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Kurt Vonnegut, obviously. Joseph Heller was never able to equal this, but nobody else has, either. A Confederacy of Dunces. People love this book intensely. I like it very much. Anything PG Wodehouse ever wrote. Some people really dig J. Donleavy, specifically The Ginger Man. I myself prefer Terry Southern, but I find his short stories and journalism more compelling than his novels, which feel dated and overwritten. And I feel obliged to mention Peter DeVries out of fecundity alone — but those of you who find that dusty might be more pleased with someone like Mark Leyner , Christopher Moore or Tom Perrotta.

For political satire though it sometimes feels by-the-numbers to me , Christopher Buckley is extremely smooth and able.

I personally find Hunter S. Thompson a hoot, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a must-read. Great style, and an important cultural document, too.

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If you like Matt Taibbi, go to the source and see what you think. Check him out. Is Fran Leibowitz journalism? The first-person essay has become a bit tired, because it — like the memoir — is the only form of humor that book publishing accepts anymore because it works so well for tie-in purposes.

Obviously you should read David Sedaris. Magazine Collections. There are several worthy collections.


For better and worse. All his obsessions, from Nazis to Art Deco, are clearly on display. MAD suffered a marked drop-off in the Eighties which has continued today — probably because people could now do MAD-style humor in higher-paid venues like Hollywood. Check out stray issues when you can, and Spy: The Funny Years is a reasonable hardbound substitute.

College Humor. Since The Yale Record lurched to life in , college humor magazines have been where new humor hits first, and there are several great collections worth having on your shelves.

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College Humor , edited by Dan Carlinsky, is an admirably complete, very browsable collection of material from before the beginning to or so. Log In. Toggle navigation MENU.

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George Carlin - Mark Twain prize for American Humor (part 8 of 10)

Historical Fiction. While I'll grant that America was once much more rural than it is now, it is hard to remain interested in such writing. Therefore, one of my reasons for taking the time to post these reflections, as well as my decision to round up to four stars for a collection of writing that feels more worthy of three-and-a-half, is because I do not want such writers to disappear. Sentimental to a fault, perhaps. Feb 03, Lizzy rated it did not like it.

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VERY rarely is there a story that is somewhat amusing, and not a single one was truly funny. The funniest part of the book is probably the preface, but even that comes across as elitist. Also, this book has aged very poorly and is frequently very cringey.

Sep 11, Joseph rated it really liked it. Some great pieces in here, from White, Thurber, Mencken, Twain, and others. One needs to remember, however, that the Whites assembled this compilation in and a few entries reflect just how much times and attitudes have changed. Still a good read - and don't skip the preface. Dec 08, Donna Jo Atwood rated it liked it Shelves: winter-challenge , anthology , humor.

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Copyrighted in , this books contains selections ranging in time from Benjamin Franklin to what was then the present. Some of the pieces seem a little lame now, but the Preface is a delight. Task Jun 25, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: humor , from-my-youth. My copy is ancient, and was quite worn before I received it. I haven't read everything in it it's huge and densely packed! Ian rated it it was ok Dec 13, Sheherazahde rated it really liked it Aug 18, Ray rated it it was amazing Feb 12, Nancy Gigi rated it it was amazing Aug 19, Dean T.

Plummo rated it it was amazing Jul 21, Peter M. Todd rated it it was amazing Feb 24, Conrad rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Hank Edenborn rated it it was amazing Apr 12, Amy rated it it was amazing Aug 09, Brian rated it really liked it Mar 22, Jem Fox rated it really liked it Apr 11, Sep 04, Claudia rated it it was amazing Shelves: my-library. If you love "The New Yorker" you will love this book. Doug rated it it was amazing Dec 07,

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