The Science of Hair Care

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The Science of Hair Shine

No one is going to make an Oscar-winning film about hair scientists, so a BBC documentary it is. Not only is Glover vastly well-informed, she is a calm and engaging presence in front of the camera. I hope this is the first of many television appearances by her. Before we even start on the content of this documentary, I would like to applaud the commissioning and production of a science documentary presented entirely by qualified, knowledgable women.

It seemed a token gesture of relatability in case viewers were unable to pay attention to scientists for a whole hour without blinking. If the vox populi had been removed altogether, this would have been a much tighter and more satisfying watch.

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And I did learn something. I also learned how shampoo works at a molecular level, and how hair forms a large part of the first impression we make on meeting someone new. In just 13 milliseconds, we have already unconsciously judged someone by their appearance — a terrifying thought that had me unconsciously fiddling with my unruly mop for the rest of the hour.

The most strikingly off-kilter feature of this otherwise engaging programme was the overblown music. Back at the lab, Waters conducts an experiment on two of her students, Catherine and Tanya. Skip navigation!

A Hair Scientist Debunks 6 Common Myths About Hair

Story from Dedicated Feature. Jennifer Mulrow. From extensive, step Korean methods to more minimal, one-product-wonder approaches, there's seemingly endless discussion and debate surrounding our skin-care rituals. But where's the same chatter when it comes to our hair -care routines?

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To better understand exactly why we ought to be investing more in our hair-care routines, we tapped Mancuso and Dr. Fraser Bell, Nexxus science insights leader, to dive into the nitty-gritty details of why a hair-care routine is such a worthy endeavor and why your consistent efforts won't be for naught.

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