humorous story to fit it. Someone causes the majority of people on earth to become sterile.

Those few who can have children become the privledged elite. This is the second story where Farmer talks about a society that operates an ecomomy of abundance Riders of the Purple Wage being the other. I get the feeling that Farmer was not happy with his doctor when he wrote this story about the secret oath that all doctors take.

What if the Book of Revelations were true. For some reason I seem to enjoy all of Farmer's religous stories. This is one of my favorite stories. A space ship arrives in our solar system and time starts going backwards. People wake up thinking its Wednesday but it is really Sunday and they had no memory of the last four days. The next day is worse as the same thing happens and they lose four more days.

This goes on and on as grown people start drooling like babies and are unable to take care of themselves. How do the world governments deal with the problem and what are the long term affects on society? This is an odd little horror story written for kids. Clark has been injured in a car accident that killed his friends and he is now without limbs or tongue connected to machines that keep him alive and in contact with a parallel universe. But what is on the other side of the "gate", and is it keeping Clark out or is Clark keeping it out?

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The Paul Eyre series is one of Farmer's stranger collections. In this story Paul shoots a UFO which is a living creature rather than a machine. Paul is "infected" by his encounter and while comatose has the power to heal and kill. The second story in the Fictional Author series. Ok, so we have here a story by a fictional author from a story by another fictional author. The best part is that the story is about a German Shepard with a IQ and deductive abilities rivaled only by Sherlock Holmes himself. The story begins similarly to A Study In Scarlet where the great detective meets his side-kick and chronicler.

Full of puns, in both German and English, this story showed great promise as the beginning of an interesting detective series. Installment number three in the Fictional Author Series. Sherlock Holmes fans may recognize the title. In the beginning of The Problem of Thor Bridge, Watson briefly mentions some details of three cases which Sherlock was not able to solve.

Here another of Farmer's heroes, Raffles, the famous gentleman burgler, manages to solve all three mysteries in one neat little story. The original idea for Weird Heroes was to recreate the pulp heroes of yesterday in a new serialized book. Farmer jumped at the chance and created a new character called Greatheart Silver.

In this story, originally called "Showdown at Shootout" Farmer parodies every pulp hero you ever heard of, and bunch you probably haven't. In this story Greatheart has been black balled by one of the wealtiest and most influencial men in the world. It's a great surprise when that same man hires Greatheart to rescue his kidnapped daughter. A fun action story. The organism inside Paul Eyre can heal those who are friendly to him and kill anything that is a threat. Paul wakes from his coma but can he be set free with his new powers.

Paul begins to change and realizes his powers are much more than just being able to heal and kill. He also discovers that he is not alone. Paul now has control of his life. He uses his power to cure all the sick people who can come to him. Eventually he decides to move on and leave this world, but what does he leave behind?

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Story number four in the Fictional Author Series. This story is a detective story about a volcano that suddenly appears in the Catskills. In this story Ralph meets his new side-kick, Cordwainer Bird and tackles his toughest adversary to date, another genetically enhanced animal. An age old ethical dilema. Technology exists that can turn garbage into energy. The whole world could benifit from this process but what if the people who will profit the most are the are the most corrupt. Do you decide to take the bad with the good? Another of Farmer's stories where he thinks up a title and then writes a story to fit it.

This is not a science fiction story but a story that shows that you're never too old. He was, like all true poetry, against tepid living and tepid loves Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book!

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