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[Biochemistry of vision].

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Request Username Can't sign in? During daylight, a continual rain of photons bleaches visual pigments in photoreceptor cells of our retinas to initiate phototransduction. Simultaneously reactions of the visual cycle in RPE replenish the bleached chromophore and provide for continual regeneration of visual pigments.

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Vision requires a balance between these two processes to establish a new steady level of bleached visual pigment at each different level of illumination. While phototransduction has been well studied, we know relatively little in a molecular sense of the components or control of the visual cycle.

During the course of this project a detailed investigation of the enzymology and chemistry of visual cycle reactions will be carried out. Particular emphasis will be placed on determining the factors that control levels of all-trans-retinaldehyde in the photoreceptor cell, on determining the role of retinoid-binding proteins in cycle activity and on obtaining structural information about one of the enzymes of the cycle.

Since this retinoid cannot be reduced to retinaldehyde or retinol in vivo, and thus cannot participate n the visual cycle, it is likely to be involved in other aspects of vitamin A function.

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Citing Literature. Volume , Issue 2 February Pages References Related Information.

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