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Introduction to Chemical Reactor Design

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This is a dummy description. Chemical Reactor Design and Operation K. Westerterp, W. Beenackers Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratories, Twente University of Technology, Enschede, The Netherlands This is a comprehensive handbook on the design and operation of chemical reactors which are vital elements in every manufacturing process.

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The book offers an introduction to the modern literature and covers in depth the relevant theory of chemical reactors. The theory is illustrated by numerous worked examples typical to chemical reaction engineering practice in research, development, design and operation. The examples range from fine chemicals to large scale production and from water purification to metallurgical processes, commencing with simple homogenous model reactors and then moving to the complicated, multi-phase, heterogeneous reactors met with in reality.

As a result, the systematic analysis and the creation of dynamic simulation models appear to be a very attractive solution to the problem.

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Physiochemical characteristics of the process considered. The present model simulates the behaviour of a discontinued reactor, perfectly mixed, of a constant volume, with a system of temperature regulation using an interior coil where a reaction in the gaseous phase of the first order is completed.

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In the figure a simplified scheme of the reactor is shown, with the agitator that ensures it is mixed perfectly and the cooling coil, around which a cooling current circulates to Tm with enough flow in order not to experiment a significant change in temperature. The reaction of conversion from A in products B and C is exothermic, during its development it generates a quantity of heat that can be calculated starting from the heat of its reaction, HR.

In this way, not applying a cooling system, the temperature of the reactor will increase constantly. There are also other factors that should be considered.

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Given the certain stequiometry of reaction, the expression can be simplified expressing it only depending on NA. This generates a double link between the equations representative of the process and to introduce difficulties for the solution. For the construction of a dynamic simulation model, two levels have been considered: in one the disappearance of A is produced by reaction, in the other the accumulation of heat by reaction and its dissipation through refrigeration that is measured using the temperature.

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