Capitalist Sorcery: Breaking the Spell

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By definition, the client is supposed to be indifferent to the means through which his demands will be satisfied. The model of the client and the service provider is even on the point of becoming the rule at the heart of businesses themselves: everyone must satisfy demands and demands to be satisfied.

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Let the just but cruel calculations of supply and demand and cost-benefit analysis reign everywhere. We are not maintaining that, everywhere today, user movements, which try to think against the definitions that oppose users to one another constitute the great force of the future, the force which will occupy the role of motor in the anti-capitalist struggle. Rather, the first thing they do is to provide us with a memory of a past that was violently destroyed, one in which uses fabricated attachments.

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They also speak to us of the price that public sector workers and their unions have paid and are still paying for the statist definition of their role. The calculemus of users are only interesting when described in the particularity of their successes.

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Explore Syndetics Unbound. Summary Capitalist Sorcery neither sets out a new political programme nor offers a new theory. Rather, it aims to encourage all those who are resistant to resignation and inertia, whose stories of partial successes must be told, celebrated and shared. Summary for music and videos. Video Games. About the author. He has written extensively on the pharmaceutical industry, on psychotherapy and more recently on Olivier Besancenot and the NPA Nouvelle Parti Anticapitaliste in France. Once a student of Ilya Prigogine, with whom she wrote Order out of Chaos, Stengers has written book length studies of hypnosis and the history of chemistry.

Her more recent work - on cosmopolitics and on Alfred North Whitehead - is currently in press in translation.

Capitalist sorcery: breaking the spell.

A writer and a translator he researches on the links between philosophy, science and culture and is the author with Matthew Fuller of Evil Media. He has translated numerous articles in the field of philosophy by Isabelle Stengers, Barbara Cassin and Eric Alliez, amongst others. More by This Author. Look inside Acknowledgements. Part I What Happened? Inheriting from Seattle. See Full Table of Contents Cover.

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  8. Tags climate change anti-capitalism witchcraft economics France capitalism Browse Tags. Citations Publications citing this paper. Chemical warfare in Colombia, evidentiary ecologies and senti-actuando practices of justice. Kristina Marie Lyons.

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