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Her suspicions allayed, Lina tells him that they will face the future together. However, none of Johnnie's claims in the final scene are independently substantiated, and he has consistently lied to Lina up until this point; thus the film ends with an air of disconcerting ambiguity.

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Alfred Hitchcock's cameo is a signature occurrence in most of his films. In Suspicion , he can be seen approximately 47 minutes into the film mailing a letter at the village postbox. The two men wrote the screenplay in seven weeks, with West focusing on characterization and dialogue as Ingster worked on the narrative structure. Harrison was Hitchcock's personal assistant, and Reville was Hitchcock's wife.

West and Ingster's screenplay was abandoned and never produced. The text of this screenplay can be found in the Library of America 's edition of West's collected works.

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In places, the screenplay of Suspicion faithfully follows the plot of the novel. However, a number of major differences exist between the novel and its film version.

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Johnnie Aysgarth's infidelity is not featured in the film: Lina's best friend with whom Johnnie has an affair does not appear at all, and Ethel, their maid, does not have an illegitimate son by Johnnie. Sex is not made an issue, and only alluded to in a conversation where Johnnie jokes about having kissed dozens of women before meeting Lina.

Suspicion illustrates how a novel's plot can be so much altered in the transition to film as to reverse the author's original intention. As William L. De Andrea states in his Encyclopedia Mysteriosa that Suspicion. However, because Cary Grant was to be the killer and Joan Fontaine the person killed, the studio — RKO — decreed a different ending, which Hitchcock supplied and then spent the rest of his life complaining about.

Hitchcock was quoted as saying that he was forced to alter the ending of the movie. Spoto claims that the first RKO treatment and memos between Hitchcock and the studio show that Hitchcock emphatically desired to make a film about a woman's fantasy life. In both versions, Johnnie freely admits that he would not mind the general's death because he expects Lina to inherit a substantial fortune, which would solve their financial problems.

The book, however, is much darker, with Johnnie egging on the general to exert himself to the point where he collapses and dies.

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In the film, General McLaidlaw's death is only reported, and Johnnie is not involved at all. Again, Johnnie's criminal record remains incomplete. Several scenes in the film create suspense and sow doubt as to Johnnie's intentions: Beaky's death in Paris is due to an allergy to brandy, which Johnnie knew about.

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A waiter who barely speaks English tells the police that Beaky addressed his companion that night as "Old Bean", the way Beaky addressed Johnnie. At the end of the film, Johnnie is driving his wife at breakneck speed to her mother's house. This scene, which takes place after her final illness, is not in the book. The biggest difference is the ending. In Iles' novel, Johnnie serves his sick wife a drink which she knows to be poisoned, and she voluntarily gulps it down. In the film, the drink may or may not be poisoned and can be seen untouched the following morning.

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Another ending was considered but not used, in which Lina is writing a letter to her mother stating that she fears Johnnie is going to poison her, at which point he walks in with the milk. She finishes the letter, seals and stamps an envelope, asks Johnnie to mail the letter, then drinks the milk. The final shot would have shown him leaving the house and dropping into a mailbox the letter which incriminates him.

A musical leitmotif is introduced in Suspicion. Whenever Lina is happy with Johnny — starting with a ball organised by General McLaidlaw — Johann Strauss 's waltz " Wiener Blut " is played in its original, light-hearted version. At one point, when she is suspicious of her husband, a threatening, minor-key version of the waltz is employed, metamorphosing into the full and happy version after the suspense has been lifted.

At another, Johnny is whistling the waltz. For commonly they are not admitted, but with examination, whether they be likely or no. But in fearful natures they gain ground too fast. There is nothing makes a man suspect much, more than to know little; and therefore men should remedy suspicion by procuring to know more, and not to keep their suspicions in smother.

Do they think those they employ and deal with are saints? Do they not think they will have their own ends, and be truer to themselves than to them? Therefore there is no better way to moderate suspicions, than to account upon such suspicions as true and yet to bridle them as false. For so far a man ought to make use of suspicions, as to provide, as if that should be true that he suspects, yet it may do him no hurt. Certainly, the best mean to clear the way in this same wood of suspicions is frankly to communicate them with the party that he suspects; for thereby he shall be sure to know more of the truth of them than he did before; and withal shall make that party more circumspect not to give further cause of suspicion.

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But this would not be done to men of base natures; for they, if they find themselves once suspected, will never be true. Note 4. Documentary Evidence Pages Bohmer, Carol et al. False Pretenses Pages Bohmer, Carol et al. Victim or Perpetrator?

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